Best Alicia Keys Songs

The Top Ten Best Alicia Keys Songs

1 Fallin'

The lyrics are so real something we can all relate to. The voice, mh you are really talented. I can't believe its been 10 yrs already! Keep up the Good work to me you are Legend.

Trademark Alicia Keys song, God bless you, your fam. & every single acquaintance that you pick & choose. Safe travel's & performances sunshine. -Joe Rod. LI NY

First song of her's I've ever listened to and I have to say I love it! Everybody knows this song and everybody loves it! This song was very popular when it first came out.. Love Alicia Keys! X

Best song ever... Not just Alicia, but in general. This song constantly gets stuck in my head and I love when that happens. Even through this song is older now its still amazing and you can still hear it playing on the radio. This was the fist song I learned all the words to... That's when I was four!

2 No One

I think this song as well should be number one it's my favourite song by her
She should be on the list for
Best female singer

i think this song should be in number 1. it's my favorite song

I remember this song from when I was little, I used to sing it all the time with my mom. We would blast in the car and then sing along with it! It brings back so many good memories. I love this song

The simplicity of her piano chords and her complexity of vocal range matched with the lyrics and her styling make this piece an instant classic

3 Girl on Fire

Awesome song... Great background music... Especially the hum..

Girl on Fire is such an empowering song. It tells you how girls are awesome, and can do anything in this world. At first I thought it was about someone bursting into flames, but when I saw the video I realized it was much more then that.

This song should definitely be number one it is absolutely amazing and with nikki minaj rapping in it its flawless alecia keys is an amazing singer.

Love alicia, most influent person in the world for Mr. anyway great song

4 If I Ain't Got You

This is my all- time favorite song and the words get more and more meaningful as time passes

Wow! I really like this song, its remind me of my best friend who pass away bec. Of the typhoon Sendong last Dec 17, 2011! I like him playing piano to this beautiful song!

! What a great song! I could sing it all day! It should be the number 1 favorite! It's better than all of the other songs. It's one of my all-time favorite songs Alicia Keys sang. Alicia Keys, you're awesome! Love you!

"Some people live for the fortune."
The best song of Alicia Keys forever! Perfect melody, perfect lyrics.

5 Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)

This song really sets the mood and it never gets old. Its just one of those songs that you have to listen to all the time because its so addictiing! This my definitely favorite song of hers.

Great job Drake, the lyrics are spectacular, and the beat is so soothing... You can listen to it in any mood... It's very unique- I've never felt so attached to a song (and the funny thing is that I listen to rap only)... Beautiful voice Alicia!

This should be at least in the top 2. Only one that can top this are Fallin. Great song, great message. The video makes you fall in love with the song even more. Although "No One" has more of a better vocal performance, this song is even more beautiful because of it's message and emotion. Love it

Amazing song! I never get tire of it!
Alicia has lots of amazing songs but this one is probably my favorite!

6 Empire State of Mind, Pt. II Broken Down

Going to see her at the Houston Rodeo
I'm country but I love her songs, it can't get better than that. Oh yea if you see a Astro Hat, a Texans Jersey, and a Earl Campbell Jacket from Houston Oilers you found this cowgirl.

7 Empire State of Mind

Come on how come this is not listed in the Alicia keys list at all? This is one of her best songs and sounds so beautiful, other than the rap though.

How can it not be included in the list?

Just the feeling is amazing.

What New York is all about.

8 Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart

Her best song by far. It's absolutely heartbreaking and I love how she tried something different with the synths. Excellent vocals too!

This song is similar to Like You'll Never See Me Again, in that it is glossy and polished in a synthesized, poppy way. But it's production is effective -- thundering yet subtle, and incredibly moving. This song captures Alicia's heartbreak beautifully, in a way that won't be soon forgotten.

This Song is a dangerous drug for your ears and your soul. The wonderful voice of Alicia you can hear in this Song very Good, also the percussionist is near to Perfektion.
For me is Not only the best Song of Alicia, but also the best r'n'b Song ever and One of the best Ten Song in the Pop History.

For me this is her best song at least this appeals to me better than even "Girl on Fire".

9 Holy War

Beautiful. The lyrics speak to me in a way I can't explain

10 Brand New Me

This song is so powerful and beautiful, it's perfect. Should be in the top 3 at least

This song is worthy of top ten

The Contenders

11 Fire We Make
12 Like You'll Never See Me Again

THIS SONG IS SO BEAUTIFUL, I really love its lyrics, I think it's a lesson for everyone, when you love someone, love him like you'll never see him again. S

The amount of emotion this song is unbeatable. This song should be #1.

