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21Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

How is Disney Infinity 2.0 higher than this!? This game is amazing for a 3ds game! Graphics are good. The online multiplayer is fine, I don't know why everyone complains about the online fighting, but this game should be top 10 along with the Wii U version! Both games are voted one of 2014's best! Actually Disney Infinity 2.0 got LOWER ratings than this game did:

Disney Infinity 2.0: 6.5/10
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: 9.25/10
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U: 9.75/10
Destiny: 9.75/10
Yeah, Disney Infinity should be VERY low on this list with THAT rating from Game Informer and other critics! - docreywashere

I mean both Nintendo 3ds and Wii U Games, not Disney Infinity 2.0 or Destiny - docreywashere

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22Dragon Age: Inquisition

Come on guys, it's Dragon Age! The fact that it isn't at least in the top ten is a disgrace! Amazing game, amazing series, can't wait for more!

Destiny is rated higher than this.

And what I meant by that was that Destiny sucks and this game is awesome.

For something win the award of best game of the year

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23Dragon Ball Z: Battle of ZV1 Comment
24Fifa 15

I have a good feeling about this game - fuadmondeo

It deserve to be in top 10 as it is the most rated game

I love this game because Messi makes it nice

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25Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

How is this not higher? It's not the best game to come out of 2014 but it deserves top 10 at least. - XedFex

How has this not been added to the list?!

Good for those who haven't played the original Ruby+Sapphire(like me), and there is plenty of changes.

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26Five Nights at Freddy's

Scares that are surprisingly not coming

I would give a vote to the sequel, were it on here, but this is something.

Awesome, I don't know why it's buried over here, with mostly retarded games covering it.

You kind of get sick of the series if you're in 2016

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27Assassin's Creed: Unity

Unity 36? No unity must be 1st and advanced warfare second laugh out loud no 36 - hjf

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28Hyrule Warriors

Buzzing for this game!

29Assassin's Creed: Rogue

Best Assasin's Creed game. Its story is the most beatiful story in AC.

30Kirby: Triple Deluxe
31Halo: The Master Chief Collection

This is going to be the best game this year. Halo 1 to 4 on one disc. What more could one want? - DarthSnuffles

Halo Game series all in one game.

Despite the multiplayer was broken at launch, the campaigns were amazingly well done, with 1,3, and 4 in HD and 60fps and halo 2 getting the anniversary treatment, the only thing that makes it better is that it's all on one disk. Plus when the multiplayer works, they play just like the original games.

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32Bayonetta 2

Why the hell is this #59 it should be in the top ten - venomouskillingmachine

Second worst game of 2014 that's why its not higher - ikerevievs

33The Evil Within

Does not target majority of market but the game I enjoyed most that came in 2014

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34Guilty Gear XRD -sign-
35Dying Light

Well it's a zombie game but it comes out on January

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36Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V, is entertaining as of the action and the shooting. Grand Theft Auto has remarkable graphics but, driving is a little difficult for new comers. I think this is the best out of all the Grand Theft Auto's.

Ha ha ha ha I'm laughing on this list. This list has gone mad. The game which should be ranked 1 they given it 65. Ha ha ha

The open world and Michael, Trevor, and Franklin's story is what really makes the game.

Should be number 5 - ROSSINDI2004

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37The Elder Scrolls Online

This game sucks. not up to par for elder scrolls

This was a very hyped up game. Especially coming after the ground-breaking and monumentally achieving game Skyrim(which will go down in history to be one of the greatest games of all time), this MMORPG was a huge let down. Dated graphics, glitchy world, over-complicated mechanics, and an overall dull and repetitive story and gameplay. - Gamefreak23788

38Tales from the Borderlands
39Azure Striker: Gunvolt
40Tom Clancy's The Division

This game looks awesome and I know its not out but I have to say it looks good I love tom Clancy games but it could be bad

This game looks like it will be insanely fun!

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