Best Alter Bridge and Creed Albums

Before you turn on caps lock and and say "this list is useless and a waste of time" let me just say that i made this list 1. for my own entertainment and 2. because both bands consist of mostly the same members the only difference between the two bands is the singers Scott Stapp was for Creed and Myles Kennedy was for Alter Bridge both of these bands in my opinion are at least descent Alter Bridge is amazing however Creed isn't as good however they are not "the worst band of all time"

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1 Blackbird - Alter Bridge

Yup. The best one.

Wonderful album when the members of this band were in Creed they were talented however they didn't showcase their full potential not saying Creeds albums are bad but they aren't as good as this album is in my opinion this album is the best thing these guys ever did and their full potential was shown off in this album which is basically flawless in my opinion one of the best Hard Rock albums of the 2000s. The title track is their best song. - christangrant

The title track alone makes this album worth it. Fortress and Blackbird are easily my #1 and #2 respectively. - cjWriter1997

2 Fortress - Alter Bridge

This was my introduction to the band. Yes, I'm this lucky! Since then I took a deep dive into all of theirs and also Creed and Myles&Slash but this one is still the top for me from them. Only Blackbird came closer than a flea's shadow. Never took it by songs, always in a whole...

This is my favorite Alter Bridge album. They absolutely blew me away with this one. - cjWriter1997

This album is very good and was much better than ABIII, The highlights of this album are Cry of Achilles, Addicted to Pain, Calm the Fire, and the title track - christangrant

3 One Day Remains - Alter Bridge

After Creed disbanded 3 members joined up with Myles Kennedy to form Alter Bridge and this album was their first and still one of their best it's not perfect but it does contain Metalingus which was WWE wrestler Edge's theme song and it also has In Loving Memory Broken Wings and Open Your Eyes some of the bands best songs. - christangrant

4 AB III - Alter Bridge

Their best in my opinion.

Out of all of AB's albums this one is probable my least favorite but it's still very good with songs like Isolation, - christangrant

5 The Last Hero - Alter Bridge

The newest album from AB and it is very good not their best though songs like Show Me a Leader, My Champion and The Title Track are the highlights. - christangrant

6 Human Clay - Creed

My first Creed album, it's excellent. Hoping to collect some more.

This album was certified Diamond in the USA it contains Higher and With Arms Wide Open two of Creeds most popular songs and to be honest two of their best songs. - christangrant

7 My Own Prison - Creed

I disagree I think this is Creed's best album. - Soulstealer

This to me is the weakest album from Creed mainly because its was forgettable but not awful What's This Life For? , Torn, Unforgiven and the title track are good songs. - christangrant

8 Full Circle - Creed

Out of all the Creed albums this one is thankfully the least hated out of all them however critics hate this album and honestly I don't know why because this is their best album because they went with a much heavier and darker sound their their previous 3 albums, Overcome and Bread of Shame are my favorite songs from Creed because both of them are among their heaviest of songs. - christangrant

9 Weathered - Creed

This album, definitely sounds like penis

While this did have some weak songs it still has some of the best songs that Creed has to offer with songs like Bullets, My Sacrifice, One Last Breath and several more. - christangrant

"This is not about sex...SEX! " - cjWriter1997

10 With Arms Wide Open: A Retrospective - Creed

I only put this here because of the rarities disc and I need a filler item. - christangrant

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1. My Own Prison - Creed
2. Fortress - Alter Bridge
3. Blackbird - Alter Bridge
1. Blackbird - Alter Bridge
2. One Day Remains - Alter Bridge
3. Fortress - Alter Bridge


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