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1Sheikh Hasina (Bangladesh)

2500 unarmed protesters killed in 45 minutes last night may 5th 2013 3am
Building collapsed killed many people and she refused to take help from foreign countries.
Rejected Lied to CNN that she allowed their journalist to cover the building collapse story where as she didn't allow actually. Many civilian are being killed by her supporters and police under direct order to fire upon the unarmed protesters who did a rally to show their feelings and point the fault of the present government.

Holding the power like her father. Doing same as He did. Banned the basic rights of expressing opinions. Even when civil society's spokesman who ever he/she is (Scholar, National Prof, Writer of Constitution) speaks against her autocracy she names them as Mad! Only because of her now thousands of people are dying. She started the chaos by amending the constitution. She just wants to grab and hold the ruler-ship. Only because of her our economy is now destroying. She and her followers now holding every top positions illegally. She already recruited her party men everywhere in the governmental offices. Election Commissions, Police Department, Army everywhere. And now doing mass killing by them. Everyday innocents are dying.

Why you amended the fully ok constitution and now showing the constitution you edited and telling everyone that you are following constitution! What do you think we people are mad? We don't need a ferocious ruler like you nor dull brained Khalida Zia. What we ...more

Sheikh Hasina is the worst prime minister in the History of Bangladesh. She is a Judicial Killer. She is using judicial system of Bangladesh to prevent th e raise of his opposition. Freedom of choice. Freedom of voice, Freedom of vote is plundered in his hand. No one is secured in country now.

The news is very bed for us.

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2Adolf Hitler (Germany)

Hitler was a terrible man, no doubt about it. He managed to even turn the most peaceful people in the world into radical haters, just through his speeches. He based all his Hatred on one group of more are less innocent people for no apparent reason. And he destroyed Germany's reputation for a very long time. 70 years later and most still view us as Nazi's all thanks to him. Without a doubt the worst dictator in History.

I know what you mean people in Ireland still say never trust a German as they are a good for nothing Nazi 8(

His idea to end the hatred of Jews was to kill them! THAT'S NOT GOOD!

He killed millions of innocent people just because he didn't like them as a race. Everything he did was based on race.

Favourite Hitler memory was his death in inglorious basterds

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3Joseph Stalin (USSR)

Lets see, he sacrificed 27 million of his people during world war 2, and 75 million people in total. Hitler only killed about 15 million people so whoever voted for Hitler doesn't know what they are talking about.

People will say that Hitler was most brutal because of the holocaust of Jews but anyone in the Soviet Union who showed devotion to any religion was brutally murdered and their families were often also additionally killed to show the seriousness of the regime

Joseph Stalin killed jews as well as Hitler.
Why is franco not on the list

The greatest facial hair of all time?

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4Mao Zedong (China)

I'm a numbers guy. He killed more people than anyone else.

Mao Zedong has caused the most deaths of any dictator. If starving your country is good then Mao Zedong is the best leader there is.

I've heard up to 70 million deaths

He killed about twice the number of Hitler and stalin combined... Just Google image "which dictator killed the most people"

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5Vlad III the Impaler (Wallachia)

Does anyone have any freaking clue what he did? He killed anyone who dare did anything to slightly offend him. He had two men's hats nailed into their head because they didn't take them off in his palace. He killed people in the most painful ways possible. Mostly by impaling a stake through the bottom of their bodies all the way to their mouths. Then, he would "decorate" with them by placing them around his house and the city to scare away enimies. At the beginning of his power, he placed a gold cup in the middle of his land. Until his death, nobody ever stole it because they were so afraid of him. It was terrible. Read more if you want, just google him. There's quite a few great articles.

He killed more people than Hitler, and more painfully too. He would boil children and make their parents eat them

What these people are saying about this guy scares the living hell out of me! Holy God! Impaling people up to their mouths?!

Does he like kabobs?

