Top 10 Worst Dictators In History


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Sheikh Hasina (Bangladesh)
2500 unarmed protesters killed in 45 minutes last night may 5th 2013 3am
Building collapsed killed many people and she refused to take help from foreign countries.
Rejected Lied to CNN that she allowed their journalist to cover the building collapse story where as she didn't allow actually. Many civilian are being killed by her supporters and police under direct order to fire upon the unarmed protesters who did a rally to show their feelings and point the fault of the present government.
Holding the power like her father. Doing same as He did. Banned the basic rights of expressing opinions. Even when civil society's spokesman who ever he/she is (Scholar, National Prof, Writer of Constitution) speaks against her autocracy she names them as Mad! Only because of her now thousands of people are dying. She started the chaos by amending the constitution. She just wants to grab and hold the ruler-ship. Only because of her our economy is now destroying. She and her followers now holding every top positions illegally. She already recruited her party men everywhere in the governmental offices. Election Commissions, Police Department, Army everywhere. And now doing mass killing by them. Everyday innocents are dying.

Why you amended the fully ok constitution and now showing the constitution you edited and telling everyone that you are following constitution! What do you think we people are mad? We don't need a ferocious ruler like you nor dull brained Khalida Zia. What we need a leader that can lead our country like true leader.

Now the last sentence I want to say is,
"Go to Hell Democratic Dictator Hasina"
Sheikh Hasina is the worst prime minister in the History of Bangladesh. She is a Judicial Killer. She is using judicial system of Bangladesh to prevent th e raise of his opposition. Freedom of choice. Freedom of voice, Freedom of vote is plundered in his hand. No one is secured in country now.
[Newest]How do I pronounce her name?
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2Adolf Hitler (Germany)
Hitler was a terrible man, no doubt about it. He managed to even turn the most peaceful people in the world into radical haters, just through his speeches. He based all his Hatred on one group of more are less innocent people for no apparent reason. And he destroyed Germany's reputation for a very long time. 70 years later and most still view us as Nazi's all thanks to him. Without a doubt the worst dictator in History.
I know what you mean people in Ireland still say never trust a German as they are a good for nothing Nazi 8(
His idea to end the hatred of Jews was to kill them! THAT'S NOT GOOD!
He killed millions of innocent people just because he didn't like them as a race. Everything he did was based on race.
[Newest]How isn't he number one
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3Joseph Stalin (USSR)
Lets see, he sacrificed 27 million of his people during world war 2, and 75 million people in total. Hitler only killed about 15 million people so whoever voted for Hitler doesn't know what they are talking about.
People will say that Hitler was most brutal because of the holocaust of Jews but anyone in the Soviet Union who showed devotion to any religion was brutally murdered and their families were often also additionally killed to show the seriousness of the regime
Joseph Stalin killed jews as well as Hitler.
Why is franco not on the list
[Newest]He is a but hole Hitler killed less people than him
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4Mao Zedong (China)
I'm a numbers guy. He killed more people than anyone else.
Mao Zedong has caused the most deaths of any dictator. If starving your country is good then Mao Zedong is the best leader there is.
I've heard up to 70 million deaths
[Newest]He killed more people than World War II, or Influenza, he was not a murderer, that is too kind of a word, he was a monster. (He also killed more people than Hitler and Stalin combined).
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5Kim Jong-il (North Korea)
Kim Jong Il is by far worse than Hitler would ever be. At least Hitler and Stalin had the decency to fee very small portions of food to prisoners or execute prisoners by a quick shooting or gas chamber. Kim Jong Il basically starved his people and if they were too weak to work, he would either torture them by drowning, dissection and if lucky, shot or in a gas chamber. The concentration camps are very hidden and only FORMER guards can tell the tale. When you arrive at the camp, there are deformities, amputees, newborn babies injected with a liquid that causes major swelling, babies buried alive or faced down to suffocate. Also the already weak people were dissected alive in underground labs. These are by far the most inhumane and painful ways anybody can torture someone since medieval times, I believe. He also spent millions and millions of money that South Korea gave to him to help aide others, he basically spent it all on military. Over 20 million people were kill and died a slow painful death. Now his son is in power.
He kills people for almost every crime possible he has families put in labour camps for life and keep children their and has entyre families killed in gas chambers with sciencetists taken notes prime minster David Cameron and president Obama should send in the troops and assassinate him and his son next inline for leader
[Newest]Crazy mad bastard. He constantly tortures and kills and starves his own people and 99% of his population lives in concentration camps or collectivized farms (which are actually not that different). And yet, his people worship him as a god. They believe he was born under a double rainbow as the birds sang in Korean, that he invented the hamburger, that he invented golf, invented football, saved Pyongyang from an evil capitalist Godzilla ripoff (as seen in the North Korea version of Godzilla) and planted the first human astronaut on the sun. I don't know who is crazier, Kim Jong il or his people.

6Bashar al-Assad (Syria)
When I see photos of this man with his family and I read about his educational upbringing, I am astonished. How could a man with so much privilege and opportunity also have a reputation of being one of the world's worst dictators - in HISTORY! I mean think about it... When I look back on my life I want to be rememebered for the good I have done. For my ability to bring the human race together as one... Or at least try. Leaders such as Lincoln, Roosevelt, even Queen Elizabeth I. These are the types of leaders I look upon fondly. And though each are fallible, I also believe they worked with a good heart. Do I believe we should ever have war - no. To be that act is as uncivilized and animalistic as two Rams banging heads along a Rocky Mountain cliff. However, I find it down right insulting to "God" - or whatever higher power exsists, to think "He" would approve of anyone kiling what "He" has created. And I write this with a very agnostic viewpoint. But, if there is a creator (and I'm leaning towards something must be there) I am pretty certain these horrible acts of violence was not in his general plan. And if anything, the egotistical evil behaviors can't be easy for him to look at with a fond eye. I'm pretty sure Bashar (including his family, friends and peers has a lot of explaining to do when it comes his time. What he forgets is - all of the people he has killed are waiting for him on the other side.
A very cold-hearted tyrant who allowed his own country to plunge into civil war, creating a multifaceted struggle between a multitude of different groups. His regime has killed tens of thousands to retain power, and in the most brutal means possible. The paramilitary groups loyal to Assad - known as the Shabiha - have deliberately targeted children as young as 2 years old to terrorize anyone who dares oppose his rule.

