Best Video Games of All Time


Regardless of genre, platform, and age; these are the greatest video games ever created. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Legend of zelda ocarina of time time is the best video game of all time it had an incredible awesome story the temples were all very very very fun my list of favorite temples go water forest fire spirit shadow time there was nothing bad about the game it was perfect unlike mario games the reason I don't like mario games is because besides paper mario the story is always save peach from bowser again and again and AGAIN IT GETS so BORING the game is different each time but the story never changes I don't count mario party and sports games and those I gave up on mario ever since I played legend of zelda cause the story is a million times better it has a different story every single game when marios story is ALWAYS SAVE PEACH FROM BOWSER MARIO SUCKS AND SO DOSE HIS GAMES THERE TO EASY AND NO STORY WHAT SO EVER mario sucks. Legend of zelda is the best game ever cause unlike mario its story changes every time and its harder then mario there are puzzles to figure out you have to use your brain to figure out what to do mario games don't have any puzzles besides paper mario witch sucked. The best zelda game is ocarina of time then twilight princess then majoras mask then skyward sword then wind waker and they all had a different story every time that's one thing that makes them the best games ever and because there so fun without it holding your hand the whole way one thing I really love about zelda are the characters I love the sages skull kid ganondorf link midna zelda the sgaes the giants in majoras mask and the gorons and zoras gerudos yeto and yeta tatl and tael mikau and darmani and everyone else and my favorite temple of all is the water temple from ocarina of time. LEGEND OF ZELDA RULES.
Even though I'm only 12, I can still say that this game is indeed, the best video game ever! The game is very long, so you like never get bored of it. Plus, it's got many cleverly thought out puzzles that are fun to solve, ^^ lastly, the atmosphere is amazing! Very, very well made game!
One of the few games I still play and by far the best. Tomb Raider was good but nothing like this beast.


[Newest]I never really played it
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2Super Smash Bros. Brawl
One of the only games left in the world (excluding Mario Kart) where you can go around to your mates for some good, fun gaming.
One of the better looking games on the Wii, the single player is decent and the replayability is near endless...
But it's the multiplayer that gives it my vote. =D
People please vote this game higher to show that Nintendo still has the ability to contend with the likes of Halo and Call of Duty! ;D
Best... Game... Ever... There is no way anything can possibly change my opinion of this game. That is, until they come out with the next Smash Bros. Game.
SSBB is my stress reliever and my life. The multiplayer's awesome, and the Subspace Emissary lasts for an impressive 9 hours.
[Newest]This game is amazing where Nintendo characters meet up and have an epic battle
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3Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Best game of all time with best features and even though mediocre graphics still enough for everyones liking.
You'd have to be mad not to love this game, in San Best Grand Theft Auto and in my opinion, best game of all time.
Get it. Eight years late? Mate this game will last a century.
This is THE game. I can assure you that hundreds of thousands players still play this awesome game. You can virtually do anything. The missions are fun. There is multiplayer available for download( THIS IS THE BEST GAME.
[Newest]This is the Greatest GOAT #1
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4The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Laugh out loud its not even out yet but I know that this game will obliterate any other video game so that's why I'm casting my vote now because this game will be the best and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be amazing. No matter what anyone says.


This game is too epic to even be released to the general game public. Though it will be released (on an EPIC date: 11-11-11) soon, we already know that it is the best game ever made, and will be untill another new Elder Scrolls game will come out.
I LOVE SKYRIM! I am a total addict and I will play it for hours! I love it because there is never nothing to do and I love how sometimes I will go around a corner and get scared by something trying to kill me! Love Skyrim- no question that this is definitely the best game ever!
[Newest]Skyrim is the best game I have ever played ๐Ÿ‘Œ graphics are as good as any next gen title ๐Ÿ‘Š insane content, number 1 ๐Ÿ™
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Minecraft, the best game ever. On Minecraft you can do basically what ever you want. You can make a house, you can make a building. You can mine for the greatest Jewels and craft it with anything. Craft a pic axe to go mining. Craft a sword to fight off the monsters of the night. You can discover an abandon mine, Find lava or water. Craft an axe to chop up wood and make a house. Make what ever your imagination takes you. Craft a shovel to dig, Craft a hoe to make a farm. Collect resources to live. Mine redstone to make a machine, make a door bell or even a light bulb. Make a portal to another world. Discover new thing in the another world (the nether) or even in the real world. Kill monsters to brew new potions to heal or die. Make an enchanting table to enchant your tools to mine faster, dig faster, chop faster or make your sword more damage. Make armor to protect you, also enchant it for greater protection. Make anything with the best Jewels you mine. Have a pet animal including dogs and cats. Make a barn to get more resources. Find the secret portal to another world! 3 worlds, the normal world, the nether and the final world to beat the game, the end. In the end you have to make a strategy to kill the ender dragon. After you killed the dragon, you won the game. To win the game again, make the wither and kill it. After you done that, you can do whatever you want on your world. You can go on creative to fly and do what ever your imagination takes you. Make a server to go on your friends world, make a roller coaster or fight each other. If you die, it doesn't matter! You can respawn! You can blow up T.N. T and you can make a chest to put supplies in it. You can make a statue of what you want. You can eat food. On Minecraft, you can do whatever you want. Download it and Have fun!
And if you want to do something that is not already in the game, get a mod! They are AMAZING!


Minecraft inspires creativity. Minecraft has EVERYTHING. It has rpg elements, it has fighting, it has the undead, it has building, it has farming, it has exploration, it has survival, it has horror, and most importantly, it has an amazing online multiplayer mode. One thing I personally love about it is the retro graphics. This game is easy to get, and it's easy to pick up and play. This game is simply perfect.
Some people hate it because of the graphics, but they don't realize the creators intended for it to be blocky. It gives Minecraft it's own style, and it's very easy to build with.
A beautiful world where you can do anything you want. Build a tower where you can stay the night. Kill some sheep to make a bed, in the morning go mining. Mine for iron and craft incredible armor then the next night go kill some monsters. Next morning you go mining and you find a diamond. Craft a diamond pick and enchant it from an abandoned dungeon. Mine for obsidian and go to the nether. Then you go from there. That's just Minecraft Survival. You can go on AMAZING servers with your friends and make beautiful machines that inspire you to be creative. Play hunger games and win, patting yourself on the back as fireworks rise in the air. Play fun minigames where you can be on a floating island and try to be the last one standing in the air. Or have a shovel and be on a floating cake where you mist choose who will fall. Make your own server and play with friends. Play on maps and try to survive through huge areas like Herobrine's Mansion or The Pumpkin King. There is no telling what will happen or where you want to go. Minecraft is a stunning game. Stunning.


[Newest]This is a very good game I say I should have first place it is such a fun game to play about 250+ Minecraft YouTubers they as well they make awesome videos I say Minecraft is the best game in the world.
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6Halo 3
People always ask the question "what makes Halo so great? " I asked myself the same question for the longest time. It isn't the multiplayer, the gameplay, the campaign, or anything else that makes halo so great as how perfectly it combines all those things together. Halo's campaign; the gameplay and storyline blew my mind. It's a game that will give you goosebumps throughout it, but will chill you to the bone with it's unforgettable ending (includes after-credits). You sit there in awe and you can't say anything. I couldn't find the worss to describe that feeling. It arguably has one of the greatest gaming storylines in history, and in my opinion, the best storyline in a game series. Halo 3 is also known for having one of the best FPS online multiplayer's to date. With all around outstanding game modes and maps that keep you searching for more. What makes halo 3's multiplayer so great is the fact that everybody, even starters have an even chance of being the best in the match. Every starts with the same weapons, gear, and advantages as everyone else. All you have to do is find the right weapons and equipment to raise your advantage in the match. Exploring the maps is also a highlight of the game. Whether you're playing on Live or in a system party, you will enjoy the custom games of Halo 3. Halo 3 also introduced Forge mode, which was at the time the freshest thing out there. It allowed you to change from a spartan/elite soldier to a floating robot so you can customize an entire map the way you want it. You can share your creations online with the file share option, and people can tag and download, or even recommend your custom maps. This file shares works for screenshots and custom game modes as well. The ingenuity and creativity people used in their creations fascinated me. I remember playing a map where someone sculpted the Millennium Falcon (from star wars) out of scrap walls. Forge took some time getting used to, but there were no glitches, or flaws of that sort anywhere in the gameplay. If you don't have live, forge mode definitely fills that gap for offline players. The Halo 3 theatre mode allowed players to record there gameplay, edit it, and take snapshots, to share with other players using file share. It was easy to use, and was copied by many gaming industries, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: the only difference was halo 3 let you use more storage freely.

