Top Ten Albums You Should Listen to If You Want to Get Into German Language Music

The Top Ten Albums You Should Listen to If You Want to Get Into German Language Music

Sehnsucht - Rammstein

I don't know German. But I enjoy their songs. - zxm

(Because it always immediatdly vanishes):


Simply put: No, it isn’t. Rammstein have a LOT more to offer. Their lyrics, while mostly centering around dark and sometimes perverted themes, are highly poetic and intelligent in nature, and are often open for interpretation. Sometimes they cleverly interpolate elements of classic German literature and folk tales. "Der alte Mann" on the surface is a cryptic tale of an old man and his hand fan, but on another level this stands metaphorically for religion and the bible, at least that's the common interpretation. "Bück dich" indeed is a song of sexual nature, but it isn't as vulgar as it sounds. The overall tone of the lyrics is vague and even sad and desperate at some points, and often surreal. Till Lindemann of Rammstein is a poet and has published books collecting his poetry. There are entire websites dedicated to the careful analysis and interpretation of Rammstein lyrics. On the surface, ...more - Martin_Canine

Verschwende Deine Zeit - Silbermond
King - Kollegah

This is the best German rap album of all time in my opinion and is a perfect representation of what modern German hip hop is all about. However, the lyrics of the album are very advanced, not only for a gangsta rap album, but in general. Not only does this album include extremely intelligent word play, the overall vocabulary is huge. But it is a perfect example of an acclaimed and popular German rap album by an extremely influental rapper.
Sido's album "Ich und meine Maske" would be great for hip hop fans still learning German, as it has more straightforward and simple, yet still meaningful lyrics. It is an excellent representation of German hip hop in the '00s, while Kollegah's album is an archetypical yet brilliant hip hop album of the 2010s. - Martin_Canine

Zimmer 483 - Tokio Hotel
Nina Hagen Band - Nina Hagen Band
Von Hier an Blind - Wir Sind Helden
Ich + Ich - Ich + Ich
Ich Und Meine Maske - Sido
Feuer Und Flamme - Nena
Es Ist Juli - Juli

The Contenders

Xoxo - Casper
Mutter - Rammstein

While their first two albums "Herzeleid" and "Sehnsucht" were extremely explicit and controversial despite the artsy lyrics, "Mutter" is more emotionally heavy than in any way inappropriate, but nevertheless it centers around topics such as a clone's yearning for motherly love, child death, fear of the dark, and racism. - Martin_Canine

Die Bestie in Menschengestalt - Die Ärzte
Laut Gedacht - Silbermond
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