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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Legend of zelda ocarina of time time is the best video game of all time it had an incredible awesome story the temples were all very very very fun my list of favorite temples go water forest fire spirit shadow time there was nothing bad about the game it was perfect unlike mario games the reason I don't like mario games is because besides paper mario the story is always save peach from bowser again and again and AGAIN IT GETS so BORING the game is different each time but the story never changes I don't count mario party and sports games and those I gave up on mario ever since I played legend of zelda cause the story is a million times better it has a different story every single game when marios story is ALWAYS SAVE PEACH FROM BOWSER MARIO SUCKS AND SO DOSE HIS GAMES THERE TO EASY AND NO STORY WHAT SO EVER mario sucks. Legend of zelda is the best game ever cause unlike mario its story changes every time and its harder then mario there are puzzles to figure out you have to use your brain to figure out what to do mario games don't have any puzzles besides paper mario witch sucked. The best zelda game is ocarina of time then twilight princess then majoras mask then skyward sword then wind waker and they all had a different story every time that's one thing that makes them the best games ever and because there so fun without it holding your hand the whole way one thing I really love about zelda are the characters I love the sages skull kid ganondorf link midna zelda the sgaes the giants in majoras mask and the gorons and zoras gerudos yeto and yeta tatl and tael mikau and darmani and everyone else and my favorite temple of all is the water temple from ocarina of time. LEGEND OF ZELDA RULES.
Even though I'm only 12, I can still say that this game is indeed, the best video game ever! The game is very long, so you like never get bored of it. Plus, it's got many cleverly thought out puzzles that are fun to solve, ^^ lastly, the atmosphere is amazing! Very, very well made game!
This game is amazing. It requires you to think and is not afraid to not hold your hand and throw you into a game with no help. It is an accomplishment to beat this game. It is timeless and so uniquely difficult (yet rewarding) that to not have this rated as the best video game ever would be a lie. I love how it makes you think for yourself and figure things out because many games today do not do that. Most games walk you through step by step and fool you into thinking that you accomplished anything challenging. Dumb people like dumb games like that, but I believe that the challenge of this game scares a lot of dumb people away. Dumb people who couldn't really even apriciate this game for what it is in the first place. Have you ever played Call of Duty after playing Zelda? It makes you feel like an idiot. Seeing the easiness and mindlessness in such a widely popular game after playing a game so challenging is enlightening. Games like Call of Duty or Halo walk you through step by step, blowing stuff up because you can, and do not challenge you in the least. And then after arbitrarily blowing stuff up for a few hours, you best the game and that's it. How is that satisfying? You just sat there and wandered through a game, that's it. There is no sense in accomplishment in that. The dumbest person I know (who is pretty dumb) could beat any Call of Duty game easily. But they would never be able to finish Zelda or appreciate its magnificence. But when you beat Zelda you feel a sense of accomplishment like no other, especially if you live gaming. You work hard and think harder until finally you outsmarted the obstacles and then you beat the game. After that, you feel like a smarter person, not like a person who feels proud of themselves for beating Call of Duty. If anyone reads this, please buy this game. It will make you a better problem solver, more resourceful, more independent, and overall just smarter. And you won't be a dumb gamer anymore. :-)
[Newest]Best game ever, played this game many times over the last 15 years. And every time I play it I always feel like I'm entering a new world. The entire Legend of Zelda Series is the best there is.

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2Super Smash Bros. Brawl
One of the only games left in the world (excluding Mario Kart) where you can go around to your mates for some good, fun gaming.
One of the better looking games on the Wii, the single player is decent and the replayability is near endless...
But it's the multiplayer that gives it my vote. =D
People please vote this game higher to show that Nintendo still has the ability to contend with the likes of Halo and Call of Duty! ;D
Best... Game... Ever... There is no way anything can possibly change my opinion of this game. That is, until they come out with the next Smash Bros. Game.
SSBB is my stress reliever and my life. The multiplayer's awesome, and the Subspace Emissary lasts for an impressive 9 hours.
[Newest]This is a game that I actually have. And I love it. The graphics are great for the Wii, the controls are nice, and the gameplay is very fun! Worth the try.
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3The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Laugh out loud its not even out yet but I know that this game will obliterate any other video game so that's why I'm casting my vote now because this game will be the best and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be amazing. No matter what anyone says.