Halo is the most unique game I've played yet, and halo 3 is and probably will always be the best in the series. Halo 3 may not be the best game in the world (and I can agree), but it's definitely one of the best. It has earned 6th place on this leader board. This is the only game I've played with overall seemingly flawless and mindblowing gameplay. There is always something I don't like about other games, usually with the multiplayer, or the campaign, but Halo 3 never game me a reason to do so.

NOTE: The campaign of Halo 3 is the best part about it, and if that's what you like, I'd recommend playing the Halo 1 and Halo 2 campaigns first.
I have more great memories playing this game, with and without friends, single player or multiplayer, than any other game I've ever played. The only con I can think of was that fact that the story was a bit... Rushed, but that's only because Microsoft forced Halo 2 out of the gates before the campaign was done, so they had to cram it all into 3. Amazing game overall.
Arguably the best game from the Halo Franchise and also quite possibly the greatest FPS of all time. The online for this game is still being played all around the world, and it is still selling a lot of units. On the first day of its release Halo 3 reached $170 million dollars in the United States alone, and sold 3.3 million copies in the first 12 days and it sold 5.2 million copies WorldWide in the first two weeks and was dubbed the Best-selling Video Game of 2007.
[Newest]Just one of the best... Most hype livin... Games out there let alone the epic conclusion to master chiefs story... Which continues on
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7Final Fantasy VII
Greatest PS1 game, greatest RPG, and just too much awesomeness to put into words. Best game ever, but Ocarina of Time is excellent as well.


the first game that I actuly played seriously(i was only like 7 though). it was fun, exciting and lasted for many long hours of play. sure the graphics are bad, but the amazing gameplay makes up for it


While both Ocarina of Time and Tomb Raider (1) are exceptional, it has to be said that the depth, ingenuity and imagination that went into creating Final Fantasy VII puts it leagues beyond its' opposition.
[Newest]A phenomenal game with outstanding gameplay, wonderful story, godly music, and a fun battle system. I get more satisfaction playing this game than any other.

8Super Mario 64
Who the hell thinks tomb raider deserves such a high place on this list. Mario kicks tomb raider's ass.


This game is a classic! No one can forget this game. The stars, the levels, the Bowser bosses. This game is awesome! This is my favorite game and it always will be!
Why on earth is this game not higher on the list? Its way better than call of duty 4
[Newest]Halo will never be better than Mario

9Half Life 2
Why is tomb raider in first place?
It only has a girl with huge boobs
you already paid 'half life' when you play Half-Life..


Absolute awesome gameplay, it is a must play game and very historical for all the futerer ego shooter games!
[Newest]I think that it should be in top 5

10Red Dead Redemption
By far the most fun I've had in a video game. Other than MW2 and Skyrim Nothing comes close.
It won Game of the Year but it is still underrated. The story is absolutely amazing and actually covers a lot of life morals like racism, family, freedom, etc. Multiplayer never gets old too. Still an active game years after its release.


11? Hell this should be in the top 5 at least. This game has a amazing story with characters that will stick to you till the end. The environment is beautiful and has so many things to do. Look I can go on forever about how great this game is and how no other game can touch its amazing story.
[Newest]It's the best game ever. You never get tired of the game. I can't wait for Red Dead 2!

The Contenders

11Super Mario Bros.
This is worth of number one. It was the game that ended a video game crash and recreated the whole concept of video games. It also is the second best selling all time video game. It basically started the platform genre and should be recognized for it's absolute brilliance.


I don't care how advanced video games get, this one started it all. This game saved Nintendo from near bankruptcy and kicked off one of the greatest series of all time.
This list has way too many modern games. This was back when violence was unliked. There was no playstation whose black color resembles darkness and xbox whose green resembles vomit or slime. Just Nintendo, who was just straightforward games. But bottomline why is some piece of crud I've never heard of called Vampire something or other above this? And please tell me the guy who put Metal Gear, a game which is literally nothing but walking, dying, repeat above this. This was back when you couldn't save. You weren't simply just trying to finish the game over time, you had to finish it in one playtime. Much more awesome!
[Newest]This game is amazing! Without this game, there wouldn't be any such thing as 'video games'. It deserves to be on everyone's list! If you haven't played this game, get it now, otherwise you'll forever be considered a disgrace to gaming.

12Grand Theft Auto IV
Awesome Game. I just love the Grand theft Auto series.
All other games were Awesome, And Grand Theft Auto IV was the awesomest.
But that main drawback was that It need a whole lot of hardware to run. I can't play that on my PC. In my opinion, Grand Theft Auto V is gonna be awesome and I HOPE I will require much less hardware.. Rockstar for the win
Playing Grand Theft Auto 4 feels like if we are watching a day of the foreign country. Video game city has never been that alive before
Grand Theft Auto series is just awesome. I was shocked to see it rated in the bottom of the list of top 100 games. Loved to see it in the top 10 here at leas t
[Newest]This is A game created for the sole purpose of entertaining ignorant, tasteless, immature, violence craving teenage boys with in game prostitution, committing murder, blowing up buildings and being the absolute worst person you can possibly be. I cannot comprehend why this was so highly rated. There is nothing special about it and almost everything wrong with it (accept for the graphics).

13Tomb Raider
Great to see that tomb raider is back in business worldwide. I thought it would take a while... But I'm sure it will once again reach the top as is did the very first time it came out. TRU will definitely rock, more than any other PS game have done or will do... She will become for sure, the PS3 face just like she was the ps1s.


Tomb Raider is awesome because it was one of the first games (other then Metroid) to have a female protagonist instead of a male protagonist. And if she was real I would be at her bedroom window. EVERY SINGLE DAY.
At one point this series was godlike. It was entertaining, challenging, and sexy. At some point towards the end of its rain it lost a lot of its thunder. Please tell me someone caught the pun... Anyway, this game, regardless of its later faults, remains a formula that many companies would do well to follow.
[Newest]I love all Tomb Raider games, and I like Zelda too but all there is on best game sites are... Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda.

14The Last of Us
Amazing graphics, awesome music, fun gameplay, really nice combat, and a whole lot more. Oh, and a beautiful story that changed my perspective and the way I think about things, and basically changed my life and who I am, no exaggeration.
A while back my brother beat the game and said, you have GOT to play the game. Since I had no intention to, he showed me the ending. Then, I went and watched a two hour movie of all the cutscenes and was amazed. I wanted to play the game so bad then, but worried that it would be boring since I knew everything that happened. I was proved wrong, the gameplay was just awesome and made the story even more effective. The game should've been so much longer. It is literally my definition of game perfection. This game was art.
I'm surprised this game isn't higher on the list, the graphics are superb, the storyline is amazing and The characters are incredibly deep and believable. Should be on the top 5 at least.
This Game gets everything perfect.
[Newest]Beautiful, and amazing gameplay, flawless need to be on top 3

15Grand Theft Auto V
This game is awesome everything about it! I don't know where to start so I won't! I love this game.
Why the heck isn't this #1 yet!? Grand Theft Auto V truly lived up to the hype, and deserves the title BEST GAME EVER MADE. I can say as a person who thought Grand Theft Auto games were as mainstream as Call of Duty and didn't play them that Grand Theft Auto V is truly a game unlike any other, and is and will be the best game for a very long time
Is the best game ever
[Newest]By far the best Grand Theft Auto game and definitely the best game of all time

16Metal Gear
I cant believe it wasn't even on the list" I cant think of many other games that could tell a story better than metal gear can. On top of that it completely established the genre of Stealth gameplay single handedly.
The game was also very ahead of its time as far as creativity I cant a think of another game that had as many genuine ideas from button tapping, switching control ports, to how creative they used the rumble feature. when at the time the playstation didn't even come standard with rumble. the graphics were also very advanced for its time compared.
i think the only reason its not as nearly appreciated is because its very slow paced and is exclusive to the playstation.
the game was very unique in that it was not repetitive from basic gameplay to the boss battles, you were given the choice of how you would engage the opponent whether it be sneaking up on them and snapping there neck or just choking them till the pass out. what made the game great was the advanced AI and how it reacted to you in the game you could actually manipulate your enemy more than jus shooting a gun and make him notice you, you could lure him into other rooms buy tapping the wall or get him to follow footprints.

the game also featured one of the best voice acting I have ever heard it brings you so much more into the game making you really respect the character as if they were real.

truly an amazing game and should definitely be considered one of the greatest of all time!


