Most Addictive Video Game Genres


The Top Ten

1 Fighting

They are fun but can be addictive at times - ElSherlock

2 First-Person Shooter


Best overall genre. I mean, when you've got games like Overwatch, Farcry, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Borderlands, etc, you're not too shabby.

3 Role-Playing

Nothing beats World of Warcraft. - Kenny_McCormick

Man, I must have spent at least like more than 1500 hours on these games, especially MMORPGs. Good times.

4 2-D Platform

2D precision platformers such as VVV, Super Meat Boy, and Celeste are some of the most satisfying and rewarding games out there. They're also really dang fun to speedrun. - Atham

5 Action
6 Puzzle

Portal has to be the best game of this genre.

Who doesn't like Tetris right? - Kenny_McCormick

7 Hack 'n Slash
8 Action-Adventure

So many good games in this genre. Games with the best stories and gameplay in gaming.

9 Adventure
10 Open World

There's so much to do and explore in these games that you can easily sink hundreds of hours into them - Atham

The Contenders

11 Battle Royale

It was fun and addictive until Fortnite came along.

12 Shoot 'Em Up
13 Sports
14 Stealth

Best RPG sub-genre!

16 Beat 'Em Up
17 Horror
18 Simulation
19 Real-Time Strategy
20 Educational

Is it weird that I like this Genre? - Rainbowkid38

21 Rhythm
22 Survival

This might be the most addictive genre - ElSherlock

My favorite of them all for sure. Games like The Forest, Subnautica, Rust, Stranded Deep, Mist Survival and Ark have kept me occupied and entertained for so many hours.

23 Sandbox

The open-ended nature of sandbox games give them infinite replayability. Games like Minecraft are incredibly addicting. - Atham

24 Third-Person Shooter
25 3-D Platformer
26 Dating Simulators
27 Match-3
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1. Action
2. Role-Playing
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