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21Pokemon Go

What's the point of THIS game?! Why catch Pokemon? What's the big deal? This game is literally killing other popular games. Good thing I never played it.

I've heard good and bad things about it. The idea is pretty sweet though.

Its not even like the main series games even the gameplay is some crappy mobilefyed garbage - ikerevievs

Dumbest game EVER

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22Geometry Dash

This game is awesome! How is it on the list!?

Hey please. Hard does not mean it's bad. The only reason I don't like many games are that they are too easy

I made a Lavender Town level, you guys should try making your own

I Have Nothing Else To Say, This Game Sucks.

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23Paint Monsters
24The Rats
25Game of War: Fire AgeV1 Comment
26Boom Beach

Supercell are monsters in terms of cash grabbing

Not bad... Better than Clash Of clans though

27Temple Run
28Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville
29Bloons Tower Defense 5

Well it IS pretty repetitive but it's one of the best tower defense games out there.
Heck they have variety with quests and stuff.
It's actually pretty good for a new grounds game what with their low budget.
So stop complaining

30Super Monster Bros

A cheap, crappy, terrible, mobile game gone wrong, game that was made out of toe jam and snot.

Only 28? This needs to be in the top 5. look at the in app purchases from hell. - UltraGamer

31Ena Power Girls Escape

Why isn't this higher - ikerevievs

32Hay Day

The game is called Minecraft Pocket Edition. This game sucks (not really) after 0.12.1, where the terrible hunger system is added. Also, not to mention the boring PC sounds added. You can hear the breaking bones sound when drowning in water. Does that make sense?

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I know, I know, I am voting this onto the list but I think it is great. there is not very much to do but its still great. - PugLlama

35Call of Duty Heroes

It's the worst it's my two least favourite games as one Call of Duty and clashofclans - ikerevievs

36Final Fantasy: All the Bravest
37Dungeon Keeper Mobile
38Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This games was great! Why put it here? It is the best grand theft auto in the series!

This game is one of the best. There are tons and tons of things you could do. You could fly a plane,hijack a car,do awesome missions,date people and the list goes on and on. It doesn't belong here.

39Seven Nights at Buddy's

What is this a rip off of another crappy game?

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40Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Is Just Pure Crap. Hey, Rayman. You Are Extremely Crappy.

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