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Who would waste time and money making these horrendous websites, certainly not me! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Yahoo Answers
The people there can be very rude.
Yahoo Answers is generally more hilarious than actually bad.


The biggest crime of this website is misinformation.
[Newest]Yahoo answers is the worst site ever the trolls ask hateful questions
This is a sickness that has spread all over the world. and now, Wats App will take this stupidity to a new level. Facebooks makes a person idiotic in ways that is so high level that people say "why could he break up with me on Facebook like a normal person", its made human beings value themselves with the system of "LIKES".
More people die because of bullying on Facebook than any other site, vote!
WRONG its bullying that puts this on the list


[Newest]Worst website I've ever hear of.

Where's the choice for Where are all the 13 year olds come together and have a circle jerk with their terrible opinions? This site is the worst one.
Then why did you come here in the first place place? The reason why you're on this website is more confusing than why are we on it.


This site is garbage. It is where all the egos attract attention and where egotistical brats bully others for no good reason.
Scum! I hate MySpace
what terrible singers these frkn hampsters are!
Oh my god... What kind of name of a website is that
Is this a real site?


Sadly, this website is real.
Why is twitter around? Facebook is a better site and twitter is just a waste of time.

Absolutely horrible... there's way too many stuff on that page.


10Access Hollywood

The Contenders

Google needs to stop shoving this down our throats.
This is Bob. He wants
to take over Google +

Do you, by any chance, remember this buddy?


12Babies "R" Us Canada
I like how there's no link here.


Its terrible but GREAT for pranking your stupid friends, unless he's a fruitcake

14Club Penguin
Waste of time. I made an account and got instantly perm-banned when I first logged on... just saw a lighthouse and "BANNED".. My name was appropriate (bunnylover11) and I have no hacking stuff... Worst website EVER.
I used to play this. I stoped because when you lose your membership you're the same pathetic penguin you were before. That's it.


Club penguin is the worst
People, stop lying about what God says. Isn't he supposed to forgive everyone? If so, than why would he hate homosexuals?

What integrity in journalism looks like. No wonder wing-nuts hate it...
Left wing biased inaccurate "reporting".

17IXL Math
I hate this website because when I get a question right it says it is wrong
Makes you rage and rage can kill you
I like how when I go to "More Comments" there is an ad for IXL MATH.
Porn ruined Safe sex that's why people kill themselves with pill or hanging.

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