Yep Would #1 and Nutshell #2. Graduated in 98 from a tight nit suburb city of Cleveland Ohio, Last of the Rockers/jocks/everyone. We ruled our class. Just seen some old friends at a funeral. One of our old buddies, HW state wrestling champ, Good/football/player, good looking kid. Chains just puts things at ease and perspective. Life goes by fast, remember to love, laugh and hold on to those cherished memories

Absolutely the best song of all time. Layne Staley was a genius. The harmonies that only he and Jerry Cantrell could create were brilliance. I will miss the old Alice until the day that I die. Got Me Wrong should definitely be in this lost. Brother too...

Agreed, this song fits the crown very well. Song is so beautiful and intense. This song creates total atmosphere of depression.. Layne Staley voice makes you shiver.. Amazing lyrics, had hard time figuring out the meaning though - Murk

It's both subtle and distinctively striking simultaneously, this song truly conveys the versatility of the grunge genre, it is a mantelpiece work from a well accomplished band. Easily their best, just ahead of Man in the Box.

This song carries the memory of the fallen members of grunge rock. Andrew Wood, Cobain, Mike Starr, etc


I thought the same thing at first. But I think I misread it as something like "RIP to all the fallen grunge rock members" or something, because what they're saying is this song is about all those people. Don't worry I misread it, too - Co0lk1d25

You forgot Layne Staley. The lead singer of the band on this list... - Duality

The first Alice in Chains song I ever listened too. Was instantly hooked. Hadn't even though twice about the band before I listened to this song. So dark yet beautiful takes me on a trip every time.

This is more than just a song, it's a testament of a generation born in an era of indecision, even the title suggests it.

Where is "Got Me Wrong" on this list, that's my favorite, but "Would? " kicks mucho ass too. Just saw these guys in February and going to see'em again in October.

Layne Staley's powerful, angst-filled lyrics are the center of the song, accompanied by a chugging bass riff and a great guitar part. By far the best AiC song - ToolFan4

Best album closer of all time. These guys know how to do it. They didn't try to write some stupid epic, they just delivered a dynamite song that is hard to describe.

Such a great song. The rhythm changes, vocals are outstanding, the lyrics simply resonate. Everything about this song is awesome.

Well for one, it's one of my favorite non-metal songs to play on the drums. It also sounds really awesome all around, and it's a hell of a way to end an album

I like that this song was written for someone who overdosed yet Stanley killed himself the same way. "AM I WWRRONGG?!?! HAVE I RUN TO FAR TO GET HOME?!? "

This song is so good. Great lyrics great beat. Definitely better than man in the box

Song is awesome and the video reminds us of how powerful Layne's personality was when healthy.

I'm glad this is their number 1 although it isn't their most famous song.

This is the my favorite song it of all music it definitely should stay number 1 it's the best

This song is better than "Man In The Box" don't even see an argument, much more melodic.

How WOULD anyone not think this is number one? THe perfect way to end the album.

Frogs is their best song but this is second and way better than Man in the box.

This is like choosing from my children but this one wins it's so perfect

Definitely one of the best. Very haunting considering what it's about.

Best song off the best album. Man in the Box is so close as second

Great song, second favourite would have to down in a hole

Best rock song EVER, not just AiC. From the best rock album ever. A lot of songs would be tied for number two in my opinion.