This game is too epic to even be released to the general game public. Though it will be released (on an EPIC date: 11-11-11) soon, we already know that it is the best game ever made, and will be untill another new Elder Scrolls game will come out.
I LOVE SKYRIM! I am a total addict and I will play it for hours! I love it because there is never nothing to do and I love how sometimes I will go around a corner and get scared by something trying to kill me! Love Skyrim- no question that this is definitely the best game ever!
[Newest]This is absolutely my least favorite game. It was very buggy and I would rather play oblivion or the Minecraft version of skyrim than this
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4Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Best game of all time with best features and even though mediocre graphics still enough for everyones liking.
You'd have to be mad not to love this game, in San Best Grand Theft Auto and in my opinion, best game of all time.
Get it. Eight years late? Mate this game will last a century.
This is THE game. I can assure you that hundreds of thousands players still play this awesome game. You can virtually do anything. The missions are fun. There is multiplayer available for download( THIS IS THE BEST GAME.
[Newest]Grand Theft Auto 5 is way better. Anyone who disagrees is only a nostalgia blindsided loser.
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Minecraft, the best game ever. On Minecraft you can do basically what ever you want. You can make a house, you can make a building. You can mine for the greatest Jewels and craft it with anything. Craft a pic axe to go mining. Craft a sword to fight off the monsters of the night. You can discover an abandon mine, Find lava or water. Craft an axe to chop up wood and make a house. Make what ever your imagination takes you. Craft a shovel to dig, Craft a hoe to make a farm. Collect resources to live. Mine redstone to make a machine, make a door bell or even a light bulb. Make a portal to another world. Discover new thing in the another world (the nether) or even in the real world. Kill monsters to brew new potions to heal or die. Make an enchanting table to enchant your tools to mine faster, dig faster, chop faster or make your sword more damage. Make armor to protect you, also enchant it for greater protection. Make anything with the best Jewels you mine. Have a pet animal including dogs and cats. Make a barn to get more resources. Find the secret portal to another world! 3 worlds, the normal world, the nether and the final world to beat the game, the end. In the end you have to make a strategy to kill the ender dragon. After you killed the dragon, you won the game. To win the game again, make the wither and kill it. After you done that, you can do whatever you want on your world. You can go on creative to fly and do what ever your imagination takes you. Make a server to go on your friends world, make a roller coaster or fight each other. If you die, it doesn't matter! You can respawn! You can blow up T.N. T and you can make a chest to put supplies in it. You can make a statue of what you want. You can eat food. On Minecraft, you can do whatever you want. Download it and Have fun!
And if you want to do something that is not already in the game, get a mod! They are AMAZING!


Minecraft inspires creativity. Minecraft has EVERYTHING. It has rpg elements, it has fighting, it has the undead, it has building, it has farming, it has exploration, it has survival, it has horror, and most importantly, it has an amazing online multiplayer mode. One thing I personally love about it is the retro graphics. This game is easy to get, and it's easy to pick up and play. This game is simply perfect.
Some people hate it because of the graphics, but they don't realize the creators intended for it to be blocky. It gives Minecraft it's own style, and it's very easy to build with.
A beautiful world where you can do anything you want. Build a tower where you can stay the night. Kill some sheep to make a bed, in the morning go mining. Mine for iron and craft incredible armor then the next night go kill some monsters. Next morning you go mining and you find a diamond. Craft a diamond pick and enchant it from an abandoned dungeon. Mine for obsidian and go to the nether. Then you go from there. That's just Minecraft Survival. You can go on AMAZING servers with your friends and make beautiful machines that inspire you to be creative. Play hunger games and win, patting yourself on the back as fireworks rise in the air. Play fun minigames where you can be on a floating island and try to be the last one standing in the air. Or have a shovel and be on a floating cake where you mist choose who will fall. Make your own server and play with friends. Play on maps and try to survive through huge areas like Herobrine's Mansion or The Pumpkin King. There is no telling what will happen or where you want to go. Minecraft is a stunning game. Stunning.


[Newest]Dude I like Minecraft but top 5 is too much
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6Super Mario 64
Who the hell thinks tomb raider deserves such a high place on this list. Mario kicks tomb raider's ass.


