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Amazing game people just say it "sucks" because they just listen to their "friends" that say "Oh Destiny sucks even though it won the award for best game 2014" it has amazing graphics especially for the PlayStation 4 it may suck for the Xbox one because I don't have one but I have a PS4 and I know for a fact the graphics are amazing and it's very fun
Amazing game. Developers did a spectacular job at the graphics. But, my favorite part is the customization. I think they did a fabulous job at making it look realistic.
Coolest game I've ever played because even in campaign its got multiplayer with people randomely trying to beat the level in certain parts. However one part I don't like is how there are many times were you get an a spawning restricted zone I hate that.

I am writing this on 16th February, the day the open beta of TitanFall is live on Xbox One. And I can confirm that already, just seven ranks and five or six matches in, that this is the best multiplayer game I have ever played so far in my life. Just from it's reveal I knew this game would be special, and this beta confirms it. It seems Respawn have thought about EVERYTHING when making the multiplayer of this game. They have noted all the problems of past multiplayer games and made sure those problems don't exist here. They've also made something that feels completely different to Call of Duty, despite it still being a first person shooter. Anybody who's reading this who doesn't know if they should get TitanFall or not: get it. This is surely the best game of 2014, I can't see another beating it. Incredible. Stunning. They are the closest words to describing this epicness. This could potentially do for the Xbox One what Call of Duty 4 did for last generation of consoles and for Call of Duty. AWESOME. BEYOND EPIC. The only thing stopping TitanFall from being my very favourite game so far is the lack of a big gripping story. But literally everything else is incredible. It seems Respawn had one thing in mind: to create the ultimate multiplayer game for the Xbox One, and to allow any skill level player to be able to be awesome on this game. Amazing game.


No matter that I haven't played it from the videos of people it looks awesome. Tomorrow I'm getting a new PC and I'm getting this game FOR SURE!
March 11th? That's too late to get it for the Holidays! Still getting it for my birthday, though. Probably the game
I'll play the most. Plus, I feel kind of bad for the PS4 fans who have to settle with Killzone: Shadowfall.


3Watch Dogs
Watch dogs is one of the best games I have ever played In my long video gaming career
So people complained about the crazy physics but honestly that made the game more fun for me


Aiden Pearce have a look of a badass guy!

4Mario Kart 8
There's 8 Mario carts... I had no idea


I love this game! I want this game to win first on best game
П👍amazing I love this game

5South Park: The Stick of Truth
SOUTH PARK STICK OF TRUTH for the win! This game is so amazing! It's funny, the battles are fun and it overall makes you feel like you're in South Park! Also can I mention that some of the games on this list are coming out in 2015!
This is my number one game it feels like you're in the show
You will laugh out loud... you will laugh out loud HARD!

6Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
When I looked at the previews/trailers I thought it was pretty awesome what am I talking about I mean beast in every way! But in my opinion I can't wait for it to come out cause it would be so much fun to play with my friends and family but so far I enjoy it and love it so very much
How the hell are you people saying it's the best of all time of it's not even out yet? And there's barely been 1 trailer. Call of Duty has been getting very repetitive. The odds of this game being any better than the rest are very very very slim.
What the heck is this piece of sad futuristic crap? Everything involving the future is to do with either alien invasion, war, or hunger games


[Newest]Best Call of Duty Ever!

7Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U
This should be number one, because all over the USA this game is voted as best game of the year!


Yes sir. This game sold me the minute I found out that they were putting Little Mac in.
A game in 2014 that was finished? What has the world come to?


[Newest]Best game ever! I play it every day for almost 14 hours

8Batman: Arkham Knight
This game by no means is going to suck graphics look immaculate and the gameplay looks pretty great dlc characters like red hood and harley Quinn, scarecrow missions, and the arkham knight a new villain to top it all off must I explain more
This game isn't even out yet.
Can't wait for the best batman game yet..

9The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

10Tom Clancy's The Division
This game looks awesome and I know its not out but I have to say it looks good I love tom Clancy games but it could be bad
This game looks like it will be insanely fun!

The Contenders

11Far Cry 4
How the HELL is this not in the top tens!? Destiny is beating this...
As good as the third one!

12Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

13The Sims 4
This game is more advanced the the originals. As of customization, house building, etc. It's a lot more easier at doing things and it's a fabulous game.
My sisters love this game
I want it so bad but I don't have a computer

This game by the people who made left for dead is amazing I loved left for dead and I love this game now its out I play it all the time

15Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
This game looks like it will be so good! I hope it's as good as it's trailers show it to be.
I am Anticipating this game to be Extreamly good, a mix between AC2/Batman Arkham City/ And It's a Lord of the Rings game 0_0 Can't Wait!

16Dying Light

17Fifa 15
I have a good feeling about this game


It deserve to be in top 10 as it is the most rated game
It's the best the world

18Wolfenstein: The New Order

19inFAMOUS: Second Son
Trailers, awesome, game, awesome. enough said
I love all the infamous video games
Amazing game, one of the best I ever played

20Alien: Isolation
Its going to be the scariest and creepiest game of 2014
By far the greatet game of 2014! Finally they made a great Alien game.

21Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
The all new Dragon ball Z game brings chaos & 100% destruction and epicness.


22Stronghold Crusader 2

Wow this game was released 2009 stupids wow
This was made in 2009, everyone knows that! It has to be games MADE in 2014!


Minecraft makes kid use there inmate nations to build stuff

24The Elder Scrolls Online
This game sucks. not up to par for elder scrolls

25Assassin's Creed: Unity
Unity 36? No unity must be 1st and advanced warfare second laugh out loud no 36


26Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Awesome game, funny characters like Jack, and claptrap. Springs is not a good scooter replacement, Pickle is a terrible Tina replacement, but Nurse Nina is a great Dr. Zed replacement.