It is true that al-Qaeda has hijacked a good chunk of the revolution. But in condemning the Jihadist atrocities, we cannot also lose sight of the Assad regime's depravity.
He is responsible for the death of 30,000+ syrians so far! His troops have committed slaughters, rapes, mass burials, and many other extremely foul actions, and not just settling for the already terrible Death!
[Newest]Your kidding me.. this guy is just your run of the mill autocrat

7Vlad III the Impaler (Wallachia)
Does anyone have any freaking clue what he did? He killed anyone who dare did anything to slightly offend him. He had two men's hats nailed into their head because they didn't take them off in his palace. He killed people in the most painful ways possible. Mostly by impaling a stake through the bottom of their bodies all the way to their mouths. Then, he would "decorate" with them by placing them around his house and the city to scare away enimies. At the beginning of his power, he placed a gold cup in the middle of his land. Until his death, nobody ever stole it because they were so afraid of him. It was terrible. Read more if you want, just google him. There's quite a few great articles.
He killed more people than Hitler, and more painfully too. He would boil children and make their parents eat them
What these people are saying about this guy scares the living hell out of me! Holy God! Impaling people up to their mouths?!
[Newest]No he stopped an army from killing, enslaving, and torture them

8King Herod (Israel)
He is a killer. He killed all the baby boys that he could, just because he couldn't find 1 baby. He thought the baby was going to take his crown from him. That doesn't give him the right to kill.
He tried to kill Jesus. Enough said.
He didn't just kill/threaten babies. He tried to kill our savior. Technically, King Herod could've doomed us.


[Newest]Herod was a baby murder and had to be stop and like he said he tried to kill our savior

9Pol Pot (Cambodia)
Pol Pot, in my opinion, should be the top of the list. While Hitler and Stalin destroyed more lives, Pol Pot was just plain idiotic. At least Hitler and Stalin both contributed something important to their countries. Pol Pot, on the other hand, almost threw his own country, Cambodia, back to the stone ages.
It is too bad that I do not believe in Hell, as Pol Pot should absolutely be there for eternity. The American people still don't seem to realize the extent of the genocide this bastard committed against his own people, those of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma... Jane Fonda was an idiot; she should apologize to the people of southeast Asia, and particularly Vietnam.
He was a complete and utter bastard in my opinion, who killed people for the sake of bringing Cambodia back to the Stone Age, and who is currently awaiting trial!
[Newest]Pol Pot should be top of the list. Although less well known than Mao, Stalin, or Hitler, Pol Pot is, in my opinion, a more evil man than any of them. He murdered one fifth of his population just because they came from cities. He is certainly a mad man who deserves to burn in hell for eternity.

10Saddam Hussein (Iraq)
He exterminated his people, committed ethnic and sectarian genocide, he is first to use chemical WMD on his own Kurdish citizens, engaged his country in 3 destructive wars, invaded 2 neighboring countries and caused destruction of an entire country Kuwait, caused a n environmental disaster by actually drying up entire river tributaries, and caused his people to suffer from a long UN embargo that almost destroyed an entire generation of Iraqis
He was a man driven by his lust for war. Disregading the life of his people, Infact am sure he was willing to spare a million suel for a petty victory. I would know, am Iraqi
He murdered his own people in the most cruel way

The Contenders

11Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (Egypt)
He made a military coup in egypt removing the rightfully elected dr. Mohamed morsi and took over his place and is killing his opponents from protestors and asks the people for permissions to do his massacres from killing innocent unarmed people and also the medioa supports him greatly so far he killed 300 people all from the dr morsi supporters and injured 10000 and still counting may allah be with us
He just killed 3000 peaceful protestors he is simply the worst and should be in the top of the list
He is the worst man ever to rule egypt
[Newest]Hope he rots in hell

12Idi Amin Dada (Uganda)
he was responsible for 300,000 murders!

Big shame for East Africa nations hope he was the first and last dictator of all times
Oh, I've herd of this guy. In addition to committing a mass genocide in his home country of Uganda (that's in Africa. I say this because I know people who thought that London was the capital of France and I want to be safe), but he was also a cannibal and declared himself emperor of all the Ugandans on the grounds that he has single handedly defeated the tyrannical British empire. I honestly don't know why they let monsters like these come to power instead of throwing them into the loony bin.
[Newest]We loved amin and we still love him

13Kim Il-sung (North Korea)
Started the disaster that is North Korea. Now in it's third generation, only an internal coup, which is unlikely due to the terror and mistrust of those in key positions, or an external "takedown" will solve the problem. In my opinion, the civilized nations of the world owe it to the people of North Korea to remove the government and reunite it with the South, China's wishes be damned!
He started the Spanish Inquisition, enough said
The father of Kim jong I'll let me tell you some he was worse than his son he started Korean that killed millions starved more people than Kim jong il blamed the suffering of his country on the USA he made it hell for his ownpeople

14Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)
He is surrounded by his bootleekers who are ready to kill. Anyone who opposes him becomes an enemy of the state. He is indeed cruel, lies about the west, while he is the worst ever man God allowed to lead people. Dictator and killer, today he has no clue to where the nation should go. Please God help us on this one.
This kills white people purely because he doesn't like them and he has crippled his own country, absolutely vile pathetic excuse for a human being
He s 90 years old and has killed so many people icluding 20000 ndebele peopl as well as the wife of leader of the opposition party. Not only is he cruel he ist a bright spark either having ruined the economy completly since he came into power (at one point there was a 250000000 zw dollar note probablythe equivalent of us5). Zimbabbwe currenlty has no currency and the life expectancy which ued to be 64 is now down to 37.

