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Who would waste time and money making these horrendous websites, certainly not me! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Yahoo Answers
The people there can be very rude.
The biggest crime of this website is misinformation.
Yahoo Answers is generally more hilarious than actually bad.


[Newest]Yahoo Answers is For Trolls

Where's the choice for Where are all the 13 year olds come together and have a circle jerk with their terrible opinions? This site is the worst one.
This is a sickness that has spread all over the world. and now, Wats App will take this stupidity to a new level. Facebooks makes a person idiotic in ways that is so high level that people say "why could he break up with me on Facebook like a normal person", its made human beings value themselves with the system of "LIKES".
More people die because of bullying on Facebook than any other site, vote!
WRONG its bullying that puts this on the list


[Newest]Definitely the worst by far.

This site is garbage. It is where all the egos attract attention and where egotistical brats bully others for no good reason.
Scum! I hate MySpace
what terrible singers these frkn hampsters are!
Oh my god... What kind of name of a website is that
Is this a real site?

Why is twitter around? Facebook is a better site and twitter is just a waste of time.

Absolutely horrible... there's way too many stuff on that page.


10Access Hollywood

The Contenders

11Babies "R" Us Canada
Its terrible but GREAT for pranking your stupid friends, unless he's a fruitcake
I like how there's no link here.


13Club Penguin
I used to play this. I stoped because when you lose your membership you're the same pathetic penguin you were before. That's it.


Waste of time. I made an account and got instantly perm-banned when I first logged on... just saw a lighthouse and "BANNED".. My name was appropriate (bunnylover11) and I have no hacking stuff... Worst website EVER.
Club penguin is the worst

Left wing biased inaccurate "reporting".
Porn ruined Safe sex that's why people kill themselves with pill or hanging.

17IXL Math
I hate this website because when I get a question right it says it is wrong
Makes you rage and rage can kill you
I like how when I go to "More Comments" there is an ad for IXL MATH.

Google needs to stop shoving this down our throats.
This is Bob. He wants
to take over Google +

Do you, by any chance, remember this buddy?


Why did I sign up to this? It's terrible, especially remaking stupid music videos with the characters. the movies are just cheap and the clothes are terrible. the design of characters is just so ugly like it was done on paint, the movement is terrible and the music is terrible. I hate that game were you dress up based on the theme given to you and then the judge picks the winner, and sometimes they pick outfits that don't even match. what is the point of a good website when it is terrible in the first place? I agree with the guy below, shut it down, it's pointless.


I feel so sorry for the sad punks that are currently playing that stupid game. Maybe one day when all them losers stop waking up at the wrong side of the bed, they'll realize that Moviestarplanet is nothing but a lying scam!
I just can't stand it anymore someone shut it down please

this website is so bad it's cringing!

What a racist website.

27Accelerated Reader

I hope them Pandas fall off a cliff!
They copied Club Penguin!

29CD Universe
Ah, the childhood memories. Good times, good times.


31Encyclopedia Dramatica
First they (fake) hate on Futurama for being "so bad that FOX canceled it to make room for football, then they (fake) hate even worse on the Rocko series for having anthropomorphic animals in it. Does their hatred and stupidity ever end?


I read it once. It sucked.

Car shop page descuized as a blinge, enough said.

35Sankaku Complex
I clicked the link, then suddenly I'm in the weirdest part of the internet. So much Japanese sex and pedophilia. Very NFSW. Worst porns ever.

Guys, never open this! It's just like nyan. Cat with only a penis rolling replacing Nyan Cat! I'm grossed when I opened it!

A chatbox that is unpopular and full of the worst types of people you'll ever meet.
This is the grand champion of this list, there is NOTHING worse than xat.
I don't even want to explain how bad it is because it makes me sick to my stomach, check it out at your own risk.
Heed my warning though, do not go on there for more than 10 minutes otherwise you'll turn into some of the people that you meet on the chats.
... That is all...

Go look up their list of The 123 Worst Muscians of All Time and you'll see why this is one of the worst websites ever made. They're not joking around with the list. THIS IS FOR REAL THIS TIME.



43Classy Mommy
I HATE Classy Mommy! TAKE Classy Mommy OFF THE WEBSITE!

48Giant Bomb

49Google Nose

50Answers in Genesis

51Jesus Is Savior



Why does this need to exist and why is it popular, its just like taking Facebook, take just the photo sharing part, and bam, you have Instagram, pointless
For people who can't read

They spy on their users and steal their personal info. I really wish more people would WAKE UP and realize that!
It's like they'll have all the time in the world to care about everybody's intel.


This website is discusting!
Some random guy bought in 1999 or 2000. It's terrible.
The tittle says it all.


One million pounds for just a hat. He only cares about money
Go to there website and read one of their articles and you'll see why its here.


This website is full of talentless people and full of torture.


69Urban Dictionary
The worst Dictionary ever it dieses everything
Urban Dictionary is for trolls


75Equestria After Dark

Stupid website that degrades our society



82The Pirate Bay
Piracy. What else can I say?


Dem late nhigt chaters always ruin the web stite and put F.. KING MEDS on the chat
Also, Poland ball canot haz space.


85Scary Maze Game

This website sucks because many people are rude, close-minded, unpredictable, over sensitive, and irrating. I use to like tumblr until I found out that it ruined my life. Those people need to get a life.

88Common Sense Media
This website is ass! It's one of the worst of the worst.



This website is nasty! Like who really wants to see a guy getting beat up till they hit tonsils?

I'll give you +1 because I agree, not because I want to "see a guy getting beat up till they hit tonsils"-


Something very true, deserves a spot on the list not because of the site, but because of the people, we all have opinions, but some people obviously are on crack
When they write theirs.
This is one of the most ironic websites I could see here and it's almost in the top ten too (Can't say I disagree though most of these lists are horrible)
I don't like this website that much, if we don't like it, then WHY ARE WE USING IT?


[Newest]They put a lot of hate on celebrities

Google plus has destroyed youtube now
This needs to be higher on this list. YouTube has went from good, to REALLY BAD. That's because of stupid Google Plus.


YouTube = should be destroyed


[Newest]I dare you to look at the comments section of most videos without getting the urge to hit your head against the wall. There are nothing but idiots on YouTube.

I hate Deviant Art because every time I look at pictures it keeps scrolling to about 50 pictures down, and I have to scroll back up to find the picture I was looking at! I also hate the stupid stories, which I get bored halfway no offense. they are NOT art!, I want to see drawings not writing.
Though I agree that some stories can be stupid, writing can actually count as art.
All of the annoying furry porn and sonic/pony recolors is what ruins this site.
Because real creativity is overrated to most people



100The Top Tens
It full of trolls!
Every time I got to this site I ALWAYS see "TAKE IT OF THE LIST! "

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