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1Bubsy 3D

What a disgrace! The graphics are crap, the controls are sloppy joe, the voice acting is bad, the music is boring, and it was an awful experience from the cutscene to the final boss. - Thepenguinking2

You can't compare this to crap. This is Crap, the Real Thing. - HezarioSeth

Doesn't Bubsy remind you of Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day...

Wow this game is so amazingLY terrible - Gunner224

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This game suffers from a terrible plot. A Time-travelling villain goes back in time to steal a time machine to go back in time and change history. However, due to a intervening child, the villain takes the professor to his time to... I don't even know...

Repeat that and then see if it makes sense

This game is as bad as bubsy 3D! Well, I already talked about that game, so by by!

3Barbie Explorer

Hey, it's just like Crash Bandicoot! Except total garbage!

Lets see barbie get trampled by an elephant!

4Mary-Kate & Ashley: Magical Mystery MallV1 Comment
5Santa Claus Saves the Earth

(Quote of Caddicarus): This game, right here, it's something else. I can tell you that much. If I showed it to you, right now, you wouldn't even believe it existed. It doesn't look real. It looks... FAKE. It doesn't... BELONG. And you know what? I can imagine all you beautiful people at home, drinking some tea, having some biscuits, looking at the title of this video and thinking to yourself: "God, what a handsome chap." But we're not talking about me... WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THIS! I can't believe I'm holding this right now! I can't believe I'm alive after playing it! - iRocketGamer52

Just because the picture's wrong, doesn't mean it's only on that system. It WAS on the PSOne, and it's more turd than game.

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6Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi

One of the worst fighting games ever. - SlimVeggie

Pretty much a weak Tekken clone. but Star Wars themed, and REALLY at the bottom of the Death Star's trash compactor to be crushed.

7Batman & Robin

Trust me, once you take a look at the real cover, you will never see George Clooney the same way again!

Wrong cover. There is PS1 Batman & Robin game based on an horrible movie. And the game is even worse.

8Spawn: The EternalV1 Comment
9South ParkV1 Comment
10Jersey Devil

I don't happen to find any problem with this game, It plays alright from what can tell, besides this is a hidden gem. - iRocketGamer52

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?Ecw: Anarchy Rulz
?Lego Rock Raiders

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11Floating Runner: Quest for the 7 CrystalsV1 Comment
12Crash Bash

Why this is even on the list is beyond me! Great game & good fun to play!

Crash Bash is an okay game as long as you've got friends to play with. - iRocketGamer52

No masterpiece but doesn't belong on the list.

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13The Crow: City of Angels

It ultimately makes no sense why to make a game based on a sequel that no doubt sucked, and WHY was there never a game based on the FIRST movie?!?!?! Sorry, but I do have point though.

Oh lord, made by Acclaim, the company that bought LJN! We all are doomed

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14Fantastic Four

Crappy beat up that ruined the marvel's first family reputation!

This game lacks a memory card support

Let's face it, anything Fantastic Four themed is DOOMed from the start. (Hehe, did you see what I did there, doom and Doctor Doom, yeah I suck at puns.

15Rascal Racers

The fact that this has another game just like it (ATV Racers also on PlayStation 1) and a ill fated original on the Nuon (Officially the most unknown console ever released) means that you know it will be bad.

The Controls are terrible and the AI is unfair to the point that you seem to win by luck in the majority of games. There's also no save function in this title (or to be accurate a working one) and this game was released around the same time as Metal Gear Solid 2. A stain on that year of gaming.

Do not buy this unoriginal game with generic gameplay, levels and characters or ATV Racers or Merlin Racers on the Nuon (if you own one). I regret it and I know you will.

16Bratz: The Movie
17The Incredible Hulk
18007 Racing
20C: The Contra Adventure
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