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Are you kidding?! 1985 had some of the most awesome music ever!

What is this doing in the top ten worst? 85 was a good year.

This time of the decade metal was on full blast. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and all the great thrash metal bands. Disappointed that 1985 is in the list.

This wasn't as bad but it started a downward slope on quality pop music with mtv

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Chicago, in full-on crap mode, CHEATS up the number-one hit of the year, "Milli Vanilli" releases all "four" of their "hit singles", corny hair metal ballads were EVERYWHERE, no one bought the soundtrack to Weird Al's cult classic UHF, the only aspect of "Like a Prayer" that the press cares about is THE STINKING VIDEO, and future CONGLOMERATE SELL-OUT Taylor Swift is born. Oh, and Jefferson Airplane reforms for a final album DESPITE THEIR THIRD INCARNATION FORMING SEVERAL YEARS EARLIER AND CORRUPTING AMERICA WITH THEIR BRAND OF CORPORATE ROCK! Save us, very obscure rock band from Seattle! Save us from the awful storm that is 1989!

Where do I even start? How about the fact that Milli Vanilli had four hits on the year-end Hot 100? How about the fact that most of the biggest hits of the year were extremely boring love songs? How about the fact that hair metal found a way of getting worse by performing love songs? How about the fact that a Will to Power song ranked higher than Listen to Your Heart, Toy Soliders, Like a Prayer, Love Shack, and Lovesong? How about the fact that post-Peter Cetera Chicago had the biggest hit song of the year?

This is one of the worst years for music. The only years that were worse than 1989 for music were 2013 and 2010.

I actually preferred 2010 to this garbage. At least the hits from 2010 were more upbeat and catchy. - Zach808

I think cult of personality came out this year

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Not that was very bad for mainstream music, per se, but one must note that American Idol debuted, and pretty much accelerated any annoyance that is persistent in the music industry. All the singers that come from the show are pathetic if you ask me

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John Lennon and John Bonham died, ending the (albeit broken-up) Beatles, and the most influential rock band of all time, Led Zeppelin.

High amounts of death (John Lennon, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Bon Scott, Ian Curtis), not to mention Blondie's "Call Me" stopping disco from dying like it should have earlier that year and the release of some of the worst music videos of all time (example: "I Will Follow" by U2).

This is the year when Led Zeppelin ended, John Bonham, John Lenon, Bon Scott, Keith moon died


The year Chicago released "If You Leave Me Now". Enough said.


The Day the Music Died and Elvis getting drafted are reason enough for 1959 to be here.


The year nu metal first got popular...

Mase was raps hottest star that just says something


The Beatles broke up and we lost Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.


Not when many amazing albums are released in this year alone.

This was the time disco went full-blast and they rigged the UK charts the week "God Save the Queen" went #1 so that Rod Stewart, ONE YEAR before he released his worst to date, reigned again.


The UK saw 12 different #1 hits. Some were brilliant (especially the Shadows' "Wonderful Land"), but in June, we had a real STINKER, Mike Sarne and Wendy Richard's "Come Outside". 1961 wasn't bad, though.

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