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1 Fantasy

I would buy this song in claro music but is too damn expensive

This song it's amazing!

I'm amazed with this song at number 1, it clearly deserves since it is the most iconic song by aldo nova

I reckon this is its more detailed song.
That fantastic introduction tells all. - 80sGreatestOffice

2 Ball and Chain

How many nights, how many days do I wait here for you
Have you long forgotten all the things we'd said
And how many times must I let the phone ring, just to get you
Could it be that now this love has long gone dead
No oh No - Thought it hasn't been so long
No oh No - I'm sure you're feelin's gone and then
Love, Love feels like a ball and chain
What a fool I've been to fall in love again
Love, Love when will it ever end
I don't think that I can ever love again
Well how many nights, have I stayed by the phone just to hear from you and
Could it be that I just wanna hear you say
That all of this time you'd been thinkin' alone
Wonderin' what to do
And that I love you is all you wanna say
Love, Love feels like a ball and chain
What a fool I've been to fall in…

This song, I searched it for years...
Now it's with me again! - LilytARG

This 80's masterpiece should be more than higher...

Very breathless track

3 Under the Gun

Not a masterpiece song but stills a decent classic

This is a good song and it should be number 2 at least if no the best number 1 here.

This song's title, remind me a lot of 'Under The Bridge Downtown' by Red Hot Peppers. by the way... I have to go with this one.

Great song

4 Blood On the Bricks

This song remembers me a lot of Bon Jovi's HARDEST PART IS THE NIGHT

Awesome song

Awesome beginning

Should battle vs fantasy for the top place.

5 Foolin' Yourself

So, so great song. I wonder why it cannot get a search for the opportunity of be number 1 contestant

Ye this should be number 1 not fantasye

Such a underrated one :(

6 Monkey On Your Back

My favorite aldo nova's job.

For be honest, this is my favorite song by Aldo Nova but I reckon that Fantasy is way better than this song. - RW700


One of the most resonin songs in the eighties

7 Rumors of You

True, this is his best song for the moment.

Indeed my boy.

This song is perfect in many ways

Too good for be only 4 and not to enter in the Top 3

8 Hot Love

I gosh above all this but I regret every kinda unique song I could hear in sometimes and this song ain't the prerogative! I would like to see it mostly at number 4 before to seen it at 8 which doesn't it help so much.

Awesome song

Yes, it incredible song!

This song is a great song, I think it would enter in the top 5.

9 Always Be Mine

This song will be always on my heart.

In mine too. I Agree wit h this

10 You're My Love

I love this power ballad song.

This is my favorite song of all time no question...

This is one my favorite songs from the 1980's

mine too

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