This game is a classic! No one can forget this game. The stars, the levels, the Bowser bosses. This game is awesome! This is my favorite game and it always will be!
Why on earth is this game not higher on the list? Its way better than call of duty 4
[Newest]I would say best Mario game ever (if there was a way to find waluigi)

7Halo 3
People always ask the question "what makes Halo so great? " I asked myself the same question for the longest time. It isn't the multiplayer, the gameplay, the campaign, or anything else that makes halo so great as how perfectly it combines all those things together. Halo's campaign; the gameplay and storyline blew my mind. It's a game that will give you goosebumps throughout it, but will chill you to the bone with it's unforgettable ending (includes after-credits). You sit there in awe and you can't say anything. I couldn't find the worss to describe that feeling. It arguably has one of the greatest gaming storylines in history, and in my opinion, the best storyline in a game series. Halo 3 is also known for having one of the best FPS online multiplayer's to date. With all around outstanding game modes and maps that keep you searching for more. What makes halo 3's multiplayer so great is the fact that everybody, even starters have an even chance of being the best in the match. Every starts with the same weapons, gear, and advantages as everyone else. All you have to do is find the right weapons and equipment to raise your advantage in the match. Exploring the maps is also a highlight of the game. Whether you're playing on Live or in a system party, you will enjoy the custom games of Halo 3. Halo 3 also introduced Forge mode, which was at the time the freshest thing out there. It allowed you to change from a spartan/elite soldier to a floating robot so you can customize an entire map the way you want it. You can share your creations online with the file share option, and people can tag and download, or even recommend your custom maps. This file shares works for screenshots and custom game modes as well. The ingenuity and creativity people used in their creations fascinated me. I remember playing a map where someone sculpted the Millennium Falcon (from star wars) out of scrap walls. Forge took some time getting used to, but there were no glitches, or flaws of that sort anywhere in the gameplay. If you don't have live, forge mode definitely fills that gap for offline players. The Halo 3 theatre mode allowed players to record there gameplay, edit it, and take snapshots, to share with other players using file share. It was easy to use, and was copied by many gaming industries, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: the only difference was halo 3 let you use more storage freely.

Halo is the most unique game I've played yet, and halo 3 is and probably will always be the best in the series. Halo 3 may not be the best game in the world (and I can agree), but it's definitely one of the best. It has earned 6th place on this leader board. This is the only game I've played with overall seemingly flawless and mindblowing gameplay. There is always something I don't like about other games, usually with the multiplayer, or the campaign, but Halo 3 never game me a reason to do so.

NOTE: The campaign of Halo 3 is the best part about it, and if that's what you like, I'd recommend playing the Halo 1 and Halo 2 campaigns first.
I have more great memories playing this game, with and without friends, single player or multiplayer, than any other game I've ever played. The only con I can think of was that fact that the story was a bit... Rushed, but that's only because Microsoft forced Halo 2 out of the gates before the campaign was done, so they had to cram it all into 3. Amazing game overall.
Arguably the best game from the Halo Franchise and also quite possibly the greatest FPS of all time. The online for this game is still being played all around the world, and it is still selling a lot of units. On the first day of its release Halo 3 reached $170 million dollars in the United States alone, and sold 3.3 million copies in the first 12 days and it sold 5.2 million copies WorldWide in the first two weeks and was dubbed the Best-selling Video Game of 2007.
[Newest]Hey this is at #7 Hardcore Halo players understand 7's and Bungie
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8Final Fantasy VII
Greatest PS1 game, greatest RPG, and just too much awesomeness to put into words. Best game ever, but Ocarina of Time is excellent as well.


the first game that I actuly played seriously(i was only like 7 though). it was fun, exciting and lasted for many long hours of play. sure the graphics are bad, but the amazing gameplay makes up for it


While both Ocarina of Time and Tomb Raider (1) are exceptional, it has to be said that the depth, ingenuity and imagination that went into creating Final Fantasy VII puts it leagues beyond its' opposition.
[Newest]Haha no it's pretty good but I like Final Fantasy 8 better. Final Fantasy 14 sucks. 13 and before are way way better.

9Red Dead Redemption
By far the most fun I've had in a video game. Other than MW2 and Skyrim Nothing comes close.
It won Game of the Year but it is still underrated. The story is absolutely amazing and actually covers a lot of life morals like racism, family, freedom, etc. Multiplayer never gets old too. Still an active game years after its release.


11? Hell this should be in the top 5 at least. This game has a amazing story with characters that will stick to you till the end. The environment is beautiful and has so many things to do. Look I can go on forever about how great this game is and how no other game can touch its amazing story.
[Newest]It just is the best

10Half Life 2
Why is tomb raider in first place?
It only has a girl with huge boobs
you already paid 'half life' when you play Half-Life..