15Hosni Mubarak (Egypt)
Yes he was evil
He should be listed among top 10 Dictator
He needed a V8 after his first year of presidency

16Caligula (Roman Empire)
He was a sick and cruel man because when he was a kid his whole family was killed by the empire of Rome ( his uncle) and then his uncle took him to an island where he had lost it. Then after his uncle got sick he asked the guard to let him kill the emperor and he said yes so Caligula choked him while during a conversation. Then he became emperor and everybody loved him so they gave him the whole world of Rome to rule as he wishes.
Among dictators there are those who believe the end justify the means, others lack any justification other than self gratification, then there are those who are simply insane and act without rhyme or reason. Caligula was of the latter category and Rome suffered immensely for it.
Where's Nero? He was worse than Caligula because he killed Peter and Paul. What a jerk.
[Newest]This guy is a idiot because he made his horse senator laugh out loud a horse senator so dumb

17Benito Mussolini (Italy)
Helped hitler tojo and killed a lot of us

18Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Bangladesh)
He was the greatest killer in Bangladesh after 1971(Freedom fight). He killed about 45000 people by his Protective Force. Then he established Absolutism.
Yes he was dictator
Totaly a culprit of nation, who was slave of other country.
[Newest]He and his sister are same

19Muammar al-Gaddafi (Libya)
Gaddaffi has been dictator for 42 years and in those years he killed his own people who were protesting peacefully
As a Libyan, Gaddafi Make all his worries in life to destroy Libya, no one will be able to build what Gaddafi distroied, you will never be able to imagine how evil he was...
Gaddafi... What can I say... His been on that chair for too long.. Its time for a change in Libya... For the sake of the people and the gentlemen himself...
[Newest]He should be in the top 10!

20Yahya Khan (Pakistan)
He played a bloody role in the Bangladesh war, back then East Pakistan, in 1971. As Pakistani commander-in-chief, in March 1971 he gave the Pakistan army green light to rampage through East Pakistan with impunity just because the Bangladeshis wanted to be free from the rule of West Pakistan which badly neglected East Pakistan as was seen in the clumsy handling of the aftermath situation of notorious 1970 cyclone Bhola. Yahya Khan infamously said: "Kill three million of them [Bangladeshis], and the rest will eat out of our hands."

Anyway, 9 months and about a million deaths later, Bangladesh got its freedom anyway in December 1971.

The 1970s was really a extraordinarily brutal decade back then. Same decade, Pol Pot ravaged Cambodia, Pinochet had an iron fist on Chile, the Red Terror in Ethiopia began, ongoing Vietnam war, East Timor was invaded, the civil war in Lebanon had its first days in the 1970s and so on.

21Ante Pavelic (Croatia)
Before you post something like this you got to possess some elementary knowledge of History. First of all, going to every Wikipedia will show you that this guy killed 700.000 people only in one concentration camp - 'Jasenovac' according to official Yugoslav statistics after the war. Second, his murders were not turned against 'Bosnians'. There is no nation as Bosnians. Bosnia is the territory populated by Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims. Ante Pavelic was a Croat who recruited both Croats and Muslims to exterminate the Serbs. So had his country lasted more, he wouldn't have turned against the Turks as you suggested (or against Japanese and Mexican) but completely exterminated the Serbian population which was his constitutional goal. Lets not forget to say that with the help of the US modern Croatian country has managed to complete the process of ethnic cleansing of the Serbs that Pavelic successfully started. And third and the last, over 90% of his victims were the Serbs. His motto was that bullet is for human. Since he didn't consider the Serbs human, non of his concentration camps had used the firing squad or the gas chamber. All the victims, over one million people, were killed by the inquisition methods - sledge hammers, knives, burned alive or tortured in all possible ways from the Spanish Inquisition menu. Even Hitler tried to stop his appetite for mass genocide murders. The genocide was mostly organized and conveyed by the Catholic priests and Vatican.
He was definitely one of the worst dictators from Balkan region, along with Draža Mihajlović and Josip Broz Tito, but claims that he murdered over 700 000 people are blown over any reasonable proportions mainly by Serbs after the war. The fact that he is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths is enough but that he killed so many is simply a lie. Newest data, that is concluded from different sources and by leading world historians, says that during his regime in concentration camp Jasenovac there were somewhere around 83 000 people murdered, which is horrible enough. Interesting fact about it is that he didn't killed only Serbs but anybody who didn't agree with his regime, including Croats, gypsies, members of his regime also, Jews and so on. The number of 700 000 killed Serbs was made up and used by Serbian extremes later, during Serb aggression on Croatia and Bosnia, to validate their aggression and genocide that they purported in those countries.
He was just horrible. This guy tried to murder so many people that the UN at one point concluded him to be more dangerous than Hitler. He killed so many Bosnians and Gypsies that he almost wiped out an entire CONTINENT.P. S if he had lived longer and had kept more authority, Turkey and the entire middle east would be completely gone now

22Genghis Khan (Mongolia)
Killed so many people he effected the carbon footprint of the planet. The Forests grew back.
Not a dictator in the proper sense of the word, but was responsible for the deaths of millions
I read he was responsible or the deaths of at least 50 million people, so about the same as hitler
[Newest]What kind of dictator doesn't know how to build a ladder?

23Omar Al-Bashir (Sudan)
2.5 million people dead. And counting.
Kill 2 million south Sudanese people and ravished Darfur.
This guy kills people for no reason and has guards that ravage communities to force kids to kill eachother. Plus, he has killed 10 million people.