METAL GEAR SOLID is the best video game series of all time. It is recommended to be played by all. Everyone who plays it will be in awe of its cinematic greatness, outstanding gameplay, and its numerous gameplay options and special features. The game is so popular and well respected that the creator, Hideo Kojima, is the most well known and respected video game directors of today. he should win an Oscar for his achievements in the Medal Gear franchise. Since it is a Playstation exclusive it is known mostly by PS fans, but now that he is taking it to XBOX 360, it will become a World-Wide video game console phenomenon. metal gear Solid 3 was my favorite because of the storyline, but MGS4 wins hands down with gameplay and OUTSTANDING Cinematic graphics with well known voice actors and models. Metal Gear series... 10 out of 10
My favorite series of all time. I am a humungous MGS fan. Kinda confusing it's listed as "Metal Gear" I assume they are talking about the first Metal Gear Solid. Anyway this game is Kojima's masterpiece. I feel had they only made just this game and no sequel, this game would be studied for how intelligent it's story and themes are. MGS is a stunning piece of video game art, and is one of the greatest games ever made.
[Newest]This is a good game

17Super Smash Bros. Melee
By far the most ingeniously developed multiplayer fighting game. With a blend of characters all across the Nintendo universe, and a nigh flawless fighting system, this game belongs on just about any top ten list.
This game is my childhood. I remember when I finally beat the last event match I was stocked out of my mind. This game is the best in the series and is one of the best multiplayers of all time. Nothing can compare to the sheer beauty of beating the other players off the screen. It is safe to say friendships have been lost over this game :D.
Best game ever. Invested TONS of hours in this game. All but laughs at the end of every session. There are some games that hold good memories, but Melee is the one that sticks out.
[Newest]Often considered to be the magnum opus of the smash series, Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the most technically deep fighting games today. It is also a blast to play with friends, and the learning curve is not too high, making it one of those rare games that is truly easy to learn, but hard to master.

18Mass Effect 2
There are some Great Games above me here, some of the Greatest I've ever played! Fallout 3, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Resident Evil 4, Half Life 2, Grand Theft Auto IV AND San Andreas AND MANY MORE... But these are more or less the ones I have more experience playing, and I'm not saying that anything above, mentioned or not, is crap or anything pertaining to such thoughts, but once you've played Mass Effect, YOU KNOW Gaming doesn't get any better.
BEST story, great graphics, great gameplay... What else do you need. For me this will always be the best game ever made.
The characters and the story is just perfect. Put the entire trilogy at number 1.
[Newest]I loved this game so much the ending is just so damn epic

19Chrono Trigger
Widely regarded as (and in my open is without a doubt) the best RPG of all time. It came out in 1995 with unprecedentedly good graphics, which even today are nothing to laugh at. The story is... Well, AWESOME. Though, typically, it is slightly cheesy, it is obviously well thought out. It has many different time periods that you can go into and countless side-stories.
Another interesting feature is that the main character, Chrono (or whatever you choose to name him) never speaks without your prompting and decision on what he DOES say. He is, in effect, YOU. You choose how the adventure progresses across time; your actions determine what outcome will occur. There are THIRTEEN possible endings; that is not only unprecedented, but has not been rivaled to this day.
The action is great; it was one of the first RPGs to have battle on the main map; also, battle is not random, an annoying feature of most RPGs. Through a variety of special attacks, even combinations combining Chrono and whatever one or two companions he has with him at that time, Square made a game with GREAT combat. I could go on and on, but basically, go try this game out yourself!

There is time travel; great sound in all aspects; great graphics; great storyline; great combat; great replay value; great everything. 13/10


Chrono Trigger is the greatest JRPG ever. Pretty much every aspect of this game was way ahead of it's time. The graphics hold up very well nowadays, and the art style is spot on. The character designs were made by the illustrator of Dragon Ball. The music is... just the best. It's the best video game soundtrack. It really makes you feel what the story is trying to tell you. One track is just a high pitched note on a violin. It is used for most of the sad and when the characters are scared, and it is awesome. The characters are perfect. They aren't exactly that deep, but the more complex of them (Robo, Magus) are almost real. The story is amazing. It really makes you feel the emotions that the characters are. It is never too complicated, but never really predictable. And there's 13 endings. Just saying.
And finally, the gameplay is phenomenal. There are no random encounters (thank god) and the battles are really easy to understand. Early on on the game you get the chance to fight the final boss at any point after that. That's cool, and gives you a lot of freedom to make the game short or long.
This game is full of positives. This is the only perfect game that exists, and definitely deserves the title of best game ever.
Also there's a boob joke. It's funny.
An RPG set aside from older RPG titles. Created by the hands responsible for Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy franchises, along with artwork done by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball/Dr. Slump), and music by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu, you get one of the most beautiful, story woven RPGs on any platform since it's release on the SNES.
[Newest]Chrono Trigger is amazing one of the greatest soundtrack and graphics

20The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Theories. Theories everywhere.

I love this game, Not my favorite game, but my favorite Zelda game. It has a hauntingly disturbing but glorious story, the characters feel much more easy to engage with, it brings everything we loved from Ocarina of time, and pampers that. Also, it's home to some of the best music I've heard in a video game. You have the well crafted Clock town theme, The frightening Final hour theme, and so many more. Somebody, elect this game for president and Oscar's award. Okay maybe not the first one... The game sets itself to dark, but also really enjoyable. As I said, it's not my favorite game, but definitely up there.

Best game of all time, not to mention the best atmosphere in any video game. It has a mysterious vibe and shows nintendo is willing to show for a more mature audience.
Best Zelda game. Best Adventure game. Best GAME. This game may have used the same gameplay mechanic and graphics as Ocarina of Time, but it took it to a whole mother level. Ocarina of time was amazing, but this game is an absolute masterpiece of work. Also, this game had the best story of any Zelda game. If you've never played this game, then go play it NOW! If you've played it but don't enjoy it, well then that just sucks for you. Rating: 10/10

21Portal 2
This game is fantastic. Although I agree that orcarina deserves its place, this should be much higher. Valve once again made a masterpiece. The voice acting is amazing, as it usually is in valve games. The graphics are also amazing, and there is a lot of small little details put in, like the vines growing from walls, cracks in the flooring, and even parts going down conveyer belts. The puzzles are also hard to solve, but not so hard that your gonna want to punch a hole through the screen. And the ending was fantastic, and quite a sad ending, with 2 amazing songs bringing closure (? ) to the series. And that last clip at the end nearly had me in tears, but laughing at the same time. The co-op mode is also fantastic, having to make you actually rely on your companion to get through the puzzles. The game also has an amazing fanbase, creating new levels every day. All in all, it is a fantastic game. I'd give it a 97%, and a spot at 3 on this list.


This sir, is a true masterpiece. This game has story, Easter eggs, humor, and even a scare factor! There are only 5 characters in this game and 3 of them do not even talk! This game has brought me SO MUCH LOVE! It has a beautiful story, amazing songs (even if there are only 4), and best of all, the best character in gaming EVER: GLaDOS!
How is this not higher in the list? It's an excellent game with unique elements and storyline! It's below left4dead2?!? And the glitchy as fallout 3 ( which IS good but the quality lets it down) well I hope other portal fans will read this far down the list and vote it up! It deserves more...
[Newest]Portal 2 is a fantastic game that everyone should play. Awesome story, awesome characters and, lets not forget, great gameplay. I still think Skyrim deserves the place as the best, the game which I voted for, but still Portal 2 needs to be played. It's awesome.

