Top 10 Best And Most Useful Triggers In Geometry Dash

I already made a "Top Ten Most Useless Triggers, so I'm making this lost also.

I'm keeping this list self moderated because I don't want non-triggers on this list.
The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

The Top Ten

1 Move Trigger

The main reason 2.0 was great. This is the trigger I use most often. - Solacress

2 Alpha Trigger

Far away from being the best, since the move trigger is just too great. It's probably the second best trigger. - Solacress

3 Touch Trigger

Without it and the collision trigger, it would be almost impossible to make minigames. - Solacress


4 Collision Trigger

Without it and the touch trigger, it would be almost impossible to make minigames. - Solacress

I love IT - Bigandbagguy

5 Toggle trigger

Without this trigger, there would be so many things you wouldn't be able to do. - Solacress

YES YA - Bigandbagguy

6 Count Trigger

This one is useful for a lot of reasons. - Solacress

I can't USE IT THAT WELL - Bigandbagguy

7 Instant Count Trigger

It's not higher than Count because of how confusing it is to use. - Solacress

THIS TRIGGER sucks - Bigandbagguy

8 Rotate Trigger

It's really glitchy, but otherwise it's great. - Solacress

9 Follow Player Y Trigger

Perfect for bossfights and the like. - Solacress

10 On Death Trigger

It can do some cool stuff. - Solacress