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261Isaac Clarke (Dead Space 1,2,3)
262Frisk (Undertale)

Frisk is the perfect protagonist (or antagonist? ), in my opinion. Why? Ambiguous gender, ambiguous age, ambiguous emotions, ambiguous race, ambiguous speech. Like, seriously the only known thing is that they're human. It's even more perfect for a character who you can choose to be good or evil.

Frisk is one of the best main characters ever. Little is known about them, it's perfect for a game like UNDERTALE where you choose what kind of person you want to be.

263Great Mighty Poo (Conker's Bad Fur Day)

Even though it's literally a giant pile of crap, it's pretty creative for a video game boss.

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264Shepard (MW2)

Badass - play Modern Warfare2 and than come back to this list. - umbreon8

265Alex Mercer (Prototype)

Come on..
He's smart, powerful, with a weird past, loss of memory, awsomeness and full of epic-ness..
And most of all he can change himself into anyone he wants.
He is tailor made for just this game and is probably the most lovable lead and even a pretty damn good villain in the 2nd installment of the game.

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266Claude Speed (Grand Theft Auto 2)

Laugh out loud Claude is in Grand theft auto 3. But anyways we is awesome so +1

267Arthas (Warcraft III)
268Yu Tendo (Beyblade)
269Tokai (Red Steel)
270Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)
271Sandman (Modern Warfare 3)
272Tal'Set (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter)
273Sektor (Mortal Kombat)
274Steve Fox (Tekken)
275Asura (Asura's wrath)

Who else can lose all 6 arms and continue kicking ass via headbutts?

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276Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

Why isn't she near the top? She's the first female character to appear in a fighting game. She's really badass and pretty. Well known for her spinning kick and lightning kick. She's the first female Street Fighter character. She's one of the most recognizable characters in gaming and one of Capcom's well-known characters just like Ryu.

I love the way she fights. It's so badass

277Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper)
278Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken)

She the best but I can't vote my hand press wrong character

One of the most well-known characters from Tekken.

279Lily (Cross Edge)
280Magus (Chrono Trigger)
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