24Vladimir Lenin (USSR)
Despite not killing as many as Hitler or Stalin Vladimir Lenin was a manipulative psychopath who even hated his own followers, denouncing them as "useful idiots" who followed him because they wanted to be free of tsarist Russia. It is amazing this man still has so many followers today
He was shown as hero in the social textbook of tenth class in India. Now I understood his worst ness. thanks
Anyone who didn't vote him here must be a communist

25Begum Khaleda Zia (Bangladesh)
Killing innocent people for power is not a good sign of being a good leader she is just on a killing spree
Failed in 8th grade.
Hey lets go shave our eyebrows and bleach our skin to look like her

26Nero (Roman Empire)
Nero was an evil man he would throw Christians in arenas with lions just for entertainment
Terrible, killing Christians is inhumane ways.
He turned chritians into candles and decorated dinner parties with them.
[Newest]Even though he killed Christians, he also let rome burn to the ground

27Ivan IV (Russia)
His first act of power was to throw a rebellious nobleman to his hunting dogs. Things only became worse from that point.

Ivan the Terrible was known for, amongst other "accomplishments, " tortuously murdering the inhabitants of the city of Novgorod on the basis of a rumor that they were planning to defect to Sweden. Men, women, and children were impaled, hacked to death with axes or boiled alive in gigantic pots. He personally partook in brutal tortures of suspected enemies, and beat his own son to death in a fit of rage. Possibly one of the worst people who has ever lived. Brutal, sadistic, and cruel, he richly deserves the name Ivan the Terrible.
Even though he wasn't really a dictator. He was a monarch. None the less, he was as bad as Stalin.


He was better known as Ivan the Terrible. After the Kremlin was built, he executed its builders so they couldn't make anything more impressive. I don't know which this is more of: stupid, or sadistic.

28Thaksin Shinawatra (Thailand)
He make himself look like to be democrat but indeed, has hired red shirts doing mafia politics such as, threaten, harm, bomb, kill people who opposite. Greedy for power and money. Can do any evil to gain them. Can be called satan. Or any bad words you like.
He is the background of Peuthai Party and He can control everything in his sister government without any proof from Thai people.
He is the cold-blooded killer who ordered killing of thousands of innocent peole without propper investigations and trials. He has been using his red-shirt army to countlessly carry out merciless violences to quell his opponents, being fully aware that such undertakings will cause injuries and deaths. Whenever he wants to maintain his political power, he can hurt and kill anybody even his RS followers. All of more than 200 MPs in his remotely-controlled party has no political ideas of their own whatsoever. They must wait for his oder to vote in whichever way he wants. It is right to say that those MPs do not have any vote at all, but Thaksin alone has more than 200 votes. This guy is used to amassing his wealth through corruption, with the use of his poitical dictatorship. So he is the worst dictator in Thailand's history and one of the worst dictators of the world. He certainly should make it to the top ten.
[Newest]He is the mafia leader. Anyone stands against him in public will be killed, or disappeared.

29Pervez Musharraf (Pakistan)
He disowned his dead soldiers and left their bodies behind during Kargil war!
A coward leader who did not fear of Allah but feared from Ameica and caused destruction to Afghanistan and Pakistan
He dragged Pakistan in war

30Francisco Franco (Spain)
You should correct the name: Francisco, not Fransisco. And it could be remarkable to point at the fact that he was one of the dictators who most seized the power: 40 years between 1936 and 1975. He represented the complete triumph of fascism, shamelessly welcomed by USA as a ally against the communism in Cold War era, and he destroyed forever the brilliant and liberal Spain that was abandoning its gloomy past. His awful and selfish inheritance, as the big defender of most reactionary layers of society, is present at today's Spain, with its corruption and poverty.
Totalitarian mass murderer and nitwit economist who overthrew a democratic government to install a catholic fundamentalst regime bent on historical revisionism.

31Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines)
He declared Martial Law which caused the demise of the whole Philippines. The government was a puppet, so was the staff and officials. For a lot of years, many Filipinos died because of him, shooting those who oppose him in front of the crowd and international media.
Because of him, it will take the Philippines till the mid 2020s to pay off the debt, he accumulated for the country from 1965 till 1986.
He kills all the people he didn't want to see anymore..

32Mengistu Haile Mariam (Ethiopia)
He was the worst dictator in east Africa. He killed his own president, his name is Hail Silas and took over his place. People started to suffer in east Africa because of him
He is so cruel he killed millions of women and kids
Why is he still alive? Why don't someone kill him already please, I'll give you all of my savings, buy far best purchase I've ever made, money well spent cleaning up garbage!
The guy consumed about one million human lives.

33Emperor Hirohito (Japan)
Tojo Hideki and others were blame scapegoats for this man.
Imperial Japan under Hirohito killed more civilians in WII than Germany, Italy and Spain combined.
He didn't have Hitler's structured genocidal agenda, but he beats him by headcount.
Japanese Emperors, regarded as the sacred family by the foolish conservatives (so-called UYOKUs or NETOUYOs, also believing that the Japanese are the superior and Koreans are harmful and should be genocided, which is quite similar to the thoughts of Nazis when we put "Germans" and "Jews" instead of "the Japanese" and "Koreans." LDP is a conservative party and some say that Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister today, even belives somewhat similar thoughts), has done lots of terrible things in the 1500 year-ruling of Japan. Hirohito (or Showa Emperor) was certainly the worst murderer in the family, but remember. The Japanese Imperial family has repeated committing incest for centuries, killed thousands of Japanese in the civil war occurred in the 19th century.
And still the family was kept alive. This is because the Japanese put too much authority on this crazy family, and politicians (including those of GHQ) have took the advantage of this weird authority instead of executing them. I say the Japanese Imperials are even WORSE than Hitler, STALIN, or any other dictators in the world.

34Than Shwe (Myanmar)
He is in a long line of burmese greed. I know this personally because my family was affected by him and the other generals. The government raises money just so the generals can live large while their people starve and die. He commited genocide against the tribes as he wanted one race in Burma.
He started to gain the despotic political power since 1991. He commits many different typologies of crime.
He killed many people and monks

35Enver Hoxha (Albania)
Should be on top 10 for sure! Killed all "enemies" and than killed all "friends" who fought with him, basically killed anyone perceived as "threat"! Most paranoiac dictators of all isolated Albania from rest of the world for almost 50 years in unprecedented way in human history! North Korea today would look like a Liberal Country compared with his regime!
Imprisoned thousands in forced labour camps and had them tortured and executed for crimes such as alleged treachery. He isolated his people from the world for almost fifty years.
He killed everyone who went to school with him, killed everyone who was caught practicing religion, and isolated Albania for like 46 years.

