Reasons Why PS4 Should Play PS3 Games

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1 If You Don't Have a PS3 and Only a PS4 and You Wanted to Buy a PS3 Game That is not on the PS4

I Have A PS4, But Not A PS3, and There Are A Lot of 7th Gen Games I've Heard Were Great So I want To Get Them, Which Is Why I'm getting an Xbox 360 soon

I Would Like To Play The First Few Assassin's Creed Games That Weren't On The Ps4 But Were On The Ps3, On The PS4

I have both a ps3 and ps4, but if my ps3 breaks it would be nice to play them still

I wantednto buy the kingdom hearts remasters! Oh well at least playtstation 4 will get them march 2017

2 The Xbox One has Backward Compatibility

Yeah it does, for some xbox 360 and the original xbox games

3 For the Memories of Playing PS3

Yeah true if my ps3 broke then I would have memories of playing ps3

4 There are More Games for the PS3

Yeah I have some on ps3 more physical copies on ps3 than ps4

5 The Controls of the Games Will Still Be the Same

Yeah they would be the same

6 The Games Will Look Better in HD

Yeah they would look better in hd if the ps4 played ps3 games

Trust me they won't! Just beacause the wii does it doen't mean the ps4 will do it as well!

The games already are HD

7 It Would Cost Less Money if You Just Buy the PS3 Games and Not the Console
8 It Would Be a Great Improvement for the PS4
9 It Would Be Cool
10 It Will Be Lots of Fun
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11 It Would Boost Ps4 Sales

Very very true. I am considering buying a ps3 but not ps4 because there aren't as many games but I would if backwards compatable

True it would if it could play ps3 games

More ps4s

12 You Could Still Play Your Ps3 Games If Your Ps3 Breaks

This would be nice if ps4 played ps3 games incase my ps3 broke I could still play my ps3 games

Yeah I have a ps3 and a ps4, if my ps3 broke then I could still play my ps3 games if the ps4 was backwards compatible

13 Offline Play and Only Pay Once

Yeah playstation now sucks because you stream ps3 games, and it lags too much, and the stream crashes, I used playstation now once and that happened too much, be nice if they had ps3 classics on ps4

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