Something as diverse as Gaming is bound to forever divide, more so then perhaps Film, Television, and MAYBE even Music! But to see a Game as Beautifully Written as this one, not necessarily LOW, but without doubt LOWER then it should... Just hurts.

There are some Great Games above me here, some of the Greatest I've ever played! Fallout 3, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Resident Evil 4, Half Life 2, Grand Theft Auto IV AND San Andreas AND MANY MORE... But these are more or less the ones I have more experience playing, and I'm not saying that anything above, mentioned or not, is crap or anything pertaining to such thoughts, but once you've played Bioshock, YOU KNOW Gaming doesn't get any better. And this goes beyond 'Controls' and menial stuff like that! As far as I'M concerned, so long as I can control my Character WELL, then I'm sweet. I don't care much for Graphics and all that either, just so long as I can discern my Character and he flows smoothly, everything is sweet... Gameplay is important also. Obviously. As long as I'm Entertained, Puzzled, and Amused, then most every box is ticked for me. Where Bioshock goes beyond is in Story, rivaling anything else before it, and since, but not just in Gaming, even in the realm of Literature Bioshock would be it's own rightly Masterpiece! Philosophically speaking, it just makes you Think, Comprehend, Question, Perceive, and at times, Obscures, all by means to Understand something a little beyond yourself. There are plenty (not really, a couple at best) of Games that do this, but not on this Level, not with this much thought. If you haven't played, PLEASE DO, don't ruin it for yourself, just dive in and enjoy. You don't know what your missing.

This 'Game' is so much more then just a 'Game'.
Once you've played games like bioshock and fallout nv you know gaming. They are extremely fun, innovative, and practically limitless and challenge you like never before. The best games are not the easiest but the ones that leave you with the best satisfaction at the end of the day while leaving you hungry for more. I though call of duty was the greatest thing ever but now I see it as a joke. These games are for intense gamers and it will pull you in, putting you at the edge of your seat and questioning if this game could be actuality or if it's all just in your head.

But I'll let you decide that for yourself...
I don't understand 29 only this game was a revolutionary fps game its fun highly replayable with one of the greatest plot twists in gameing history. You have not lived until you have played a bioshock game
1. Bioshock
2. Uncharted 2
3. Bioshock infinite
4. Fallout 3
5. The legend of zelda
6. Uncharted 3
7. Batman arkham city
8. The walking dead a telltale production
9. Tomb raider (2013)
10. Bioshock 2
[Newest]Great story and very scary.

23Kingdom Hearts II
One of the greatest and most complicated story lines ever made. A story of a boy who undergoes many hardships just to keep his world and his friends safe. Sora has a big heart and will do anything just for his friends even if it means giving up his own life. He confuses friendship and love with Kairi and is very dedicated to find his friend Riku. When he eventually does, he breaks down into tears. Truly and heart touching story. The perfect crossover video game one could play. A great role playing game suitable for all ages. This game should be ranked much higher.
Definitely one of the games ever it has one of the best storylines I've ever seen it combines the disney and final fantasy characters so well and they also blend their own characters to.
Highly underrated video game with a highly underrated plot, I love the way the Square Enix melded Final Fantasy, Disney and original characters effortlessly, what I like about this one more than the original, is the fact the first was mostly Sora's quest to find Kairi, but the second shows both sides of that continued saga, and it's a truly beautiful story, with beautiful animation, the game I have enjoyed most ever.

24Resident Evil 4
I could give a Million reasons why this should be #1/#2 behind ocarina of time. This game is absolutely immersive. The level design is brilliant, the controls are very fluid. The story and characters are awesome. The diversity of bosses is crazy. Each level, chapter and stage in the game is different. You never really feel like you're doing the same thing again. I could go on and on, and in much greater detail but I don't fell like typing that much as the game speaks for it's self.


um this needs to be WAAAAAAAY higher on this list... just sayin


Just got this game today and it rocks! Go Leon go! Buy this game. It's excellent.
[Newest]My first and best game

25Batman: Arkham City
Its the best game ever I have pass the story like 20 times because I am a huge batman fan also who don't want to be in arkham city kicking asses end being untouchable because of martial arts
What? What? What? What? What? What? What? Why isn't this number 5?
Its the best action/adventure game of all time and always will be! I almost cried at the end!
[Newest]The story was the one I connected to the most, adding random friends in real life into the game.

26Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Too awesome,
Good and evil, star wars, dialogue options, great story.
You feel like you're really playing an important role in the star wars universe.
Brilliant game finished both the original and sequel multiple times, we need another one!
1st of what ZELDA ANYTHING shouldn't BE ON THIS LIST! 2nd great game, without a doubt the best RPG ever made. The story is great its almost like watching a star wars movie but better. The choice in this game is great without being overwhelming like many RPGs. You truly feel like the hero or villian. And you will play thourgh this many times. Honestly I'm not a hardcore star wars fan but I think this is the best game ever made.
[Newest]What the hell is super smash bros doing above this?

27Fallout 3
This is the best game I have ever played. You can easily spend 200 hours in this game and still not. Done everything there is to do. I love the VATS gameplay, the story is very good. The graphics almost look real! I know this game came out like I don't know like five years ago I think? But it's still very good. In fact, at the time that It came out, it was the biggest video game world ever. I also love the amount of outcomes and paths you can go with in this game, there are so many possible endings, and also, if you have the broken steel add on, then the game never ends. It's like usually you die but if you have the broken steel add on then it's like the explosion made you go into a coma and you wake up 2 weeks later. I mean there are so many different paths, you can choose to go with the enclave, the brotherhood of steel, Reilly's rangers, the outcasts, and so many over groups you can choose to work with, or you can play the game solo. It is also free roam, so aside from the main story line, there are also lots and lots of side quests. Although, I warn you, DO NOT GET THE STEAM VERSION OF THIS GAME, IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS 7 THEN IT WILL CRASH WHEN YOU TRY TO OPEN IT, I LEARNED THOSE THE HARD WAY. BETHESDA HAS ANNOUNCED THAT THEY WILL NOT BE FIXING THIS! So umm yeah, that is the game. Also, well if you wanted to know what the story line is, well there was a war in the year 2050 I think it was, and nuclear bombs were dropped during the war, and like everything was destroyed, and most animals and things got mutated, but some people survived. Well the actual game takes place like 200 years after that all happened. And you are born, and you are taken to vault 101 the last safe place from all the bad people and mutated things and stuff. But you wake up one day to hear warning bells, and your friend waking you up, telling you that your dad escaped the vault, but the vault door hadn't been opened since the day that the bombs were dropped, that's what made it so safe, t here was a sealed door protecting the entrance, but somehow your dad opened it and escaped, and the guards think that you helped him, so the guards are looking for YOU. So that is when you have to escape the vault, and you are left in the capital wasteland, the name for where you are. And you are looking for your dad, and the rest is for you to decide. Also, I thought you might want to know, the game takes place in Washington, D.C. And the areas surrounding it. Overall, I give it 10 stars, even ign gave the game 9.6.
Put more than 500 hours at least on this game. It's my favorite video game no doubt. I also like Oblivion and Morrowind and New Vegas and Skyrim... Man Bethesda wins!


Placement does not matter, this game is my favorite of all time. Let's hope that Fallout 4 will be just as good, I would say better, but I don't know how it could be.
[Newest]This is the best game after Half life 2 and its episodes. This game is fun yet sad. You connect with your character in this game as he is your reflection. The game proceeds in the way you play it, each line you say, each person you kill will affect the game at some point.

28Super Mario Galaxy
This is one of the most incredible breakthroughs in gaming. It had insanely good graphics for the period it was introduced. Second, the game is exhilarating, and the emotions brought on range from anger to excitement to extreme sadness. It also had a story unmatchable by any other Mario game, with the tearjerker of the storybook to the ending, arguably one of the best endings in video game history. This game came out when I was four and watching my brother play it is one of my cherished memories.
It is just addicting. I spend 30 minutes trying to find a power star in one galaxy until I get lucky and move on to the next one. If you have a wii, you gotta get this game.


Best game ever! Awesome graphics and... I don't know everything PERFECT!