36Josip Broz Tito (Yugoslavia)
He should definitely be in top 10 considering the crimes he ordered and were committed under his 30 year long regime. He is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands civilians after the end of second world war, he is also responsible of all the crimes that his secret police, called UDBA, perpetrated in the former country and abroad, killing everybody who was not agreeing with communist regime.
Josip Broz Tito was one of the bloodiest dictators in history killing mainly Croatian people after WWII especially catholic priests and those who oppose communist regime. Anyone who raised their voice against him and communist party was killed or put in one of many labor prisons and most notorious one was "Goli Otok" (Naked Island). Following the end of WWII Tito immediately killed all his political opponents and secret police indiscriminately executed several hundreds Croatian patriots overseas. Rummel estimates 1,072,000 people were killed under Tito, and of those who got killed after WWII were 572,000.
For those who say 'life was good under Tito', well, life was good for Nazis under Hitler too, before the war.

37Gamal Abdel Nasser (Egypt)
One of the dictator of the world.

38Kim Jong-Un (North Korea)
Fool he is a fool
What does what does the fox say have to do with anything here. laugh out loud
Only in Korea, north or south.

39Jean Bokassa (Central African Republic)

40Napoleon (France)
This one is dependent on your opinion. Bonaparte helped his country out a ton, but to this day, some British still poke fun at France for being stupid enough to let Napoleon rise to power twice. He was certainly not bad for his own people, but his armies devastated the western coast of Europe, and cut a sizable portion from Italy before being reduced back to France in 1814.
Greatest emperors the world has ever seen, highly decorated personality, very great speaker
Greatest monarch in the history of France. There is no reason for him to be so high up the list for worst dictators.

41Prince Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)
He is the king of Saudi Arabia
Even Saudi Arabia is a rich country most of Saudi people are poor, few are millionaires

42Yoweri Museveni (Uganda)
This guy is sick, he has a sick mind, he kills poor people by taking their money and has already eradicated all the days, and he allows joseph kony and his men to brainwash and destroy the country of Uganda


Museveni is a master liar, manipulator, and mischievous. His regime cadres refer to those they murder as "biological substances".
Only his family tastes wine..
[Newest]Museveni is a good man

43Rafael Trujillo (Dominican Republic)
Trujillo was a horrible person. He killed just because people were against him. During that time people didn't know what he did, that was how the Movement of Fourteen of June came to be, a secret society that informed the people of the horrible things he did. Trujillo killed many Haitians because he believed they were contaminating the Dominican race. How horrible can a man be that his own people had to plan to killed him? Some of my family members were assassinated by him and also robbed of their land. Books and films like La Fiesta del Chivo and In The Time of The Butterflies and good narrations of what was happening at that time.
Trujillo was the bloodiest dictator of the Americas, even worse than Fidel Castro, although for some reason unknown to me he gets overlooked. He renamed mountains for himself and killed 20-30K ethnic Haitians in the Parsley Massacre.

Much of his legacy remains in literature in works such as "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, " "The Feast of the Goat, " and "In the Time of the Butterflies. "
My uncle was friends with him, they met because he killed a women by accident and met him because he was sent to Rafeal Trujillo.

44Hideki Tojo (Japan)
This man was the person who was the real dictator in Japan not Hirohito he was simply a puppet to Tojo he mass murdered almost as much people as Hitler did in even worse ways. He was hanged after the war and should've been in the top 15 on this list! He was completely evil

45Nicolae Ceaușescu (Romania)
Despite all the good things he did to make Romania unique in front of the world and improve relations with Werstern Europe, he's still responsible for the torturing of many people who opposed him, destroyed many villages and the respective way of life. And whats even worse is that he was completely oblivious to what the reign did wrong, all thanks to his wife Elena, who was an even bigger monster than him(and responsible for many opressions and torturing people from many social categories, propaganda and personality cult, those last 2 done along with her husband). Those two formed a double-headed tyranny. Plus they both got executed on Christmas which shocked the West.
Also he even tricked the world leaders into believing that Romania would make a better relation with the West rather than with URSS. In short he is a Machiavellic genius, strong and dignified but at the same time has a very strong lack of realism, living in a illusion, and later, paranoid. He even destroyed National Monuments and Buildings and Historical Churches for his plan of City Sistematization. And ffinally he is responsible for the death of over 20 million people at the revolution. His Biography is even more horrifyingly interesting, since as a kid he wanted to rule like this.


I think he is the only dictator in history who had the honor to meet important world leaders like Queen Elizabeth, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin (he was called by other Romanians "Idi Aminescu" as an insult), Fidel Castro (possibly), Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Il, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, the Sheik of Iran (who got dethroned) & many others.
He was initially a communist with liberal views, who went against Russia's rules and became popular in the west for defending Czechoslovakia from the Russian invasion. But after he and his wife went to China and North Korea.
His wife Elena was a greater tyrant than him and an idiotic ruler (she considered people to be rats who needed extermination). Not to mention she was the biggest hoax in the history of science (since she was illiterate with mediocre results of 5,6 & 4). They tortured people who opposed him and which were considered clinically insane when in reality they were not. They hungered the population, destroyed villages, cosmopolitan Bucharest and many churches & historical monuments to create the 3rd biggest building in the world next to the Pentagon aka the House of the People. They adopted the cult of personality, brought the cultural revolution and destroyed any occidental influence. Securitatea was 100 times worser than even Gestapo.
They both got executed in the end via firing squad and I'm glad to say that they deserved it.
Worst dictator? You bet!
AnulDomnului, what are you talking about? Death of 20 million people? What? He was responsible for the death of many people, no doubt about it, but 20 million? The hole country of Romania bearly has all those people.