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6Kim Jong-il (North Korea)

Kim Jong Il is by far worse than Hitler would ever be. At least Hitler and Stalin had the decency to fee very small portions of food to prisoners or execute prisoners by a quick shooting or gas chamber. Kim Jong Il basically starved his people and if they were too weak to work, he would either torture them by drowning, dissection and if lucky, shot or in a gas chamber. The concentration camps are very hidden and only FORMER guards can tell the tale. When you arrive at the camp, there are deformities, amputees, newborn babies injected with a liquid that causes major swelling, babies buried alive or faced down to suffocate. Also the already weak people were dissected alive in underground labs. These are by far the most inhumane and painful ways anybody can torture someone since medieval times, I believe. He also spent millions and millions of money that South Korea gave to him to help aide others, he basically spent it all on military. Over 20 million people were kill and died a slow ...more

He kills people for almost every crime possible he has families put in labour camps for life and keep children their and has entyre families killed in gas chambers with sciencetists taken notes prime minster David Cameron and president Obama should send in the troops and assassinate him and his son next inline for leader


Yep he is worse than Hitler

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7King Herod (Israel)

He is a killer. He killed all the baby boys that he could, just because he couldn't find 1 baby. He thought the baby was going to take his crown from him. That doesn't give him the right to kill.

He tried to kill Jesus. Enough said.

It looks like a lot of you didn't do research. According to the Bible he was a murderer who tried to kill Jesus. However, this is mere fiction, only the Bible mentions the Massacre of the Innocents, there is no other source to prove that this event truly happened. Herod the Great didn't earn his epithet for nothing, according to other sources he was a powerful monarch who increased the territory of the Roman Empire (at that time Judea was under the control of the Empire), greatly expanded the Temple of Jerusalem and constructed the port Caesarea. He wasn't a nice person, but he also certainly wasn't an evil dictator.

King Herod is indeed a terrible person.

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8Pol Pot (Cambodia)

Pol Pot, in my opinion, should be the top of the list. While Hitler and Stalin destroyed more lives, Pol Pot was just plain idiotic. At least Hitler and Stalin both contributed something important to their countries. Pol Pot, on the other hand, almost threw his own country, Cambodia, back to the stone ages.

It is too bad that I do not believe in Hell, as Pol Pot should absolutely be there for eternity. The American people still don't seem to realize the extent of the genocide this bastard committed against his own people, those of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma... Jane Fonda was an idiot; she should apologize to the people of southeast Asia, and particularly Vietnam.

He was a complete and utter bastard in my opinion, who killed people for the sake of bringing Cambodia back to the Stone Age, and who is currently awaiting trial!

More like pol marijuana

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9Bashar al-Assad (Syria)

When I see photos of this man with his family and I read about his educational upbringing, I am astonished. How could a man with so much privilege and opportunity also have a reputation of being one of the world's worst dictators - in HISTORY! I mean think about it... When I look back on my life I want to be rememebered for the good I have done. For my ability to bring the human race together as one... Or at least try. Leaders such as Lincoln, Roosevelt, even Queen Elizabeth I. These are the types of leaders I look upon fondly. And though each are fallible, I also believe they worked with a good heart. Do I believe we should ever have war - no. To be that act is as uncivilized and animalistic as two Rams banging heads along a Rocky Mountain cliff. However, I find it down right insulting to "God" - or whatever higher power exsists, to think "He" would approve of anyone kiling what "He" has created. And I write this with a very agnostic viewpoint. But, if there is a creator (and I'm ...more

A very cold-hearted tyrant who allowed his own country to plunge into civil war, creating a multifaceted struggle between a multitude of different groups. His regime has killed tens of thousands to retain power, and in the most brutal means possible. The paramilitary groups loyal to Assad - known as the Shabiha - have deliberately targeted children as young as 2 years old to terrorize anyone who dares oppose his rule.

It is true that al-Qaeda has hijacked a good chunk of the revolution. But in condemning the Jihadist atrocities, we cannot also lose sight of the Assad regime's depravity.

He is responsible for the death of 30,000+ syrians so far! His troops have committed slaughters, rapes, mass burials, and many other extremely foul actions, and not just settling for the already terrible Death!

