Top Ten Meals/Buckets on the KFC Menu

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The Top Ten

1 Boneless Banquet Boneless Banquet
2 Mighty Bucket for One Mighty Bucket for One
3 Family Feast Family Feast
4 Wicked Variety Bucket Wicked Variety Bucket
5 Dipping Boneless Feast Dipping Boneless Feast
6 Original Piece Meals Original Piece Meals
7 Boneless Meals Boneless Meals
8 Fillet Box Meal Fillet Box Meal
9 Zinger Meal Zinger Meal
10 Fillet Double Down Meal

The Contenders

11 Snackbox
12 Fillet Burrito Meal
13 Zinger Box Meal
14 Zinger Tower Box Meal
15 Megabox
16 Lunchbox