Right... That being said, I'm surprised that Ceaușescu is only ranked on 55, and that's thanks to my vote. I thought he was more infamous than that. Scumbag deserves to be higher on the list, at least top 25.
[Newest]He also met Muammar Gaddafi. What a shocker!

46Vladimir Putin (Russia)
He perfectionized the gleichschaltung of the press, exploits the resources of the country, but people don't really benefit.

He annexed Crimea through a mock referendum.
We should rule the same way as Vladimir Russia a lot happier place to live than England Vladimir a topno nnon since leader
Currently invading Ukraine, responsible for the shotdown of MH17 malesian airplane, he has got the bomb and lead a 140 million country wich happens to be the biggest in surface of the world

47Hussain Muhammad Ershad (Bangladesh)
He is one wrong haded person in the world!

48Indira Gandhi (India)
No one wants to be a prime minister in front of her. She should be the controller of the country.
The only dictator in the history of independent India.
After thinking about it, she belongs to the list. She declared an emergency order for India in the 1970s, and during this "emergency" period, she had millions of men forcibly (! ) sterilized.

49Chiang Kai-shek (China)
Though thought out to be a good guy he was almost the complete opposite. Even though he didn't kill 75 million he still deserves to be on this list. Since he was a Nationalist leader, Americans look at him as a good guy only because we were trying to stop communism. One reason was because this leader was a leading factor in the Korean War. But back to Chiang, when we sent him millions upon billions of dollars he first embezzled some for his own keep and gave the rest to him army (which might be one reason for retreating to Taiwan).
He is the same as Mao Zedong, he killed 30, 000 Taiwanese. Mao Zedong killed more just because China had more population.
Killed lots of Taiwanese

50Enver Pasha (Ottoman Empire)
One of the triumvirate of the Ottoman Empire who was responsible for the Armenian Genocide.

51Nicholas II (Russia)

52King Mswati III (Swaziland)
He has deprived his country from a lot of opportunities that would have been enjoyed if the country was turned to a democracy-... Enjoys the countries returns and his worth with the royal family... Has failed to rescue the country when they were in undergoing recession yet he was rumoured to be worth millions of dollar... During the recession he took out his 12 wives for a shopping spree to Kuwait... Though he does not have any rumours linking him to any deaths of the country and they is consistent piece in the country all year round.

53Augusto Pinochet (Chile)
Some have called him the Butcher of Santiago. The 1973 coup and subsequent 17-year rule, which was actively supported by the USA under Richard Nixon and then later under Reagan, was one of the bloodiest ever. All in the name of "freedom" from communism, this was right-wing tyranny at its finest. Thousands died in the 17 years he ruthlessly held power. While the exact figures may never be known, there are people who still today have never known the fates fo some of their loved ones. Summary executions, mass murders at the National Stadium in Santiago, random shootings of those caught outdoors after curfew, the body count was high. Chile remains a deply divided antion almost 25 years after he left power. The wealthy few regard him as a hero, since he filled their already deep pockets at the expense of the many.
Helped by USA, this tyrant killed and stole from the country for 17 years, all my life before I, as many others fled oversease, but not to the us!

54Mary I (England)

55King Leopold II (Belgium)
Just because he wasn't killing people in his own country doesn't excuse his actions in his colonies. Unlike many on this list he was from a so called first world nation, but that didn't stop him from having the hands and feet of little children cut off to make their parent work harder in rubber plantations. Congo has never recovered from his actions.
You kidding me? He's responsible for millions of deaths...
Disgusting Human Being. I mean at least some of the people on this list had reasons, however ridiculous, for killing. Leopold did it at random, and for no reason whatsoever

56Nikita Khrushchev (USSR)
Because of him, the world was almost nuked.
Thank god we still here Russia is the powerfuliest countries in he world

57Slobodan Milosevic (Serbia)
He was responsible for Balkan wars, first war in Slovenia which lasted 10 days, then war in Croatia that lasted from 1991 to 1995, and war and genocide in Bosnia that lasted from 1992 to 1995. Responsible for thousands of deaths all over ex Yugoslavia from 1990 - 1999. He started a war in Kosovo in 1999. Thousands of people killed, over two million displaced. His men, chetniks, did a terrible deeds that not even monsters did, not even Nazis. Bosnian and Croat people are sent in camps, torture and rape were nothing what they were capable of. Chetniks exist even now, they rule a big part of Serbia, and a whole entity of Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many people are declared chetniks, even Republika Srpska's current president Milorad Dodik is chetnik. We can't allow that fascist movement to rule.
Says who? CNN and BBC? Hmm... Before you start talking nonsense about Chetnicks, go to George Freemen's book 'The Forgotten 500'. The book is about the greatest rescue operation behind the enemy lines in WWII and in the US history. Speaking of Nazis, the Chetnicks, these 'monsters', had saved 500 US pilots from the Nazis in the middle of the Occupied Serbia during the four years of war there risking and giving away their lives. However, I understand that what you are saying is the standard American thank you. I wonder why didn't you mention the US presidents during the Korean and Vietnam war who are responsible for death of millions? Just to mention that during the civil war in former Yugoslavia total death toll was around 150.000 people, soldiers and civilians. Oh, and did I say that Milosevic wasn't responsible for that war but the US, Germany and Great Britain by recognizing and justifying the terrorists and rebels against the constitutional government of the internationally recognized country of Yugoslavia and secession of its territories?
One of the worst mass murderers in modern history

58Wilhelm II (German Empire)
Didn't know anything about warfare but still thought he was a military genius. He lead Germany to catastrophe. The end result: He had to go to exile, the monarchy in Germany became history.