27Mortal Kombat X
Mortal Kombat X ( 10 ), is absolutely entertaining. I think that the characters are a little bit unusual but, are very cool and the characters can pick from three different forms, as I may account.
Wait, I thought the mortal kombat series ended?


This game came in 2015

28Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
I loved 2014 edition and this game is practically FIFA 15 but better graphics and better concept!

29The Crew

30Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

31Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
How is Disney Infinity 2.0 higher than this!? This game is amazing for a 3ds game! Graphics are good. The online multiplayer is fine, I don't know why everyone complains about the online fighting, but this game should be top 10 along with the Wii U version! Both games are voted one of 2014's best! Actually Disney Infinity 2.0 got LOWER ratings than this game did:

Disney Infinity 2.0: 6.5/10
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: 9.25/10
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U: 9.75/10
Destiny: 9.75/10
Yeah, Disney Infinity should be VERY low on this list with THAT rating from Game Informer and other critics!


I mean both Nintendo 3ds and Wii U games, not Disney Infinity 2.0 or Destiny


32The Walking Dead: Season Two
Awesome! I never thought this could be close to better than season 1 but so far with 3 episodes it looks like it may be.
Why is this at number 30, it should at least be at number 3!
Game of Popular Zombie Action Show

33Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V, is entertaining as of the action and the shooting. Grand Theft Auto has remarkable graphics but, driving is a little difficult for new comers. I think this is the best out of all the Grand Theft Auto's.
Ha ha ha ha I'm laughing on this list. This list has gone mad. The game which should be ranked 1 they given it 65. Ha ha ha
The open world and Michael, Trevor, and Franklin's story is what really makes the game.
[Newest]This game was just a re-release for next gen consoles

34Dragon Age: Inquisition

35Zoo Tycoon (2014)
This is a great game!
Has amazing graphics!


36Halo: The Master Chief Collection
This is going to be the best game this year. Halo 1 to 4 on one disc. What more could one want?


Halo Game series all in one game.

Thief is an epic new game which brings to you an assasin with a lot of courage.


38The Division
In case you forgot, a lot of great stuff came out of E3 2013. Sony and Microsoft dumped a ton of info about the PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo showed us Smash Brothers Wii U, Square Enix announced both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, and then Ubisoft wowed us with a totally unexpected MMO: Tom Clancy's The Division. And if not for rumors spread by one of the game's developers that it might not hit its 2014 release date, this game would certainly be near the top of our list.


39Dark Souls 2
The best game of the year
This game at 99, seriously

40The Wolf Among Us

41The Order

42Ultra Street Fighter IV
I think it will like awesome like all the others street fighter games

43Theme Park Studio



46Kirby: Triple Deluxe

47Battlefield: Hardline
Its going to be the best battlefield ever because it wont be like the others it will have police and terrorists in it
Best game no doubt!

48Five Nights at Freddy's
Scares that are surprisingly not coming
I would give a vote to the sequel, were it on here, but this is something.

49Tomodachi Life
One of the few Nintendo games that is appealing to the mainstream YouTube audience that regularly does Minecraft and Call Of Dooty.

Also, it's flipping hilarious.
You can run around a Virtual Boy!

50The Evil Within


52Final Fantasy XV

53Dead Island 2


55Tropico 5

56Hyrule Warriors
Buzzing for this game!

57The Amazing Spider-Man 2
This was a pretty good game.


Marvel Spiderman Action Game Based on the Future film Tge Amazing spiderman 3 including Venom.

58Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

59The LEGO Movie Video Game
The videogame was the only game I really seen.

60Skylanders: Trap Team
I pre-ordered this and I always am excited for this game!
I love this series I remember when I went to Idaho and won the championchip

61Now That's What I Call Music 50 Flash Game

62Grid Autosport
Tougher than I thought

63Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

64NBA 2K15
Best grapic and my career is look like a real life best game

65Rabbids Invasion
3 words: I hate Rabbids.


66The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

67Assassin's Creed: Rogue

68Nes Remix 2

69Don Bradman Cricket 14

70Project Diva F 2nd

71Mario Maker
Let's be real here... It's Little Big Planet with Mario. Best thing that's coming in 2014.

72Sonic Boom
It's the best sonic game ever

73Calling All Mixels

74Angry Birds Stella

75Angry Birds Transformers

76MLB 14: The Show

77Just Dance 2015
This comes out in 2015...


78Moshi Karts

79Freedom Planet
This game blew my mind! It's like the Sega Saturn game that should've been. Sonic the Hedgehog style speed meets Treasure grade action and difficulty in this glorious feast for the senses.

80Child of Light
It's got plenty of innocence; a factor that's missing from a lot of video games nowadays, especially RPGs. And those graphics! THOSE BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS!

81NHL 15
This going to be the best game of 2014!


82Disney Infinity 2.0
It looks ok. The first one was fun, just not what I expected.


83Madden NFL 15

84Gran Turismo 6

85Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

86Uncharted 4

87Towerfall Ascension

88Shovel Knight

89Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty!

90Rambo: The Video Game



93Shadow Warrior

94Sunset Overdrive
This should be at least in the top 20

95Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Why is this not on yet?

96Mario Golf: World Tour

97Rainbow Six Siege

98Little Big Planet 3

99Project Spark

100Super Smash Bros 4
This is a duplicate!

Both the Nintendo 3DS version and Wii U version are already listed.


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