Top Ten Worst Sports Movies

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21The Replacements

Oh... My... God. If there is one movie that should be at the top of the list, it should be this one. At least Air Bud is creative articulately, although it still fails storywise. This movie on the other hand... I have never seen a film with as big an ineptitude of story, character, and script. I don't even know how Warner Bros had the audacity to even have this pile of unredeemable garbage greenlit. This movie makes Grid Iron Gang look like The Lion King. It makes The Longest Yard have as original a plot as District 9 or Inception. Please, people, vote this one up to the Top 10, and hopefully dethrone Air Bud as the worst sports movie. I'm going to submit this movie to the worst movies of all time list. - ScampVsSimba

22Facing the Giants

They had good intentions with this movie, but... No. Just no. You gotta be kidding me with everything turning out right in the end. FOR REAL.

23Like Mike
24Gridiron Gang
25Mr. 3000
26Rocky II
27Rocky III
28Ice Princess

It's awful and unrealistic

29Juwanna Mann
30Blue Chips
31Rocky IV
32The Longest Yard
33The Longshots
36The Benchwarmers
37United Passions

Lol, why isn't this movie on the list?

38Happy Gilmore
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