59Ruhollah Khomeini (Iran)
I'm sure he's burning in hell.
Not only a dictator, a CHARLATAN DICTATOR.
I wish he's enjoying hell now

60Isaias Afewerki (Eritrea)
Self elected provisional government of the state of Eritrea since 1991 runs the country without constitution, no freedom of press, no freedom of speech, and no freedom of religion. He executed dozones of journalists and higher rank government officials and imprisoned over hundreds of thousands of youth of the country.Isaias Afewerki is pretty well known as a late North Korean president, Kim Jong-il, of Africa.
He runs the country in the form of modern slavery where national service and military conscription is without the will of the citizens and for indefinite period of time.
The president is also very known for his arrogant and belligerent behavioral aspects.
He went to war with all of Eritrea's neighbors, bringing devastation to Eritreans and Ethiopians. He operates the largest prison on earth, where citizens are arrested and thrown in prison without any due process. Because of his firm authoritarian rule, Eritrea is the number one exporter of refugees, many of whom die to escape the hell on earth he created.
He murdered his brothers and sister who were fighters for 30 years. The Eritrean opposition should get ride of him.

61François Duvalier (Haiti)
Not only a vicious and brutal dictator but a 100% certified psychopath as even his own supporters in the military and government came to realise, however such was his cult of personality and his penchant for indiscriminate violence and murder he held on to power (supported no little by the USA for his laughable 'anti-communist' stance, he was anti humanity if anything).
The thing about the Duvalier dictatorship is that it lasted 30 long years.
Shameless and greedy in a poor country

62Ali Abdullah Saleh (Yemen)
Did govern only for his own purses. Under him, Yemen went from worst to absolutely worst in terms of economics, education, environment, politics, society.

63Porfirio Díaz (México)
Two face trader! Live free or die viva villa!

64Thanom Kittikachorn (Thailand)
Seems to have a penchant for massacring ostensible communist students.

65Nebuchadnezzar II (Babylon)

66Maximilien Robespierre (France)
Robespierre invented terrorism. What a delightful gift to the world.

67Ion Iliescu (Romania)
He forged a lot of documents resulting in people losing their homes after the fall of the communist regime. He needs to die.
He just used communist tactics to stop the opposition! I hope he'll keel over and DIE!
He brough Romania into an economic disaster. Many thefts in the country were made thanks to him.
During a student protest in which they asked for a regime change he send miners to brutally beat the students and intellectuals... Twice.
That bastard is still alive and kicking.

68Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (Pakistan)

69Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
He was a mass murderer as well

70Qin Shi Huangdi (China)
Absolutely ruthless. Killed lots of people in the state Zhao because he, and his mother, were almost killed by a zhao royal guard, when he was 3.

In his early he's pretty evil but dome good for the country, but he did it ruthlessly.

If he wasn't pretty pycho already, he decided in 218 he wanted to be immortal, so he took mercury pills so he got so insane that. 1 he decided just he died he had a really big tomb forced thoudands of people and push beyond possible. 2 did the same thing about the great wall.3 burned lots of books except for the wons he aproved off.

Banished his mother and his likely true father.
He is like a earlier version of Mao Ze Dong, he kills innocents lies a lot, and always starts minor conflicts
So crazy he drank mercury to make him live longer, only it killed him in his 30s!

71Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire)
Very greedy. Learning about him for school homework seems very selfish and used money donated from Americas tax money to fund his many homes and chalets.
This sick, demented Frak was the most greedy dictator of his time. He lived in opulence while his people suffered. According to a Congolese anyone messing with his interest was a dead man.
How is Mobutu this low? He is one of the worst African dictators of all time, is responsible for countless deaths in his country, and completely crippled the DRC.

72Paul Kagame (Rwanda)
Killed more than 5000 in Byumba and Mutara, more than 10000 died in Nyacyonga in camps, killed more than 1000000 congolise and Hutu rwandans who were fleeing him and still killing and put every one who has a different opinion than him in jail.

73Hu Jintao (China)

74António de Oliveira Salazar (Portugal)
Ultra-conservative and nationalist, was for decades a totalistarista who was persecuted and tortured all those who opposed his regime. Demonstrations and strikes were violently suppressed. Obliged to total subservience.
Okay, he was a dictator, but he doesn't have to appear here twice!
He helped Hitler, mussolini, and Franco. He was leader 36 yeares in Portugal, and killed many people.

75Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (Maldives)
Acted as a God among the people of the Maldives with an iron fist until his defeat in 2008 presidential elections. However took over the country again by creating a coup d'etat with a puppet president. Forged the elections of 2013 by commanding the Supreme Court of the Maldives and has made his half brother come to power as president!
Maumoon was a ruthless, brutal dictator who crushed all opposition.
He killed so many people..

76Yahya Jammeh (Gambia)
The worst dictator in African history, he kills his opponents and those he perceive to be his opponent. He is into drug dealing, money laundering, arms dealing and lots of secret assassins. The guy is simply a psychopath
You have said it all. Reign of terror were people live in total fear.
One day he'll be in Shackles to face Justice

77Jerry Rawlings (Ghana)

78Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Turkey)
He increasingly gets arrogant: depicting the mine tragedy in Soma in May 2014 as something trivial is outrageous. He has to blame himself, if his legacy is tarnished by his imprudence.
In his country, the biggest number of journalists are incarcerated worldwide.
We have seen his real face on last summer

79Sani Abacha (Nigeria)
Greedy bastard, he kept the income coming in to the country for himself, had any opposition killed. A potentially rich country remained poor while the dictator and his regime becomes rich.
You don't need to speculate about his popularity any further if you know that his death was happily celebrated throughout Nigeria
He killed dozens of people unknown to d public d worse dictator from Africa

80Francisco Macias Nguema (Equatorial Guinea)
One third of his nation's population fled during his rule due to his sociopathic behavior. He is famous for killing his own National Bank manager and taking the country's entire treasury to his house. That's a bad guy.
He killed everyone with glasses
Macias Nguema may not be as well-known as Adolf Hitler or Iosef Stalin but killing 1/3rd of your population, killed many intellectuals while Mary Hopkins' music was playing but at least didn't rule over Nigeria or Congo (Kinshasa) where he would have killed millions!