This song speaks to the soul. It should number one for sure!


13 New Day

Hope this song rises up, because Alicia ma'am is very magnetic : both audio and video are.

I like this song very much it makes me scream

What the hell! New day is here?! Come on!

14 A Woman's Worth
15 You Don't Know My Name

One of the best songs ever, especially with the genius of Kanye West on the production!

I could listen to this all day. Everyone who was associated with this song did an fantastic job.

One of her best and super relatable


16 Superwoman

This is an amazing song. It shows how strong women R. Its also very inspirational

I personally love this song

This is probably one of the most empowering songs of the decade!

It is an amazing song. You just get on with the music and sing.

Powerful and very Inspirational... A must-have for every lady...

17 Unbreakable
18 Butterflyz

I can't belive no one likes this song
This is alicia key's FIRST SONG!

19 Goodbye
20 Diary

She uses her vocals extremely well in this song. Been listening to this non-stop. Amazing!

Love the rhythm and her voice is beautiful and powerful. Love it!

This song is super pretty and very well written

21 Karma

Really rocks... Top 10 material

22 Tears Always Win

I just recently heard this song and I fell in love with this song at that instant moment

Amazing, beautiful lyrics, and a sad sad feeling... One of the best

One of the best love songs

This song is so beautiful and touching! I love the old timey jazz feel.

23 It's On Again

Great song about overcoming odds, and triumph over the overwhelming enemy.

24 Doesn't Mean Anything

This is the only song that I thought about in a dificult moment of my life. Must be her top 1.

Excellent combination of Piano and beats along with Alicia's impeccable vocal ability makes the song deserve at least a spot in top 10...

Awesome, don't understand why it's not at least number 5

So emotionally connected - never fails to move me

25 Wreckless Love

Could you give me one off your c. D. E. Free, so I have your music, right back soon. R. S. V. P.?
I really like your songs, ^^ music? Please right back soon?

26 Tell You Something

I absolutely love this song, it is so heartfelt and emotional, should be in the top 10

27 New York

Awesome song by alicia... !

Great Song

28 A Place of My Own

This isn't a Alicia Keys song.

29 In Common

Such a beautiful song, might not be the best compared to Fallin' and Girl on Fire. But it's Latin-inspired and shows different parts of Alicia than the rest.

30 My Boo

One of the best collaboration ever just the heart an emotion I the song says it all. If you ever loved someone or somebody play this song to let them know how you feel.

I love it

31 The Thing About Love

This song is a beautiful combination of a slow beat, piano and Alicia Keys ever so lovely voice. The lyrics and tune speak to the soul and I recommend this song as a soothing and emotional piece of music with a powerrful ending. Not sure why this song is so low on the list. Vote it up!

32 We Are Here

The best work by Alicia, for me thou! So cool.

33 Teenage Love Affair

26? Oh come on. It should be top 5.

LOVE IT! Make me thingking about my ex

34 Powerful Ft. Jussie Smollett

It's not her best but, it's one of her good songs. Jussie and her voice is amazing and so powerful in this song. I really can't believe a person's voice can sound so pretty in a way like her voice does in this song. Bravo to empire cast and Alicia. Hope it goes high in this list.

35 Another Way to Die

Also, Looking for Paradise. From the ones showed here, Another Way to Die is my favorite. But then again I am not an Alicia Keys fan, so...

36 Go Ahead

Alicia, I'm Sorry can You please Forgive me For the Last time.

Best song ever

37 Trouble
38 Put It In a Love Song

This song must be number 1

39 This Bed
40 Wait Til You See My Smile
41 Someday We'll All Be Free

Alicia does a wonderful rendition of Donny's song. Really does it well and I'm surprised it's not on this list at all. Deserves a spot in the top 10 in my opinion.

42 When It's All Over

This is my song! I feel free when I listen to it! Alicia Keys you're the best!

43 The Gospel

This song is the best song on the album HERE, it's so my jam

44 Why Do I Feel So Sad
45 Hallelujah

This should be in a better position.

46 Samsonite Man
47 Not Even the King
48 Distance and Time

This song really speaks to us it should be in the top 5

This song is the best the lyrics speak to you

49 Limitedless

Just has a really catchy tune!

50 The Life
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