Top 10 Animals the Human Race Killed Off

The Top Ten

1 Quagga (Extinct 1883)
2 Carolina Parakeet (Extinct 1918)

Funny about that "extinction" thing. We've been seeing very similar birds in the Northeast for years. In fact, they've become a well-known nuisance for building their nests around transformers. Unless there's some other small parrot operating in these latitudes, it's by no means extinct.

3 Japanese Sea Lion (Extinct 1970s)
4 Atlas Bear (Extinct 1870s)
5 Caribbean Monk Seal (Extinct 1952)
6 Falkland Islands Wolf (Extinct 1876)
7 Zanzibar Leapard (Extinct 1990s)
8 Tasmanian Tiger (Extinct 1936)
9 Greak Auk (Extinct 1852)
10 Dodo (Extinct 17th Century)

The Contenders

11 Moa [Extinct Mid-1400's]
12 California Golden Grizzly Bear [Extinct early 20th Century]
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