29Assassin's Creed II
And assassin's creed II is the best ubisoft game. Hence, Assassin's Creed II is the best game ever. The game takes you across Italy and lets you experience the sadness and betrayal that ezio, the protagonist, feels. The game gives the the absolute feeling of freedom when your playing the game. This is definitely one of the best games in the history of gaming!
Assassin's creed is one of the best games ever. Beautiful graphics, awesome storyline and sick gameplay. AC II is by far the best of the series. Love the open world concept and the freedom you have in pursuing your agenda, even within the constraints of missions.
This game has the best graphics and story ever! I love how you can buy new weapons and I also love the new ways to kill people like jumping off buildings.
[Newest]One of the greats. Definitely top 10 worthy. I couldn't get enough of the game in one play-through. Instead, I had to beat the game eight times before I finally put it down, only to pick it up once again several months later.

30Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
It must be the first place.
Why didn't they vote for this the most wonderful amazing game?
Propably they never played this game.
Awesome story.real cool gameplay.this is the best Call of Duty game ever.Ask any gamer any real gamer like me who has played every single game and he will tell you what a game means.
11th place? There is an epicness about this game that nothing else really seems to come close to (except for Modern Warfare 2).
[Newest]So Excited for the remix

31Super Mario Galaxy 2
Mario's best moment yet! Several galaxies, 240 stars to get, AMAZING graphics and soundtrack, the spin attack is really useful, and so much more! There is yet to be a better mario game. No, I have not gotten a 3ds yet.


This is the most imaginative, polished, and fun 3D platformer I have ever played, and I can happily say it is my favorite game of all time.


This IS awesomely awesome, with a blend of awesomeness and awesome friends of awesomely extreme awesomeness
[Newest]Best colorful graphic ever made, best challenges ever made, best design ever made, the most creative game ever in history.

32Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
While some would say it is overrated, I firmly believe that this is the closest gaming has ever come to emulating a cinematic, summer, action flick. The audiovisual presentation is mindblowing.


This game should crack the top 10, it's just mind blowing, and so much better than all this Call of Duty crap! Mechanics, story, multiplayer, co op, it just has it all!


The uncharted series has the second best games after Minecraft. It's a perfect blend of awesome graphics, characters that you actually care about, a story line that you want to follow, treasures to find, enemies to shoot, jungles to explore, and cliffs to climb. Amazing game, should be higher.

33Super Mario World
I'm sorry, but WHAT! 237? Why is this. This should be #2 or something. Super Mario World is my favorite game of all time and there's good reason to. This is the best selling game on the SNES at over 20 million units. That's more than Grand Theft Auto: SA, the pest selling game on the PS2. Mario World is long, fun, and filled to the brim with secrets, and is one of the most notable games of all time.
Not only is this a classic, it's a classic that has better quality than every modern video game out there. Platforming greatness with fun level design and secrets ahoy, I've played this one at least 20 times.


When I was a kid Me and My Dad Spent HOURS on this game finding every secret entrance and completing star world.
[Newest]This is crazy Super Mario World is the first game I played and it deserves #1.

34The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Incredibly creative, highly innovative, and greatly passionate game. From the storyline to the gameplay, it is almost flawless.
One of the most beautiful games of all time. From the story to the gameplay.
This game was for me better than ocarina of time, love this game.
[Newest]My favorite game. I especially love the characters.

35Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime is a great game by many means. Its story is concise while still being a good motivation to keep playing, and the world you traverse has good variety and ambiance. Its controls tight and responsive, despite the Gamecube controller being unsuited for an first-person perspective. The graphics were great, compared to other Gamecube games, adding to the atmosphere (like looking up for the first time on the Overworld, and seeing rain droplets trickle down your visor). On top of all of this, it stayed true to the Metroid franchise.
Still the most highly detailed and high-tech game today, even though it was made back in 2003 (very impressive). While the game itself drives many players insane, the huge detail, design, and unbelievable gameplay make it worthy of the Top Ten.
Absolutely incredible game on so many levels. Amazing visuals, music, atmosphere, storytelling, game play, and so much more. Metroid Prime broke a lot of ground and hasn't lost a bit of its fun despite being almost a decade old.
[Newest]I just played this little gem recently and loved it. It's non linear so you have to explore and figure things out yourself unlike Mario where you already know to go to the east. That being said Mario is simple and boring Metroid is complicated and fun.

Responsible for a great amount of innovations within the industry all while offering the first instance of actual virtual tourism within a video game (and in this case even to a different generation) shenmue is a must play for anyone who loves video games. Even with it's outdated graphics Shenmue still offers more attention to detail than 99% of other video games and though it is slower paced than it's sequel (that is just as good or better depending on who you ask) the patient will be rewarded with an amazing experience that will take them across Yokosuka and all the way to China.
What can I say that hasn't already been said. This game feels more like a spiritual journey. The music, the characters, the innovative gameplay that inspired games like Grand Theft Auto and Yakuza, the combat system, and the overall subtle spiritual and philosophical messages. When you put Shenmue in your Dreamcast/Xbox you aren't playing a game, you're living an unforgettable experience.
This game was astounding and groundbreaking at the time and so many games like Heavy Rain and Uncharted have borrowed elements from this original masterpiece! The story was moving, compelling and gameplay super fun, I can never remember feeling so immersed in a game that I knew the streets as if they were a place I grew up! Stunning to look at still to this day! Sega have been a disappointing brand since Dreamcast, where is Shenmue 3? They need to finish the story!
[Newest]Shenmue is the best game of all time! She number ONE!
More comments about Shenmue

37Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of the greatest NES games created. It build on everything that made Super Mario Bros. 1 great and multiplied it by a whole lot. The feather, hammer head suit, frog suit, etc. Are some new editions to the game that make the replay value high. It also has all the power-ups from the first Super Mario Bros. You can also skip levels you don't want to play in Mario 3 and you can equip yourself with a power-up before entering a level. Super Mario Bros. 3 is a masterpiece and it should respectfully be higher on this list.
When I saw this list, I was simply ashamed to see this game wasn't on it. It's the greatest NES game of all time. It's the greatest Mario game of all time. Practically every retro gamer who ever lived know and worship this game! It combines all the aspects of 2D mario platformers and multiplies them by ten! This game is perfect!
One of the greatest nes games ever made but the only thing that sucks is you can't save
That is nothing to argue with. Your comment is 100% true.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is a classic and I never want to quit this game. But I do hate its cartoons. Nonetheless, Super Mario Bros. 3 has one of the best graphics, sound, & soundtracks of all time. Such a phenomenon and revolution this classic is, especially the 8-bit version. It is all so nostalgic. Rating: 10/10. This game belongs in the top 10s.
[Newest]First ever Mario game owned on the NES.. So many fond memories + introduced world map. Ground breaking stuff

38Team Fortress 2
I still hate how Call of Duty is above tf2, people who play tf2 has SKILL, people who play Call of Duty has NO SKILL, they think its fun because killing is so easy. Welcome to the world of team fortress 2, where only the skilled can kill and the non skilled gets killed
With the exception of half-life 2 this is the best fps I've ever played. Not to mention crazy fun multilayer, hilarious characters and dialogue and even a collecting element. The innovative class features and game play make this a awesome game.
This is the best game ever! I can't believe it is #54! YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR THIS! If you've never played it, PLAY IT! You will love it!
[Newest]This is the best game on Steam.

Come on! This game is underrated. It's the bestselling Rpg franchise in the whole world (yeah Shocker! Its not final fantasy). This game is great in every way from gameplay to characters, its honestly my favorite game franchise ever but it would never be able to beat Super mario. By the way, Pokemon is the 2nd bestselling videogame franchise in the world
Please! This game is great! Pokemon is a fun and adventurous game people could like if they just play it. Great music, great characters, and great stories (sometimes). It will always be great to play and everyone should just open up! When I was younger I hated Pokemon (But guess what! I have not played an actual game! ). Conclusion: If you do not like it, it maybe because you have not played it.
Pokemon is the best selling RPG that totally deserves to be higher on this list. With MILLIONS of team combinations you can play the game over and over with different combos. Pokemon can let you play the game and have complete control over yourself is something that is very rare in games that kids can play. It's also awesome for all ages. Althouh I agree that some of the games in the top ten (Super smash bros, Legend of Zelda) deserve to be in the top ten, Pokemon will always be my Number One.
[Newest]Pokรฉmon are too cute for me! (and awesome, powerful, etc. I wish they were real. )

40The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
The best video game ever, that I have played. It has a beautiful layout, cool-looking characters, and a great story behind it. I believe it is the first Zelda game I ever played, and I am feeling slightly depressed that it's broken, and no longer works. Also, quoting Chuggaaconroy, cuteness never looked so badass. Too bad it's sequels weren't on the Wii, rather than the DS. Also, I can draw the style of the game!
This is probably the game I ended up most wanting to wander around, do side quests for the villagers and just enjoy the world. Story is pretty good and gameplay is SMOOTH.
My favorite game of all time. Well done, Nintendo.
[Newest]Best Zelda Game Ever. Perfectly paced and timeless graphics. On of the Gamecube's best

41Pokemon Emerald
Should be in the top 10. Is an absolutely amazing game.