Absolute awesome gameplay, it is a must play game and very historical for all the futerer ego shooter games!
[Newest]Gordon Freeman won't, even if he can, say that Half Life 2 is the best game ever, because it's a truth that everybody knows about.
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The Contenders

11Super Mario Bros.
This is worth of number one. It was the game that ended a video game crash and recreated the whole concept of video games. It also is the second best selling all time video game. It basically started the platform genre and should be recognized for it's absolute brilliance.


I don't care how advanced video games get, this one started it all. This game saved Nintendo from near bankruptcy and kicked off one of the greatest series of all time.
This list has way too many modern games. This was back when violence was unliked. There was no playstation whose black color resembles darkness and xbox whose green resembles vomit or slime. Just Nintendo, who was just straightforward games. But bottomline why is some piece of crud I've never heard of called Vampire something or other above this? And please tell me the guy who put Metal Gear, a game which is literally nothing but walking, dying, repeat above this. This was back when you couldn't save. You weren't simply just trying to finish the game over time, you had to finish it in one playtime. Much more awesome!
[Newest]I think this game should be above

12Mass Effect 2
There are some Great Games above me here, some of the Greatest I've ever played! Fallout 3, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Resident Evil 4, Half Life 2, Grand Theft Auto IV AND San Andreas AND MANY MORE... But these are more or less the ones I have more experience playing, and I'm not saying that anything above, mentioned or not, is crap or anything pertaining to such thoughts, but once you've played Mass Effect, YOU KNOW Gaming doesn't get any better.
BEST story, great graphics, great gameplay... What else do you need. For me this will always be the best game ever made.
The characters and the story is just perfect. Put the entire trilogy at number 1.
[Newest]I loved this game so much the ending is just so damn epic

13Grand Theft Auto V
This game is awesome everything about it! I don't know where to start so I won't! I love this game.
This game has the best gameplay, graphics storyline and everything else that makes a video game. It is truly the best game ever. If you don't like it then, no offense, there is something wrong with you. The huge range of missions, cars, guns, the seemingly endless open world gameplay puts this game at the top of every list, and it has been on the top of every list since its release in 2013. And this is coming from a 10 year old who plays his older brothers copy.
Why the heck isn't this #1 yet!? Grand Theft Auto V truly lived up to the hype, and deserves the title BEST GAME EVER MADE. I can say as a person who thought Grand Theft Auto games were as mainstream as Call of Duty and didn't play them that Grand Theft Auto V is truly a game unlike any other, and is and will be the best game for a very long time
[Newest]This is one of my favorite games

14Grand Theft Auto IV
Awesome Game. I just love the Grand theft Auto series.
All other games were Awesome, And Grand Theft Auto IV was the awesomest.
But that main drawback was that It need a whole lot of hardware to run. I can't play that on my PC. In my opinion, Grand Theft Auto V is gonna be awesome and I HOPE I will require much less hardware.. Rockstar for the win
Playing Grand Theft Auto 4 feels like if we are watching a day of the foreign country. Video game city has never been that alive before
Grand Theft Auto series is just awesome. I was shocked to see it rated in the bottom of the list of top 100 games. Loved to see it in the top 10 here at leas t
[Newest]This is A game created for the sole purpose of entertaining ignorant, tasteless, immature, violence craving teenage boys with in game prostitution, committing murder, blowing up buildings and being the absolute worst person you can possibly be. I cannot comprehend why this was so highly rated. There is nothing special about it and almost everything wrong with it (accept for the graphics).

15The Last of Us
Amazing graphics, awesome music, fun gameplay, really nice combat, and a whole lot more. Oh, and a beautiful story that changed my perspective and the way I think about things, and basically changed my life and who I am, no exaggeration.
A while back my brother beat the game and said, you have GOT to play the game. Since I had no intention to, he showed me the ending. Then, I went and watched a two hour movie of all the cutscenes and was amazed. I wanted to play the game so bad then, but worried that it would be boring since I knew everything that happened. I was proved wrong, the gameplay was just awesome and made the story even more effective. The game should've been so much longer. It is literally my definition of game perfection. This game was art.
I'm surprised this game isn't higher on the list, the graphics are superb, the storyline is amazing and The characters are incredibly deep and believable. Should be on the top 5 at least.
This Game gets everything perfect.
[Newest]... The Last of Us... Once you've played the game you will under stand. Endure and Survive!

16The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Theories. Theories everywhere.

