Pretty Girls - Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea


"Pretty Girls" has a rather ostensible meaning behind it, covered up by some really nasal singing. Essentially, as the title suggests, you just need to be really pretty to be liked, otherwise you're not going anywhere in life. Awful singing, awful meaning, and just plain awful cosmetics in the video, calls for one of the worst songs of 2015.

The only thing that's good is the instrumental, but even that's barely touching the surface.

2/10 - Awful - Sxerks

To anybody who thinks Britney should "just give up already" because "nobody likes her anymore," that's terrible. I mean, what should she do? Curl up and die because you don't think she's cool? Commit suicide because she can never go back to her teen star glory days? The worst thing she's ever done is make cheesy pop songs, but she's gotten more hate from the public than Michael Vick got for torturing dogs. No wonder she had a mental breakdown in the 2000s. People seriously need to give it a rest; hating Britney Spears is so 2002.

There are honestly a ton of flaws with this song;
The beat is catchy, but don't forget it's literally Fancy's with a chime added, and not the same notes being repeated the same time for three minutes.
Lyrics ruined it in it's entirety; We seriously did not need more songs that tell girls the already dying-out-of-existence "you need to be pretty to impress guys and be cool". Come on.
Britney's vocals are fine, but Iggy has that annoying accent that has been around for a lot of her songs.
And the music video ruins the popular culture of the 1980s, I don't need to get to that.
3/10. - Swellow

All around the world, ugly girls. Wipe the floor scare all the boys. - PrincessKiana

I actually still had some (imagine that word being spoken unsurely and doubtfully) respect for Britney... until she decided to sing (and I use this term loosely, as the random halfass monotone talking in this song can barely be described as singing) this song with probably the most hated, trashiest, least talented "rapper" of the century. Iggy needs to drag her plastic injected ass back to her kangaroo farm. AMERICA HATES YOU. but hey, at least she canceled her tour!

I hate this song. Burn it now. Seriously. NOW. - SwagFlicks

Of all the songs on this list, this is the one I've never seen anyone even try to defend. And for good reason. It's basically "Fancy", but without any of the saving graces of that song. The chorus is much worse, Iggy's rapping is abysmal, and the vocals/lyrics are annoying as hell.

This song is simply unlikable. Is this supposed to be a female-praising song? "Is it true that these men are from Mars? Is that why they be acting bizarre? " It is a song from 2015 that tries to sound old. - madoog

This song implies that all you need in life is to be a pretty girl, then you will get whatever you want, and that if you're ugly, your life will suck.

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea are idiots.

Iggy Azalea truly is ruining hip-hop.

In the music video, I see Iggy and Britney about to be abducted by Aliens, I'm like, take them please take them to another planet so I'll never have to see them again

Britney Spears used to be good, but now she's just unbearable. And of course she had to bring Iggy Azalea over to ruin her career in general.

Britney is dead to me. Also this is a boring ripoff of "Fancy".

Iggy Azalea wanted to enjoy her 2014's success by doing another song, but this one is not good. I don't think that the problem is Britney. I didn't even listen to it entirely. - etienne_ee

Britney needs to retire, especially since she's reached such a low in her career that she's working with Iggy.

This song sends negative messages. Its heavily auto-tuned. I admit its catchy, but that's not the point. The lyrics are cliche, etc, etc.

It's offensive to pretty people. (Aka anyone other than Iggy and Brittney) - AnonymousChick

(Sung to the Tune of "Pretty Girls")

All around the world, teenage girls

Get brainwashed with this

this is a lame attempt

To make Britney relevant

Hey, did you know that down in LA

They play this song there all day

The people there have to pay

To stop this song from playing!

Windows go up

Speakers go down

Suicides go up

When this song's around

I know you can hear us

Why don't you like us?


This song spreads bad messages

To all the teenagers and kids

That in order to get along


Iggy was only known

for Fancy and that Black Widow

So they paired her up with Britney!

Why do people hate this song so?

Cause it really just blows!

The background music is slow

This is an all-time low


In this entire world

There is ...more - Spark_Of_Life

Done it again Britney, sold out for money, as for Azalea well just stop rapping it really doesn't suit you.

This song is awful. It is basically a Fancy rehash. 5 year old girls could have wrote a better song.

Teaching girls that they need to be pretty and nothing more? Wow such great role models...

Neither of them are pretty in the slightest! Also why is Britney still making music!?

Girls don't need to be pretty, this is so stupid.

Britney, honey, your better than this! You don't need to be working with trash like iggy!

This song shows girls that only "pretty girls" win in life