Rare Headdress


Headdresesses are rare to get. My animal jam BFF has a rare purple headdress but she got scammed from someone named penguin31864. Now she doesn't have any rares except non rare silver elf bracelets and a rare black long collar. But she been really sad and mopey since she got scammed. I'm not a member but please jag me so when I log on we can trade your headdress. Then my BFF will be fun and normal again (for stop being really mopey in warrior cat role plays) My username is kath66 and I got scammed from my rare green and purple bow.

Even when headdresses were still obtainable in the Forgotten Desert, I was never able to get one. Sure they were in stores once, but they aren't anymore and they are not in the adventure. That being said, they are beta and rare. Not only are they valuable in that category, but many jammers find them to be stylish. We should all agree that this is one of the most rare in Animal Jam.

If they are talking about the Rare Monday headdress, or the purple and white one, they are not very rare at all. At the very most, they are worth a bad short collar! You can easily obtain them at the Forgotten Desert by getting all the blue shards. If you're talking about the actual rare ones, like the pink headdress, those are worth 7 spiked longs!

It is way more rare than a shark fin do not know why it's not on top 10. I have one and every single person asks me for it

Headdresses are very hard items to obtain, people usually ask a lot for them, a purple and white headdress is normally worth a long collar, and " Original " headdresses are worth quite a lot more. They were both deleted from stores because of racial reasons and they won't be returning this makes their rarity rise.

I've always wanted a headdress because it seems rare and FOREVER to get one. But it may be the 14th rarest item or lower. It definitely should not be in the top ten. The pearly tiara is the rarest item in the game. It's okay if this person doesn't know every rare in animal jam. But a rare headdress? Really?

Honestly, it is indeed THE rarest and TOUGHEST item to get. Though I do not have it, I am willing to work even up to years to trade for it. I also have little knowledge on the rankings of all rare items, which is quite difficult. But anyway, never give up. When at first fails, try and try again. - BlancRuel

Guys do not be fooled by the fact it says rare, this item is very common, it was a rare item Monday. They are the most wanted item by tons of jammers, it is unbelievable how many people want it. It is very stylish and it is purple and white. So in conclusion, DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE RARE SIGN

Even though this use to be a old beta rare (Monday rare) now in days it's the rarest and the second rarest item is long spike collars rare the black spike is even with blue red yellow and orange and a headdress is probably worth 2 rare long black spike collars maybe even 3 dippends on color. The headdress can be found in eagle adventure probably 1 out of 50 and ALL spikes are like 10 out of 50

Okay, well I used to play Animal Jam when it first opened in 2011 all the way to some point in 2012, so I still have about 3 rare headdresses (Orange, pink, and maroon-green). I just started playing again, but what are they worth? Since I haven't played in years, I don't know what's a fair deal anymore.

Rare headresses are so hard to get I offer to trade my most rare items for that and nobody will budge I keep asking how they got one and the wont tell. it is super rare

That's because your trading stupid rares rare headdress r gone very low and the non rare r rarer

Rare headdresses are amazing! I once tried trading two rare spikes for them. Right away I was rejected! Every time I see one I go for but never ever will they say yes! Even when I add about 4 rare bows, 1 rare spike, and nerd glasses. They never say yes!

Not that rare the light pink is the rarest. It is actually ironic because the rare headdress is actually the least rarest of all headdresses. The normal beta headdresses should be here

WHOA WHOA WHOA! Okay sorry, your actually right whoever said non rare headdresses are worth way more, BUT STILL! Rare headdresses are still rare. I've been DIEING for one!

They are so awesome! But most people only want them for the looks. Though, it took me 2 YEARS to get one, you heard me 2 YEARS!

I have the rare light pink headdress. Got it for three rare black long spike collars, a rare purple headdress, a neon bow and arrow, and a rare long blue spike collar.

I have a rare headdress but no one trades fair. They all try necklaces and are like " hey I was fair! " When I decline. I think these r rare but I don't know a single person who trades fair.

This item isn't worth the second spot. it used to be a rare item monday AND you can get it in the eagle adventure ( a very common item in the adventure as well)

I Love These Items! They Are So Fun To Make Looks With, And Experiment With. My Sister Has One, And She Lets Me Go On her Account, So I Use her Headdress.

I think a headdress is worth about 6-8 black long collars. But one thing I don't like about headdresses are that people are always asking you, "WHAT FOR YOUR HEADDRESS? " I loved my headdress... Until it got scammed by lillyrose! Which I contacted animal jam head quarters but they never gave it back...

I have been wanting a rare headdress in blue for the longest time and have been trading it for my only spiked collar but nobody will accept!

Dude there just some Monday rare! Why r they 1?! Personally rare spiked collars should be here. ( not that I have one,I prefer studded collars).

I agree, now days you can slip one off for a short spike! My friend got one for three wrists... They are incredibly easy to get now days.

Rare headdresses are not rare at all. Listen to my words. AT ALL! People, that is a common item in the eagle adventure, plus, it was a Monday rare. So basically it's like any other Monday rare. This list is incorrect. The rarest item is a pearly tiara. Do they have that on there? Nooo!

This is so out of order. And there are rarer things than headdresses! So I'm sorry, whoever is the maker of this, but you've got everything all wrong.