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Who would waste time and money making these horrendous websites, certainly not me!

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This is a sickness that has spread all over the world. and now, Wats App will take this stupidity to a new level. Facebooks makes a person idiotic in ways that is so high level that people say "why could he break up with me on Facebook like a normal person", its made human beings value themselves with the system of "LIKES".

More people die because of bullying on Facebook than any other site, vote!

WRONG its bullying that puts this on the list - sammoyson

The PRESIDENT had to talk about bullying on Facebook and it's still popular! Why?!

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2Yahoo Answers

The people there can be very rude.

Yahoo Answers is generally more hilarious than actually bad. - Maplestrip

The biggest crime of this website is misinformation.

This is the trolling stronghold

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Where's the choice for Where are all the 13 year olds come together and have a circle jerk with their terrible opinions? This site is the worst one.

Then why did you come here in the first place place? The reason why you're on this website is more confusing than why are we on it. - MontyPython

What are you talking about? He's an adorable buddy who tell $h! Toy jokes. Expand dong. - Jihadi_John_Isis


Google needs to stop shoving this down our throats.

This is Bob. He wants
to take over Google +

Do you, by any chance, remember this buddy? - FernandoLemon

You mean the bob that did commercials for sex pills back in the late 2000's? - koRn177

Google+ has some of the piece of trash comments I've ever read horrible upvotes

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My oh my! I never knew this rancid strangeness will be on the list because I SERIOUSLY do hate 4Chan. It's contains so much idiotic disgusting people who likes using dumb memes. Not only that, they want to be the center of the attention and claim they're the boss of the internet. They even like to share disgusting thing in /b/. Such a horrendous site that contains everything in there that's horrendous as well. - Jihadi_John_Isis

Facebook might be overrated, hamsterdance is annoying and Ranker is our enemy!
But there is no worse site than 4chan!
If you are man enough (It is never enough, TRUST ME), check out (DON'T DO IT) /b/.

I have heard stories about pranks, trying to kill people or murderers, posting their lifeless victim on the site! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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what terrible singers these frkn hampsters are!

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Oh my god... What kind of name of a website is that

Is this a real site? - ArpstaAmy333

The name seems a bit stupid (really, that was the best name they could come up with? ), but when you get down to it, the site really just your everyday porn site.

Who would think about making that website? - SamuiNeko

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Why is twitter around? Facebook is a better site and twitter is just a waste of time. - pupie4life

I asked my frind, 'i never understood twitter. whats the point? ' she said, 'you just tweet stuff! ' I STILL don't understand it.

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Why did I sign up to this? It's terrible, especially remaking stupid music videos with the characters. the movies are just cheap and the clothes are terrible. the design of characters is just so ugly like it was done on paint, the movement is terrible and the music is terrible. I hate that game were you dress up based on the theme given to you and then the judge picks the winner, and sometimes they pick outfits that don't even match. what is the point of a good website when it is terrible in the first place? I agree with the guy below, shut it down, it's pointless. - ArpstaAmy333

I feel so sorry for the sad punks that are currently playing that stupid game. Maybe one day when all them losers stop waking up at the wrong side of the bed, they'll realize that Moviestarplanet is nothing but a lying scam!

I just can't stand it anymore someone shut it down please

Because all I want to do all day is dress up as some kind of horrific digital animated Kim K

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This site is garbage. It is where all the egos attract attention and where egotistical brats bully others for no good reason.

I really hate myspace!

Scum! I hate MySpace

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?Staggering beauty

This gives people seizures

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A stupid version of wikipedia. This site should be BANNED! They make fun of real people!

It is the absolute most terrible and worthless site ever. - RalphBob

What is the point of this site?

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Absolutely horrible... there's way too many stuff on that page. - Celestius

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This isn't even called music. - velitelcabal

Justin Bieber sucks and fat

14IXL Math

I hate this website because when I get a question right it says it is wrong

Makes you rage and rage can kill you

IXL WORST LEARNING WEBSITE EVER it makes you think to much! And when it takes you back that's not ganna want to make kids keep going its going to make them frustrated and want to stop.

And you have to pay for it. Khan Academy is a lot better! - velitelcabal

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I like how there's no link here. - Cazaam

Its terrible but GREAT for pranking your stupid friends, unless he's a fruitcake

It pretty much exists so people can get bullied anonymously

It has to be the worst - gemcloben

People, stop lying about what God says. Isn't he supposed to forgive everyone? If so, than why would he hate homosexuals?

Oh my God! This is perhaps the most bigoted site ever created. It just astounds me how obsessive the WBC is in bashing homosexuals (or anyone LGBT for that matter). The worst part is, this isn't the only site they've made: is an example.

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