This man is the worst dictator of of the 2000s

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10Saddam Hussein (Iraq)

He exterminated his people, committed ethnic and sectarian genocide, he is first to use chemical WMD on his own Kurdish citizens, engaged his country in 3 destructive wars, invaded 2 neighboring countries and caused destruction of an entire country Kuwait, caused a n environmental disaster by actually drying up entire river tributaries, and caused his people to suffer from a long UN embargo that almost destroyed an entire generation of Iraqis

He was a man driven by his lust for war. Disregading the life of his people, Infact am sure he was willing to spare a million suel for a petty victory. I would know, am Iraqi

This guy should be at number one he is that bad. He wins the election every time because he rigs it compared to better dictators who actually do the election fairly

Saddam Hussein also caused the Persian War and got hanged in 2003.

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?Kublai Khan (Mongolia)

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11Idi Amin Dada (Uganda)

he was responsible for 300,000 murders! -

Oh, I've herd of this guy. In addition to committing a mass genocide in his home country of Uganda (that's in Africa. I say this because I know people who thought that London was the capital of France and I want to be safe), but he was also a cannibal and declared himself emperor of all the Ugandans on the grounds that he has single handedly defeated the tyrannical British empire. I honestly don't know why they let monsters like these come to power instead of throwing them into the loony bin.

Big shame for East Africa nations hope he was the first and last dictator of all times

We loved amin and we still love him

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12Kim Il-sung (North Korea)

Started the disaster that is North Korea. Now in it's third generation, only an internal coup, which is unlikely due to the terror and mistrust of those in key positions, or an external "takedown" will solve the problem. In my opinion, the civilized nations of the world owe it to the people of North Korea to remove the government and reunite it with the South, China's wishes be damned!

What did kim 2 sung, sing, I just wanna know

The father of Kim jong I'll let me tell you some he was worse than his son he started Korean that killed millions starved more people than Kim jong il blamed the suffering of his country on the USA he made it hell for his ownpeople

He started the Spanish Inquisition, enough said

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13Caligula (Roman Empire)

He was a sick and cruel man because when he was a kid his whole family was killed by the empire of Rome ( his uncle) and then his uncle took him to an island where he had lost it. Then after his uncle got sick he asked the guard to let him kill the emperor and he said yes so Caligula choked him while during a conversation. Then he became emperor and everybody loved him so they gave him the whole world of Rome to rule as he wishes.

Among dictators there are those who believe the end justify the means, others lack any justification other than self gratification, then there are those who are simply insane and act without rhyme or reason. Caligula was of the latter category and Rome suffered immensely for it.

Where's Nero? He was worse than Caligula because he killed Peter and Paul. What a jerk.

This guy is a idiot because he made his horse senator laugh out loud a horse senator so dumb

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14Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (Egypt)

He made a military coup in egypt removing the rightfully elected dr. Mohamed morsi and took over his place and is killing his opponents from protestors and asks the people for permissions to do his massacres from killing innocent unarmed people and also the medioa supports him greatly so far he killed 300 people all from the dr morsi supporters and injured 10000 and still counting may allah be with us

He just killed 3000 peaceful protestors he is simply the worst and should be in the top of the list

He is the worst man ever to rule egypt

This not true and I'm sick of you because you put the man who saved Egypt from civil war and terrorism among those people. we love president Abdel Fattah el-sisi and we don't care about what do you say

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15Hosni Mubarak (Egypt)

Yes he was evil

He should be listed among top 10 Dictator

He needed a V8 after his first year of presidency

16Ante Pavelic (Croatia)