81Ali Khamenei (Iran)
Ok. So we got the ex-supreme leader of Iran, the current president (head of government) of Iran, but what about the current supreme leader of Iran. He is mad at current President Ahmadinejad just because they disagree on some stuff. I heard he is even trying to get him out of office.
I don't understand how a dirty person like him still can be alive. I'm mean, he's not far from 90 I think... So it's actually amazing that a person whit THAT dirty mind can live that long life. Anyways... He'll burn in hell.
What to say? Just observe his era!

82Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenistan)
The Turkmenbashi really was one of the worst kind. Turkmen politica was all centered around him, renamed months after his relatives, his "teachings" was regarded as kind of infallible, tortured his opponents in most terrible ways, really imposed one of the worst restrictions on freedom.
Yes he was a dictator. Even he was a our first president and must be unforgetable. But people forgot him already. Because he wasnt president of all people. Now under the ground and no body worry aabout him.

83Erich Honecker (East Germany)
He intimidated the people in communist East Germany with help of the notorious "Stasi" (Staatsicherheit which translated means "state's security"). Ruling till 1989 who ruined the economy to almost third world status. Under his rule, environment was in abysmal state, manufacturing was in pre-WWII state and so on. When the reunification (Wiedervereinigung) came, even the West German experts on East Germany were stunned or rather shocked to see how outdated the manufacturing sector was. He ruined Eastern Germany. Even Deng Xiaoping would have criticized Honecker for his economic failures.

84Mustafa Kemal (Turkey)
He shouldn't be on this list. Not a killer, not a massacrer. And he tried multiparty system which didn't work. And he died in 1938, so the information above is wrong.
I just say, 15 years single-party dictatorship. Founding of the Turkish Republic 1923. First election in 1946. And this election was even manipulate.

85Sukarno (Indonesia)
"Am I a dictator? NO! There's 5 democratic institute that rule alongside me. until my death I am always a democrat. A dictator always have a party behind him that's always ready to pick the power. but sukarno has no party behind him. A dictator rule from his throne but sukarno rules in the middle of the people. If a leader that is gifted to be charismatic and having the power to lead big amount of people is dictator, then let them call me as a good dictator." --Sukarno on his autobiography. I'm not agree that sukarno is a dictator only because of democracy with leadership. the people love him only those western country that hate his great leadership will said so
Sukarno is not a dictator -_- and yes Sukarno is a womanizer but still he is not deadly as the others


86Islam Karimov (Uzbekistan)
That guy literally let some people boil!

87Ion Antonescu (Romania)
(Part 2) When Romania turned their weapons against Germany on 23 August 1944 Antonescu was arrested. He attempted to stop the Soviet offensive in the Carpathian area with the Germans but unfortunately for him than plan was abandoned with his already mentioned arrest. He killed many Jews, Gypsies etc on the charge of being Communists. He at least didn't use Himmler's extermination methods but he is still guilty for his war crimes and atrocities. Don't even get me started on the prisons he used. He never tortured ethnic groups, only spies. He signed an agreement with Germany regarding the oil supplies used during the war.
Also British and American planes tried to bombard the oil facilities but were defeated. Some of them were captured and were prisoners until 23 August where the Romanian soldiers turned against German soldiers. And despite all that the Russian ungrateful bastards back then took Romanian soldiers hostage despite being allies.
He is definitely one of the worst dictators ever and rivals other dictators in the top 10. He gained power from a military coup in 1940 but was very anti semitic in all aspects of his rule he killed about 200,000 jews plus around another 200,000 Gypsies along with Homo Sexuals and others. He is defiantly as bad as Tojo or Hitler.
Fun fact about him:He was the Hitler of Romania in every possible way. Not to mention he was Hitler's equal (if Hitler yelled at him then he yelled back. That's how he was). Something not even Franco and Mussolini managed to achieve. Now that's impressive.

When Romania turned their weapons against the Germans on 23 August

As someone with a military education like Hitler he considered treason extremely dishonorable (Ironic since he was betrayed by the Romanian King[who still lives to this day and is one of the last WW2 leaders alive]

Together with all the political parties[commies included] while Hitler backstabbed Stalin.

The fascist group the Iron Guard ruled by Codruț-Zelea Codreanu (assassinated) and his lackeys (who killed important politicians like the famous historian and culture personality Nicolae Iorga) helped Anotonescu reach power but later when the Iron Guard started riots because of not being accepted in the government, Anotonescu crushed their resistance movement. In Romania back then, fortunately it was more of a military regime than a fascist one.

He was executed by the commies via firing squad.

88Juvenal Habyarimana (Rwanda)

89Deng Xiaoping (China)
He was responsible for the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 and the following mass executions.

90Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (Tunisia)
Murder, plunder, neglect of the poorest sector of society...
Sheik Hasina government of Bangladesh.

91Mohammed Omar (Afghanistan)
Widely known as Mullah Omar, he established the notorious Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Under his rule, women were treated worse than dogs. Even if a woman needed surgery, she couldn't get one because it was said to be forbidden under Islamic law that another man touches a woman.

For them, amputation was like eating bread.

One interesting thing: under his tenure, opium production was effectively curbed.

But nowadays, even the Taliban recognized, they get a lot of cash with opium business.
Set up the worst fascist regime in history. Perhaps, Pol Pot is the only worse person and regime.

92Jean-Claude Duvalier (Haiti)

93Desire Bouterse (Suriname)

94Qaboos bin Said al Said (Oman)
This guy saves all the money for himself while everyone in his country is poor
Best leader in the world he was developed his country & best place in the world is oman

95Wladyslaw Gomulka (Poland)
He was one of the people responsible for making Poland communist after WWII! He ruined Poland so much, people still think of us a poor farmers!

96Mehmed Talat (Ottoman Empire)

97Ahmed Djemal (Ottoman Empire)

98Carol II (Romania)
This man never killed anyone but lead his nation into chaos and instability and gave up power just to do what ever he wanted but this ended up having the Nazis take over following his abdication.

99Ferdinand II (Aragon)

100Felipe Calderón (Mexico)
Drug war started under him in 2006. Because of that, since then, over 50,000 people were killed.

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