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A hacker in LBP2 who claim false In author peoples and finding glitches, I have no idea why he stopped adding mcriley. - cardboard.king.5


One of the most disgusting creators who bullies other people into doing what she wants. Somebody criticizes her level, she goes nuts and reports it. She harasses Steven Isbell on twitter a lot. Stay away from her.

She bullied me and several other users. Best just ignore her and report her if she attacks you.

She's the worst bully, avoid at all costs!

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You do realize that you swear a lot and offend other people.

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Laugh out loud Nothing you just said is true. He only made one account about you. Also, saying he should've died in 9/11 is just messed up. Don't you have any respect?

He's impersonating TheMozil10 and made 6 accounts about him, he should die on september 11 at WTCn - cardboard.king.5


Worst guy ever, he trolls everybody, he uses glitches to take over the game. People call him the king of trolls for a reason I guess

Also known as davintchi or dav_king_g. Literally the worst person on littlebigplanet. He's been harassing the community in every possible way since 2011. Not so many people know he took a big part in the fire glitch hoax. Even the greatest creators are sick of dav_king. He must be first on the list.

He spreads lies and actually becomes popular such a douchebag.

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He's copying LordOfTheFerret and saying (laugh out loud) and he made 25 accounts to anger peoples. - cardboard.king.5


You are the one who is annoying and thinks you are the most clever in the world. He just doesn't like you. If you think he is annoying then ignore him. You don't have to put him on your list of people you hate.

He is awesome and who ever made this site is messed up

He's annoying as hell and thinks he's the most clever in the world - cardboard.king.5


You created the list and it offensive so just for revenge you get your name added on - BigBrotherSucks

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He's a part of MechaWolf22, he commented in Ozil's thread saying (your face needs to get patched) - cardboard.king.5


He's not the really troll but okay. - cardboard.king.5

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14Yu luck 504

He's the drama madness, he uses (fgt) character and stalking Ozil - cardboard.king.5

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