4 awesome pokemon rpgs take this number 1 spot for coolness.


Why the hell is pokemon number 34. Get back to number 1.
[Newest]Best Pokemon game ever but I wouldn't go as far as #1

42Star Wars Battlefront II
AWESOME GAME! The campaign is extremely good and instant action has many new places such as Utapu. Also, many modes like hunt mode where you hunt the planet's natives or XL where it is a who can kill 350 men first battle. I can't ask for anything better!
Why is this so low on the list this was one of the best games ever made
Number forty?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! By FAR one of the best video games EVER made! It is one of the few games of my extensive ps2 library that I never grow tired of. Instant action is to battlefront what Slayer is to Halo.
[Newest]My favorite star wars game and third person shooter... Play this play this now!

43Golden Eye 007
THE game that started it all. The most popular shooter of the 90's. I'm not taking away from the others with the unfair advantage of better graphics but this game takes the cake.
The legend the is Golden Eye. The game that paved the way for all other first person shooters. Humanity has evolved around this game...
This established the birth of great multiplayer mode. The movie was the best bond movie ever and the game was hooked the world.
[Newest]At least put this on number 10!

44Mortal Kombat
The most famous and entertaining fighting game ever. MK ruled in the 90's and still looked great in the 2000s. Mortal Kombat (2011) is another achievement for this franchise


My vote has to go to MK. Definitely my favorite game of all time. It's just fun to play, and that's what counts.


Mortal Kombat is the most violent and exciting game you'll ever play with a great story and interesting characters mortal kombat is the best fighting game period.


[Newest]I love this game it is boss but to much blood no more blood

45Halo Reach
Halo reach has the best multiplayer ever. And if you don't like the multiplayer then check out the campaign. The forge is the best place to play privately with your friends, and just let out all of the randomness inside of you. Go ahead, hate it, but it is way better than the first and the last game on this list.
It has so much action. Everybody who played this should vote for it. Everyone should get it. It is number one
I love playing slayer mode with my family it's so fun!

46Shadow of the Colossus
Absolutely gorgeous, well executed, and a game that needs no words. It is timeless, and it touches you, seeing these massive beasts die by your hand. Seeing Aggro fall was an Old Yeller moment, a gaming moment that will live with me.
One the the best games ever!
Why isn't this game higher? Great game!
[Newest]51! COME ON! This game is AT LEAST top 3! And WHO put Pokemon above THIS!

47Kingdom Hearts
Best Game I have ever played. You build a relationship with the characters and you are on the journey with them. I cried after finally beating it :'(
AMAZING! There's no other way to describe this game. It combines Final Fantasy and Disney to form the greatest video game ever.
Best story and soundtrack from any video game I've ever played in my life. Great gameplay. You truly care for the characters. A true masterpiece.

48Left 4 Dead 2
L4D2 is a action packed game with gargantuan amount of bloodshed, insanity and huge number blood loving zombies which keep coming at you just to get their body parts chopped off with chainsaws, katanas and even frying pans. The extreme and insane amount of madness is perfect for trigger happy people and it also has molotovs :D.
I really scary, this is my best zombie games all times, I want to download this but my internet connectivity is low to download this games (Go Indonesian)
Amazing improvement over L4D. I a brilliant multiplayer game with plenty of level and zombies to keep you entertained for hours! Should be at least top 10!

49The Walking Dead
The walking dead was, at its worst, amazing. It showed how simple gameplay can be fun with a great and emotional story, and you actually felt for the characters. It deserves higher on this list and deserved game of the year
100! Really? This game deserves to be #1. The story is hands down the best of all video games ever made. I understand some people want repetitive shooting games but not even in top 10?
[Newest]Why is this not number one? Purely for the characters alone they are enough to get you emotionally attached to this game. This is my favourite game along with heavy rain.

50Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty is one of the most overrated game franchises out there. I've seen a ton of them. There are half a million of them and most of them are just about killing communists and terrorists and most recently Latin Americans (? ). The plots are recycled. The gameplay is mediocre. It seems all the game designers need to do to make another Call of Duty game is to improve the graphics, occasionally get a new engine, add more gory and violent special effects and more interesting ways to kill people and re create the old plot accept by adding a new one dimensional villein to fight and maybe some more sexy chicks. Some redeeming qualities include the graphics and the combat, but this game defiantly shouldn't be on here.
Along with Uncharted 2, this game features the most cinematic action sequences in video games today, along with some killer competitive and cooperative multiplayer.


"this game features the most cinematic action sequences in video games today"
Umm don't you dare compare this crappy game to the masterpiece that is Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog wipes their asses with copies of this game.
[Newest]Just no... How the hell is this not 1 and Minecraft made the list

51Assassin's Creed III
This is awesome you should get this
Terrible game how is it this high!
Screw black flag and unity
[Newest]Best assassins creed game ever

52Call of Duty: Black Ops
Buy the game then you will like it and I'm a girl and I think its the best game ever mw3 is good too but sadly it doesn't have zombies so its not that good but really people don't hate if you don't know buy the game then you could say if you hate it or not but it is a really good game buy it then play it then choose if its good or not
This is the best game ever! So many annoying people hate it. I hated it more than anyone until I played it and now I think it's the best game own! It is amazing!
Definitely my favorite game
[Newest]Why it's so low?

53Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
This is best game as I know I have played it more than 3 times completely and still I want to play it. I think this should be the number 1 at least top5.

BEST story and Jesper Kyd music awesome. Just play once you'll love it more than me.
Best game ever... Should at least be on the top 10
Really an amazing game!

54Call of Duty: Black Ops II


I don't care about Call of Duty so I didn't even bother with Ghosts, my left finger cramped after clicking 18 hours straight,
[Newest]What? Why the hell is this HERE?!

55Need for Speed Most Wanted
BEST racing game, career mode is awesome if you play it once you will force to play it again, I have played it many times and always enjoyed
NO WAY by far Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is best in the series but still being second isn't all that bad
It should at least be in top 10 come on guys it was the greatest racing game at its time
[Newest]I played it 4 times

56Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal
Back before R&C was ruined by all 4 one the franchise was at it's best. On the PS2 everyone had at least one R&C game and this one was surely the best of them all. Taking everything that made Going commando great and extending it with more upgradable weapons (each one unique and innovative on it's own) awesome side missions and of course, a creative and entertaining storyline with one of my all time favorite villians: Dr Nefarious. Top things off with a multiplayer competable with HALO and you have yourself a lasting yet epic game sure to put a smile on your face.


VERY good platform game, with lots to do and awesome characters, insomniac before they where known for there creative weapon design with fallout were known for there creative weapon design with ratchet and clank...
What happens when you combine Spyro and Megaman greatly together? You get the Ratchet & Clank series with its best game, Up Your Arsenal. This game truly beats any platformers and PlayStation games today.
[Newest]The first Ratchet and Clank game I played was "Size Matters". It was very fun, and I ended up getting the first 3 games. This game is simply amazing-story, weapons, and just fun.


