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1 Jumbo

He may be awesome, but I still think he's #1 I'm watching his video RIGHT NOW

Can you teach me


I have watched Jumbo videos on youtube. Jumbo is amazing! Jumbo is great at solo and teams. Jumbo should be #1

2 Wun Wun

he is pro?

Wunwun only quit because of teaming

He's the best

WunWun is better than Jumbo much better.

3 TYT Sirius (TYT Clan)

He is better then jumbo

He is the best

TYT Sirius is the leader of the TYT Clan. He knows how to splitrun but all he does is team with his fellow TYT members. He does do solo but he's not good at it. - FireFrost

I like him much. I'm in the Clan and he is so friendly and nice. With him is every game awesome.My name:ƬψƬ ☢尺工Ᵽ† ₦Ø℣丹.


He is god at it

PUMBA should be 1

Pumba is just pure skill! He can play well in solo and is also good in teaming up with Chick...

PUMBA is a really good player and he likes to team up with CHICK. They make trolling or gameplay videos. Overall they're really good. - FireFrost

5 Arcade Go

He should be number one, imean he's only been around for 1,2 years and everbody posts their nickname as AG Love AGAGAG, AG don't do it and all the other stuff


Arcade Go is a decent player. He is good at teaming and good at solo. Overall he is a good player. - FireFrost

He is great at io games

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6 Ward TNT (Ward TNT Clan)

Ward is the leader of the Ward TNT Clan and he likes to team. He is like Sirius but he doesn't have as much skill. He knows how to splirun but like Sirius, he isn't good at solo. - FireFrost

7 Hero Koji - Leader (Hero Clan)

Koji is the Leader of the Hero clan and is really good. He likes to team with his clan members but he isn't good at solo. - FireFrost

8 ETZesty (and Dandy)

He is a really good player and he likes to team with Dandy. He is good at teaming but he isn't good at solo. - FireFrost

9 Kolibri

Best player everrr

Hello kolibri

Kolibri is an awesome player and his youtube channel is cool too.

Kolibri is an all around great player he is good at solo and he is ok at teaming but I think he should be at least 6th

10 Rest in Pieces

We played with R.I.P. so much time together. He/she is player who understands teamate without words. I learned from him/her in agario so much. Thank you!

One of the best players in Team.

He is the best

The Newcomers

? Teckytoicriss

He is a not so young player who really is a good teamate and when you turn against him he make you pay the price - franckyrock

The Contenders

11 Smash

Best player ever

This guy is the best man

This guy should be in top 3

This guy is so good he is number one all the time

12 TZ

Best 2017 team gamemode ever! I think he should be first.


Teams with gid


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13 Toxicities

I think whoever plays this one is pretty good and nice. The much larger cells tend to bully him or her a lot. That's probably why he or she does pretty much the same thing. Not the best player, but definitely not the worst.

Overall, Toxicities is a pretty good player. Some bad moments, but also some epic moments as well.

AKA nuguns4169

14 Ghost-TYT


He should be 1

Ghost should be in the top 5

15 Bubblebalz

Awesome! He is the best!

The Best

This is the best player in the world

He should be #1 because he is pretty good at popsplits and solo.

16 King

The best player


He loves to play teammode everyday. He's a decent player, very professional with teammode but he's good at teaming.

17 Sirius

He is a really good player. He makes videos on solo and bots/hack. He is a decent player. - FireFrost

19 Doge

Doge is a really good player and usually uses a dog skin

20 Phoenix

He is really good at teaming but not that good at solo
he is the next classy

21 Nahz
22 Applew

Okay at solo, great at teaming

The worst

23 Scorpion

I think the best player in the world or at least top 5 is scorpion and I als thing slash should be at least top 30 or 35

Scorpion is the best player in the world in my opinion or at least top 5

24 The R0$e Queen

Teamer for sure

The R0$e Queen is skilled at teaming, but doesn't like nonamers

25 master OV


26 ZT
27 Datgirl
28 Magarro

Magarro is a good player. He isn't that good at teaming but he is decent at solo. Overall he is a player that is above average. - FireFrost

29 Hero
30 whitelighting
31 Nirm Alya
32 Girls Power

Good at making teams and destroys teams but also good at solo

34 Aram
35 AFG Clan

Free mass because Big hacka and B eat them and give the mass to some noob that dies quickly. - Daxter

Some of the most pro players ever. Always on the leaderboard

36 Rose Queen
37 porus

The best in agario

38 The Brand tm

Haven’t seen anyone better. Solo he can dominate. And when Teaming, you might as well quit

Seen on Agarport. Always killing me. Teamed once with him and immediately made to top. He carried me. Doesn’t talk much

39 TYT


40 BlackBird

MICHAEL Bloomberg television's first year old

41 The_Hunter

He is a decent player, not very skilled with solo but he is good at teaming.

42 Assault

Very good player, can splitrun and is also good at solo

43 Army [blackbird]

He is Awesome


44 Dru Tremayne

Very skilled good at teaming but better solo

45 Aruga
46 Apple
47 RYT

He is good

48 Neiker


49 KeiNer
50 RarityIV

RarityIV is a YouTuber and a Agario/Agar style game MASTER. He has mastered all skills and can do 360 tricksplit for more than 3 minutes. He is very fast and very thoughtful when it comes to teaming. He mostly likes to play with bots as it's very rare for someone to play like his style. He plays in a unique style and should be considered as top 5 best players in the world. He may not be heard of much but is mostly online in game. He is good at solo but not as good as teaming. Go ahead and subscribe to his channel: RarityIV.

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