Top 10 African Hip-Hop Recording Artist

Since Hip hop reached Senegal Many Young Talented Artist rolled to this Genre and some prove the best and not but all trying are best,This is list of some Hip hop Artist just some...please add who you konow best.

The Top Ten

1 Sarkodie (Ghanian) Sarkodie (Ghanian)

Sarkodie is song Pain Killer is good so is Rap - Stella23

Sarkodie Rap Style seem Homely and that is the beauty of Hip hop...we need Originalyt - Minajlessor

2 Lil Wine (Tanzanian) Lil Wine (Tanzanian)

This Artist from Tanzania his melody is good he still strugles with finding high punch line... - Minajlessor

He is best - Alexdonphy

As most Tanzania Rappers strugle with changing rap swagy to laime with fans Lil Wine stay onlinw doing same rap flow...base on originality - Stella23

3 Mode 9 (Nigerian) Mode 9 (Nigerian)

Mode 9 got that swag influence listeners - Alexdonphy

Insipirational Artist - Stella23

4 Proverb (South Africa) Proverb (South Africa)

I love proverb - Stella23

5 M.anifest (Nigerian) M.anifest (Nigerian)

The Artist is good I like is appearance - Alexdonphy

6 Tumi (South Africa) Tumi (South Africa)
7 L-Tido (South Africa) L-Tido (South Africa)
8 Shukid (Kenyan) Shukid (Kenyan)
9 AKA (South Africa) AKA (South Africa)
10 M.I (Nigerian) M.I (Nigerian)
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