Redefined the platformer, outshining Mario 64 in nearly every way. Still fun to play through today and has immortalized itself as a classic.
This game is the best adventure game with a lot of personality and humor. You just can't top that.
HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 15! AND Call of Duty 6 IS!? Call of Duty 4 was good but come on guys s=most of these games are quality, is this better than mario 64 and you know it!


first game I ever played only game till I explode or something
Best Strategy game of all time the game of my childhood played it more then 10 years
This is the best. There is no disagreements

59Counter Strike
What counter strike the highest played game online on 29
Come on guys keep voting make cs reach at least on the top 10 where its place should rightfuly be
On of the most popular video games of all time but to the current date it is now gone down in quality compared to game they have out so I understand why this is not in the top ten
Counter Strike is the Best Action-first person game in the world. ESWC still has this game in his tournament. It should be in first place or at least in top 10


[Newest]Counter strike global offensive is awesome

This is, in short, my favorite video game of all time. I know the phrase gets thrown around a lot, but Half-Life was one of the first computer games I played and it's still my favorite. It's not perfect by any means, but it put Valve on the map and was a milestone for first person shooters. This game was way ahead of its time, and spawned many mods that became full-fledged franchises, such as Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike.

I simply don't understand why Half-Life 2 is so much higher on the list than the original game. They're both incredible, and deserve the same amount of respect. Valve knew what they were doing when they entered the video game industry, and their Half-Life series remains one of the most well-crafted franchises on the market.
The mods ALONE for this game make it #1 for me. Counter Strike? Team Fortress Classic? Day of Defeat? Natural Selection? Firearms? Digital Paintball? Just some of the awesome mods made possibly BY THIS GAME.

I remember playing it when it had just came out, the interactive cut scenes were so novel and creative for the time - the train ride in the beginning and the AI behavior of the human enemies and everything else. It was immersive and the headcrabs were actually a bit scary

I would rate Half-Life as the Best Video Game Ever.
Compared to our time, terrible graphics; but in my eyes graphics don't complete the game, I feel that this gave valve a head start into a company that produces many games to come.

61Super Smash Brothers - Nintendo Wii U
Better then Brawl, no flaws except lack of adventure mode and smash tour is pretty bad. (In my opinion)
After almost 30 years, this game lets us do what we have always wanted to do: Give the Duck Hunt Dog a long deserved falcon punch.
This is the best game ever

Amazing graphics
Smash tour
Special orders
8 player smash
Online mode


62Call of Duty
This game sucks! It's also overrated.
The first shooting game I ever played was Call of Duty the big red one

63Halo 2
Halo 2 and I have a deep history, I mean I've played the game for years and years now and I just had to give it a vote. Overall it's my favorite game; great story, great gameplay, great characters and most of all; great game.


Halo 2 is the best game ever the last level and the epic fight with Tartarus is amazing. Halo 1 isn't far behind and halo 3 isn't far behind halo 1 but this is the best game ever and halo is the best series ever
I kinda like Halo 2 better than Halo 3

64BioShock Infinite
This game was incredible!
The combat was fun, it was fast paced and action packed, the graphics were phenomenal, but most importantly... The story was unbelievable! Best ending ever
I don't think people understand how good this game is, it has an amazing storyline, the best and most com twist ever, It also has great action and possibly is the best all round game ever?
My new favorite game of all time. Epic Story, especially the end is something, you wont find that often.
[Newest]Its amazing what is above this. I usually don't have a problem with other peoples opinion but this is just wrong

65Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
This, Ratchet & Clank 3, Battlefront 2, WWE Here Comes the Pain and Spyro The Dragon deserve to be way higher in my opinion
I highly suggest
2nd best platformer right behind Spyro


Epic game, Crash died out due to Activision. It deserves to come back, it is just as amazing as games like Grand Theft Auto V or The Last of Us.

Doom was brilliant for its time. The setting was brilliant.
What was scarier: being in a haunted house or an abandoned space station where the lights were flickering and constant creepy noises were behind you also who coul forget the BFG9000

67The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

68Halo: Combat Evolved
This was literally the best game of all time, and still is. The Graphics, sound, plot, action and gameplay are all things which are completely outstanding both for its time period and for all time. This was my favorite game I ever played, and most people didn't even play it in this generation, which is sad. When there was no online multiplayer, no one knew how to do that except to link up an xbox through some online bs... This game is by far the best of all time, the best there ever will be, far superior than even its sequels.
Best game because it started the best franchise ever known to man. It doesn't get any better than halo
The Original. wont say this is the best game ever, but it was the first of its kind, and it knocked it outta the park. member playing online, with my Xbox hooked up to my computer, and playing lan games against other people online. Multiplayer before it even came out. thast what made the game great for me, the multiplayer.. as a single player, it's a mediocre, multiplayer, best in class for even 5 years to come, with is impressive in ANY area involving tech.
[Newest]This game is one of my first games I ever played and it is one of the most interesting and most exciting games I'll have played in my life. Setting, gameplay and story are so great that no other game is comparable with this awesome piece of gaming history.

69Donkey Kong 64
the most underrated game ever this game needs this sit down and play it
This game is 30 spots to low the game is amazing action adventure SO MUCH FUN!
Its the greatest game ever people over look it with other games its AMAZING

70Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Best in the series

71Sonic Generations
YAY! Papa Sonic and Baby Sonic! (Sorry if it's lame. I couldn't think of anything else. )
YAY! Baby Sonic and Papa Sonic!

Portal is an amazing game that doesn't get nearly enough credit. It may be short, but it's funny, creepy, and has the best villain ever: GLaDOS.


A new and original idea that had fans lusting over it the minute it was released.
This game has great puzzles, but the true bueaty in Portal is the story. The song at the end of the game states that Aperture Science does what it must, because it can. This relates to real life in many ways, and the end is sad and great. In my opinion this game is perfect and nothing will ever beat it.


[Newest]Why is portal number 73! Why is there so many Call of Duty above this! Why is portal 2 number 24 and this only is 73!

73Fallout: New Vegas
Providing hours of fun, and having a significant replay value, it is well worth the money for any gamer.
This game is amazing, I have put so many hours in it. I originally thought fo3 was better, but after taking a good look at the two games this is truly the superior of the two.
Should be at least #10 best game ever

74Gears of War
Wow. Just wow. What puts this game aside from other scary shooters, like Dead Space for example, is you can seen what you're killing. It's never too dark. This game blew me away.

75Metal Gear Solid
Oh come on, how is this not in the top 10? Metal Gear Solid revolutionised the video game industry and quality of gaming in general. I consider it one of the best games on the PS1 and in the history of video gaming. It's quite insulting to find this under many overhyped games (I'm looking at you Call of Duty).
Snake Is A BadAss And So Is This Game

I wasn't born when this game was made in fact quite a while later but this is by far the best game ever. Just look at the simplicity of this game its almost as if its the chess of the video game generation. I could see myself playing this game for years to come.
When I can still play a game at an arcade or at home or on my phone several decades after it was first released, that equals best game ever. Most of the games ranked above this one will come and go, but 30 years from now kids will still be playing Pac-Man.
First game with a named character. Also first game with a boss. (level 256: the split-screen level. )
[Newest]There is no possible way to dislike this game

77The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
While there are many detractors regarding Oblivion, in my opinion, no other action RPG offers as much replay value. The sheer variety of character builds and styles is the trump card for Oblivion. Skyrim has the graphics but very few styles that you can play. Morrowind also has a great variety of character styles, but there's just something about Oblivion that keeps drawing you back. While I prefer the ambiance of Morrowind and the graphics of Skyrim, Oblivion is the best overall.
The freedom to be who you want to be in a fantasy world - will you save people or slay people? Go treasure hunting in a dungeon or steal from the closest house? In the Elder Scrolls, it's up to you.
A pretty good game. Might have some creepy and scary stuff so if your afraid of everything don't play this game. But actually you can play it if you like. You can find monsters and destroy them. It's KIND of like Minecraft except it's not made out of blocks and doesn't have the creeper.
[Newest]Best elder scrolls game!


78Super Metroid
This is the greatest game I've ever played, I can't come up with a single problem with it. It's a massive non-linear world that's you're totally free to explore, with amazing level and map design so that way you never feel lost and a great sense of directon, but it never holds your hand and lets you do what you wish as you explore the massive world.

Amazing animation and graphics that still hold up great today. It comes complete with a great soundtrack, epic and memorible bosses, tons of collectables, awesome powerups that change how you play, the greatest intro to a video game ever, an extremely unique and memorable story which was extremely rare for the time, delivered in a way that never breaks, but helps, immersion.