I love this game, Not my favorite game, but my favorite Zelda game. It has a hauntingly disturbing but glorious story, the characters feel much more easy to engage with, it brings everything we loved from Ocarina of time, and pampers that. Also, it's home to some of the best music I've heard in a video game. You have the well crafted Clock town theme, The frightening Final hour theme, and so many more. Somebody, elect this game for president and Oscar's award. Okay maybe not the first one... The game sets itself to dark, but also really enjoyable. As I said, it's not my favorite game, but definitely up there.

Best game of all time, not to mention the best atmosphere in any video game. It has a mysterious vibe and shows nintendo is willing to show for a more mature audience.
Best Zelda game. Best Adventure game. Best GAME. This game may have used the same gameplay mechanic and graphics as Ocarina of Time, but it took it to a whole mother level. Ocarina of time was amazing, but this game is an absolute masterpiece of work. Also, this game had the best story of any Zelda game. If you've never played this game, then go play it NOW! If you've played it but don't enjoy it, well then that just sucks for you. Rating: 10/10
[Newest]Majora's Mask does everything right in my eyes. It's a perfect Zelda adventure with very fun dungeons, cool masks and mask transformations and some pretty deep characters. May I go on?

17Super Smash Bros. Melee
By far the most ingeniously developed multiplayer fighting game. With a blend of characters all across the Nintendo universe, and a nigh flawless fighting system, this game belongs on just about any top ten list.
This game is my childhood. I remember when I finally beat the last event match I was stocked out of my mind. This game is the best in the series and is one of the best multiplayers of all time. Nothing can compare to the sheer beauty of beating the other players off the screen. It is safe to say friendships have been lost over this game :D.
Best game ever. Invested TONS of hours in this game. All but laughs at the end of every session. There are some games that hold good memories, but Melee is the one that sticks out.
[Newest]I really like this game on GameCube and I enjoyed beating it

18Kingdom Hearts II
One of the greatest and most complicated story lines ever made. A story of a boy who undergoes many hardships just to keep his world and his friends safe. Sora has a big heart and will do anything just for his friends even if it means giving up his own life. He confuses friendship and love with Kairi and is very dedicated to find his friend Riku. When he eventually does, he breaks down into tears. Truly and heart touching story. The perfect crossover video game one could play. A great role playing game suitable for all ages. This game should be ranked much higher.
Definitely one of the games ever it has one of the best storylines I've ever seen it combines the disney and final fantasy characters so well and they also blend their own characters to.
Highly underrated video game with a highly underrated plot, I love the way the Square Enix melded Final Fantasy, Disney and original characters effortlessly, what I like about this one more than the original, is the fact the first was mostly Sora's quest to find Kairi, but the second shows both sides of that continued saga, and it's a truly beautiful story, with beautiful animation, the game I have enjoyed most ever.
[Newest]Should be number 1

19Batman: Arkham City
Its the best game ever I have pass the story like 20 times because I am a huge batman fan also who don't want to be in arkham city kicking asses end being untouchable because of martial arts
What? What? What? What? What? What? What? Why isn't this number 5?
Its the best action/adventure game of all time and always will be! I almost cried at the end!
[Newest]The story was the one I connected to the most, adding random friends in real life into the game.

20Portal 2
This game is fantastic. Although I agree that orcarina deserves its place, this should be much higher. Valve once again made a masterpiece. The voice acting is amazing, as it usually is in valve games. The graphics are also amazing, and there is a lot of small little details put in, like the vines growing from walls, cracks in the flooring, and even parts going down conveyer belts. The puzzles are also hard to solve, but not so hard that your gonna want to punch a hole through the screen. And the ending was fantastic, and quite a sad ending, with 2 amazing songs bringing closure (? ) to the series. And that last clip at the end nearly had me in tears, but laughing at the same time. The co-op mode is also fantastic, having to make you actually rely on your companion to get through the puzzles. The game also has an amazing fanbase, creating new levels every day. All in all, it is a fantastic game. I'd give it a 97%, and a spot at 3 on this list.


This sir, is a true masterpiece. This game has story, Easter eggs, humor, and even a scare factor! There are only 5 characters in this game and 3 of them do not even talk! This game has brought me SO MUCH LOVE! It has a beautiful story, amazing songs (even if there are only 4), and best of all, the best character in gaming EVER: GLaDOS!
How is this not higher in the list? It's an excellent game with unique elements and storyline! It's below left4dead2?!? And the glitchy as fallout 3 ( which IS good but the quality lets it down) well I hope other portal fans will read this far down the list and vote it up! It deserves more...
[Newest]This game should be so much higher than it is

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