Best Albums from the Band Isis

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Panopticon Panopticon Product Image

Didn't know ISIS made music as well - darthvadern

Oceanic Oceanic Product Image
Celestial Celestial Product Image

This album is so underrated. Its probably their loudest and most abrasive, but that's exactly why I love it. I love Panopticon, because it focuses more on melody and atmosphere, but sometimes, I couldn't care less about the melody and atmosphere and want something big and loud to headbang to, as well as to purge myself of all my negative feelings. - Slipperyjack40

Wavering Radiant Wavering Radiant Product Image
In the Absence of Truth In the Absence of Truth Product Image
SGNL›05 SGNL›05 Product Image
Temporal Temporal Product Image
The Red Sea The Red Sea Product Image
The Mosquito Control EP The Mosquito Control EP Product Image
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