I wish that it was higher on the list but it's not as popular as the other games, even if it's so much better.
Keep note to self, that Super Metroid is currently IGN's top 2 favorite video game.

Story: 8/10.
Graphics: 10/10.
Music: 8/10.
Sound: 10/10.
Voice acting: 10/10.
Gameplay: 5/10.
Difficulty: 10/10.
Creativity: 9/10.
Nostalgia level: 9/10.
Humor level: 5/10 (this game is not a comedy game, but it does crack me up for strange reasons)
Controls: 9/10.
Animation: 10/10.

Overall, this game gets a 9/10 rating.

The top 1 greatest game in the world is Super Mario 64 (minus its DS remake).
Super Metroid at 77? NO WAY. This game's got to be at least in the top 10.
[Newest]Why didn't Mario make a cameo in this game?

79Fable II
Fable 1&2 are definitely part of a legendary game list for me.

80Far Cry 3
This is an amazing game single payer makes it my top 3 game but with coop and multiplayer makes it just under fallout 3 witch is the game with the most meaning and best story but I only have played like 10% of far cry 3 so I don't know if it is even better than I thought
I don't play it a lot anymore but I still love it.
Amazing game, should really be higher

81God of War
The Gods of Olymus may have abandones Kratos, but not this game!


38?! Is it possible that the game with the best graphics of all time is top 38? Impossible! Kratos, your revenge ends! Kill all the people who didn't voted for you!
The most baddas game ever very good plot awesome combat and great character make this game and franchise best ever
[Newest]I think it should be God of War, not God of War, though it's a good game

82Luigi's Mansion
It was a launch title for the gamecube and sported some of the best graphics and gameplay that the console has ever seen. Its not much for length and the story is kind of weak but the charm and the secrets will keep you coming back for more after the credits roll, at least that is what it did to me.


Luigi's Mansion is bad.
Fun! But it can startle me some times.

83Mass Effect
It is immensely difficult to find a flaw in this game.
This list is awful mass effect number 1!

84Jak II
The, without a doubt, best video game of all time. The story is INCREDIBLE, the enemies are well thought out, the script is actually funny, the free roam to do your own thing is just so fun(crimson guards, hijacking vehicles, randomly assaulting people in the street- assassin's creed style, but better, and more stuff to do. Eat THAT, Ubisoft! )and overall just an epic experience. The way Jak suddenly turns into an angry menace from a silent hero is a little strange, but that's the only, MINUSCULE blip. The ideas, such as dark Jak, the weapons(peacemaker for the win, baby! ) and daxter missions are unique. COMPLETELY outshines R&C, the levels are epic (if you've played this, you'll remember the tank level. GOD, that was fun! Hard, but the greatest level on a game ever made. ) and overall, no other game can touch Jak and Daxter for story, action, free roam and excitement.

By the way all of them are good, Jak 3 and the precursor legacy are still 10/10 games, but Jak and Daxter is the greatest. Also, my other fave games are Modnation racers, InFamous, Mass Effect, FIFA 12 and Sports Champions
Amazing but SO hard

85The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
It's a beautiful, sprawling, and open-ended game that lets you play pretty much however you like as long as you're willing to fill in a few blanks using your imagination. One of the best RPG games ever.

As the years passed, the importance of these kind games are getting forgotten. I always get upset about this fact.


What the hell is this game doing at #90?!? The best experience I, and countless others, have ever had was with this game. It's unique and engaging world, with amazing dungeons and characters to meet with plenty of enemies, quest, and place to find and explore, and its amazing storyline.

I wearno nostalgia glasses, and I am talking Morrowind Vanilla. This game is beat, even today. Kids of this generation might never understand...
How is Morrowind below so many Call of Duty games? Are you kidding me?
[Newest]Morrowind is much better than most of the games up there! It should be at least #10!

86Tales of Symphonia
I have played many RPG games but this one takes the cake due to its amazing combat system. The combat isn't turn base like final fantasy or like that its real time and it is fast paced, fun and epic. The characters and the story make it so much better. You play as Lloyd, a guy who is kicked out of his hometown to accompany the chosen one to save the world. You will be engrossed in this for 60-80 hours but it is time well spent. I could play this 10 years later if I wanted
81?! Are you kidding me?! This game is so Underrated! This should be #1, no joke.
Best game ever! I just love it so much, the characters, the music, the story, everything is amazing, some scenes even made me cry.

ToS for the win!

87Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Lets face it, Sega's awesome and this game actually became the BESTSELLING SEGA game of all time, since then, Sonic games have gone downhill with all these new characters


A first video game for many gamers, myself included.
This Is A Good Game Besisdes Whats With All The Freakin Tomb Raider


[Newest]Best Sonic game. Was completely revolutionary for its time.

88Mass Effect 3
Choose your colour lights for ending.

Shouldn't even be in the top 100.

89Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
I's not fair! Super Paper Mario is much better than this bull installment!
Once you play this game, you'll be thanking me for adding it. It is my favorite game. Yes, beating Ocarina, it's just that good.

90Super Mario Sunshine
Why didn't Princess Daisy replace Princess Peach's role?! WHY?! Is this most likely because of no Luigi in it?
Very fun and entertaining to play when bored.

91Grand Theft Auto Vice City
This is the best game in the whole entire WORLD! No doubt about it!

*Goes Back to playing Grand theft auto and running away from polices. *
How in the world can you people vote for San Andreas and not even have Vice City on the list?
It is the best game I have ever played.It deserves a place in the top 10
[Newest]No respect for classics in this world

92Mario Kart Wii
This is my best game ever. I don't know why this game got (worst Mario kart) on some websites well, I think this is the best. Every thing is great about this game is great.
Super Mario 64 is the best video game ever besides all other N64 Mario games.
It has frustratingly hard controls
This game is way off the charts above the roof


93Mafia II
Probably the best storyline of gaming ever made because is realistic and a dark buzz gaming

94Mario Kart 7
This game is fun because of new characters and you can use a glider!
Pauline was supposed to replace Princess Peach.
Mario Karts to the start!

95Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
As a major fan-boy of the Metal Gear Series, I was disappointed to see this title so low on the list. I understand why people put Metal Gear higher up, but starting an amazing series doesn't make it the best in the series. As an American, I got shafted on the Metal Gear game, so I can't honestly vote for that with a clear conscious.. But this game is a masterpiece. The visuals are amazing, the game play mechanics are smooth, and the story wraps everything so nicely. It's always going to be one of me favorite games of all time.


Please you can't trust the internet all the time. I stuck with thinking if this is better than halo 3 or not just say what you think, I'll count the votes and whoever has more will win. yell out your own opinion
This game is AWESOME, but my CD is broken and when the 2nd ending starts, there is like a CD icon on the top left of the T.V. , if anyone knows how to fix this, please reply to this comment

96Call of Duty: World at War
Most definitely the best video game I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It has great graphics for its time, a fantastic multiplayer experience, a very engaging and emotional campaign story, a great campaign co-op mode and, to top it all off, it brought in the revolutionary 'Nazi Zombies' game mode. I am serious when I say that most of the time when I buy Call of Duty games it is on the sole basis that they contain zombie mode (which is why I prefer the Treyarch games to Infinity Wards installments)
Great game, amazing graphics, best call of duty campaign, best coop, great multiplayer, ZOMBIES, and the wonder wafer. This game has it all folks.
Love this zombies I liked zombies and mulitiplayer also co op campaign but solo campaign was okay

97Deus Ex
Deus Ex is a hard game to get into in the Modern Age, no doubt. But if you push past the Older aspects, you'll be absorbed into a world where your decisions really matter and not from some button prompt, from actual gameplay. If you do play it though, don't play it as an FPS. It is more of an RPG and if you run in shooting, you'll end up dying straight away.
a fine classic, but very underrated.

the last grand work of ion storm.

really addictive and active gameplay.

what should a geek wants more?

The physics and graphics of this game is rly complete and perfect. Everything is interactive, everything is permitted, everything is yours. This game is truly stunning. Highly recommended.
What the hell is wrong with you people... Crysis... No. 83... That's it... This is list is complete crap...


99Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag


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