Before you post something like this you got to possess some elementary knowledge of History. First of all, going to every Wikipedia will show you that this guy killed 700.000 people only in one concentration camp - 'Jasenovac' according to official Yugoslav statistics after the war. Second, his murders were not turned against 'Bosnians'. There is no nation as Bosnians. Bosnia is the territory populated by Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims. Ante Pavelic was a Croat who recruited both Croats and Muslims to exterminate the Serbs. So had his country lasted more, he wouldn't have turned against the Turks as you suggested (or against Japanese and Mexican) but completely exterminated the Serbian population which was his constitutional goal. Lets not forget to say that with the help of the US modern Croatian country has managed to complete the process of ethnic cleansing of the Serbs that Pavelic successfully started. And third and the last, over 90% of his victims were the Serbs. His motto was that bullet is for human. Since he didn't consider the Serbs human, non of his concentration camps had used the firing squad or the gas chamber. All the victims, over one million people, were killed by the inquisition methods - sledge hammers, knives, burned alive or tortured in all possible ways from the Spanish Inquisition menu. Even Hitler tried to stop his appetite for mass genocide murders. The genocide was mostly organized and conveyed by the Catholic priests and Vatican.

He was definitely one of the worst dictators from Balkan region, along with Draža Mihajlović and Josip Broz Tito, but claims that he murdered over 700 000 people are blown over any reasonable proportions mainly by Serbs after the war. The fact that he is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths is enough but that he killed so many is simply a lie. Newest data, that is concluded from different sources and by leading world historians, says that during his regime in concentration camp Jasenovac there were somewhere around 83 000 people murdered, which is horrible enough. Interesting fact about it is that he didn't killed only Serbs but anybody who didn't agree with his regime, including Croats, gypsies, members of his regime also, Jews and so on. The number of 700 000 killed Serbs was made up and used by Serbian extremes later, during Serb aggression on Croatia and Bosnia, to validate their aggression and genocide that they purported in those countries.

He was just horrible. This guy tried to murder so many people that the UN at one point concluded him to be more dangerous than Hitler. He killed so many Bosnians and Gypsies that he almost wiped out an entire CONTINENT.P. S if he had lived longer and had kept more authority, Turkey and the entire middle east would be completely gone now

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17Muammar al-Gaddafi (Libya)

Gaddaffi has been dictator for 42 years and in those years he killed his own people who were protesting peacefully

As a Libyan, Gaddafi Make all his worries in life to destroy Libya, no one will be able to build what Gaddafi distroied, you will never be able to imagine how evil he was...

He caused hell for Libya, it used to be peaceful, and then he came along, and for 42 years, Libya has been the main place of War

Gaddafi we mis u

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18Yahya Khan (Pakistan)

He played a bloody role in the Bangladesh war, back then East Pakistan, in 1971. As Pakistani commander-in-chief, in March 1971 he gave the Pakistan army green light to rampage through East Pakistan with impunity just because the Bangladeshis wanted to be free from the rule of West Pakistan which badly neglected East Pakistan as was seen in the clumsy handling of the aftermath situation of notorious 1970 cyclone Bhola. Yahya Khan infamously said: "Kill three million of them [Bangladeshis], and the rest will eat out of our hands."

Anyway, 9 months and about a million deaths later, Bangladesh got its freedom anyway in December 1971.

The 1970s was really a extraordinarily brutal decade back then. Same decade, Pol Pot ravaged Cambodia, Pinochet had an iron fist on Chile, the Red Terror in Ethiopia began, ongoing Vietnam war, East Timor was invaded, the civil war in Lebanon had its first days in the 1970s and so on.

He cheated his own people and his family.

19Benito Mussolini (Italy)

The Worst, never been a courageous dude, followed by all nasty Italians. Big shame for them, but by opposition of German they are still proud of Mussolini (Il Duce). Real pity for not recognizing him as a dictator.

The pirlo of dictators

Helped hitler tojo and killed a lot of us

The pirlo of dictators

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20Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)

He is surrounded by his bootleekers who are ready to kill. Anyone who opposes him becomes an enemy of the state. He is indeed cruel, lies about the west, while he is the worst ever man God allowed to lead people. Dictator and killer, today he has no clue to where the nation should go. Please God help us on this one.

This kills white people purely because he doesn't like them and he has crippled his own country, absolutely vile pathetic excuse for a human being

I no like him, he destroy democracy in Zimbabwe, our cricket team has never recover

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