Top Ten Best Petrosaurs

Pterosaurs are known as flying dinosaurs, but are not dinosaurs. The best known pterosaur is called pterodactyls ( known as the pterodactyl) so here are some outstanding pterosaurs!
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1 Quetzalcoatlus Quetzalcoatlus is a pterosaur known from the Late Cretaceous period of North America (Maastrichtian stage), it was one of the largest known flying animals of all time.
2 Pterodactyls


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3 Hatzegopteryx Hatzegopteryx is a genus of azhdarchid pterosaur found in the late Maastrichtian deposits of the DensuČ™ Ciula Formation, an outcropping in Transylvania, Romania.
4 Pteranodon Pteranodon lived during the late Cretaceous geological period of North America in present-day Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota.
5 Pterodactyl

Size 1 to 15 m

Size 1 to 15m

6 Dimorphodon
7 Pterodaustro
8 Tapejara
9 Rhamphorhynchus


10 Scaphognathus
The Contenders
11 Ornithocheirus Ornithocheirus is a pterosaur genus known from fragmentary fossil remains uncovered from sediments in the UK.
12 Nyctosaurus Nyctosaurus is a genus of pterodactyloid pterosaur, the remains of which have been found in the Niobrara Formation of the mid-western United States, which, during the late Cretaceous Period, was covered in an extensive shallow sea.

A antlered crested pterosaur.

13 Zhejiangopterus
14 Anhanguera
15 Preondactylus
16 Tropeognathus
17 Gallodactylus
18 Anuronathus
19 Germanodactylus
20 Dorygnatnhus
21 Peteinosaurus
22 Eudimorphodon
23 Dsungaripterus
24 Gnathosaurus
25 Cearadactylus

A cool pterosaur

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