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1 Fantasy

I reckon this is its more detailed song.
That fantastic introduction tells all. - 80sGreatestOffice

Fantasy is the most recognized song by Aldo Nova, but it also has good elements from the 80s music that completes this song a lot! So, it is very well in number 1 - RW700

Great music, and I meet this song for the first time on my brother's birthday party!

2 Foolin' Yourself
3 Monkey On Your Back

My favorite aldo nova's job.

For be honest, this is my favorite song by Aldo Nova but I reckon that Fantasy is way better than this song. - RW700

4 Rumors of You

Too good for be only 4 and not to enter in the Top 3

5 Blood On the Bricks

His greatest hit I'm pretty sure of that. Such a Good Song

This is one of the greatest Rock songs of all time, why did even it isn't on top possitions?

¿ why is this not first?

6 Always Be Mine
7 Hot Love
8 You're My Love
9 Under the Gun
10 Ball and Chain

Definitely very awesome for be only the top 10 stuff here

Oh just no. 10? really? I think this song would be it more higher up!

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1. Foolin' Yourself
2. You're My Love
3. Ball and Chain
1. Fantasy
2. Foolin' Yourself
3. Monkey On Your Back


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