Top 10 Most Amazingly Overpowered Gameplay Mechanics in Video Games

PLEASE NOTE: This list does not include things such as weapons and glitches
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1 Flying - Kirby

In other words, Kirby can fly right over quite-nearly all of the enemies and levels of his games

2 New Game Plus - Chrono Trigger

As if this game's combat isn't already completely too easy in normal playthroughs of it,
New Game Plus allows you to have completely over-leveled characters 100% of the time

3 Parrying - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Basically, this mechanic is a "Super Block" that is more difficult than normal blocking; if the Street Fighter franchise was more realistic and balanced than it actually is, then this mechanic probably would simply reduce the amount of chip damage that blocking attacks causes, but since the Street Fighter franchise is as utterly cartoonish and nonsensical as it is, this mechanic causes EVERY attack that it gets used on to deal EXACTLY zero points of damage (most-notably projectile attacks, which it causes to become almost-completely useless). This mechanic thankfully was (mostly) scrapped in Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 in order to prevent Ryu's infamous Hadoken spamming and the like from becoming completely obsolete, but human error is one of THE only things that prevent it from making Third Strike's characters completely invincible

4 Its Combat System - Undertale
5 Super Punching - Super Punch-Out (SNES)
6 Magic - The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Healing: Can give its users nearly infinite amounts of health
Impact: Can very-easily be used as a stun-locker (not only on enemies, but also on BOSSES)
Destruction: Basically is an elemental bow that has unlimited arrows
Conjuration: Summons "helper" characters (which generally are extremely OP in modern Fallout/ES games)
Mind Control: Can make enemies unable to attack you

7 Whip Aiming - Super Castlevania 4

If you haven't played or seen Super Castlevania 4 and think that its combat is going to require the type of strategic prowess that the combat of Castlevania 1 and Castlevania 3 (Dracula's Curse) requires, then you definitely should think again; this game's version of Simon's whip makes this game's sub-weapons almost-completely pointless due to the fact that it can be swung up, forward, down AND diagonally, deals almost-comically large amounts of damage to both enemies and bosses, and even passes straight through walls and the like

8 Attack Dodging - Mario & Luigi
9 Wall Jumping - Super Metroid
10 Its Dodging/Blocking System - Super Smash Bros.
The Contenders
11 Gordon Freeman Being Able to Throw Things With the Gravity Gun - Half-Life 2
12 Its "Realistic" HP System - EarthBound

While this mechanic generally is completely useless during the early parts of EarthBound, it becomes EXTREMELY broken during the late parts of EarthBound; basically, this mechanic causes attacks that would instantly kill your party members in normal role-playing games to barely do anything to your party members as long as you can heal them or win the fights that "mortal damage" gets dealt to them during quickly enough

13 Jeff Being Able to Use Bottle Rockets and the Heavy Bazooka During Battles - EarthBound
14 The Aeion Abilities - Metroid: Samus Returns
15 Single, Double and Triple Techs - Chrono Trigger
16 Enemy Eating - Kirby
17 Mario Being Able to Fly Over Levels With the Cape Feather - Super Mario World
18 Tag Breaks - Advance Wars: Dual Strike
19 Samus Aran's Defense Stat Being Massively Increased by the Varia and Gravity Suits - Super Metroid
20 Samus Aran Being Able to Rapid-Fire Her Super Missiles - Super Metroid
21 Samus Aran Being Able to Combine Nearly All of Her Beam Upgrades Into One Unbelievably Overpowered Beam - Super Metroid
22 Cooking - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
23 Link Being Able to Stun-Lock Enemies with the Boomerang - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
24 Quote Being Able to "Charge His Laser" with the Spur - Cave Story
25 Peach's Vibes - Super Princess Peach
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