Top Ten Best Baby Einstein Episodes

This is a list of our favorite episodes of baby Einstein.
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1 Neighborhood Animals

This is my favorite video in B.E. History

Seriously, half of neighborhood animals gave me nightmares, but the best part is the puppet shows

2 Baby Shakespeare

This is my favorite episode! It's got awesome toys, funny puppet shows, and it's educational! It's my favorite! I also love baby Mozart.

This is the second time that Bard appeared in a Baby Einstein video,his first appearance in 1998 was in Baby Mozart and later in 2009,he looked sloppy and stupid in World music.

I love the poems (but they are definitely not for kids), Bard is pretty cute, and the music is nice.

3 World Animals

That yellow bear in the opening of the video, & the end with his fox friend, looks like Baby Mozart, because the vhs tape has a yellow drumming bear, but then they replaced the bear with a koala instead. But I'm sure that bear is Baby Mozart.

4 Baby Mozart

I like this one because it was the first one I watched when I was a few months old. It's the reason why classical music was the first genre that I got into.

This episode of Baby Einstein was the biggest reason I got into classical music. Definitely my all time favorite episode. I had it on VHS and DVD.

I love the music the toys and the puppet shows were really funny!

5 Baby Van Gogh

Baby Van Gogh was always my favorite. I used to even have an imaginary friend named Baby Van Gogh.

Gymnopedie, and the 'Purple' song are really what make this video my all-time favorite along with Vincent Van Goat.

This was great video like Baby Shakespeare(1999) & Baby Van Gogh was in 2000.

6 Baby Galileo

Baby Galileo is a great video. It has outstanding footage of planets, galaxies, clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, asteroids, and comets. I love the Baby Galileo puppet and Mommy Galileo puppet. They are very detailed. I really love the music too and the toys are cool.

7 Baby Beethoven

Why is this one so low? I liked this one the most even though it scared the crap out of 1-5 year old me.

8 Numbers Nursery

I love Numbers Nursery the toys and puppets are very colorful

9 Baby Macdonald

The Cow Pig Sheep Horse Chicken and Rooster are all in it! Best of all

10 Baby Monet

This video has great scenery and music but it's a little boring

The Contenders
11 Baby Neptune

Its just good... what else can I say

12 Baby Newton

This one was good. It tried CGI animation. It had good music by Vivaldi.

Great video, this should be higher!

13 Baby Santa's Music Box

This is definitely my favorite video. Everything about it, from the outstandingly played music to the great use of toys and other Christmas items, just screams a warm and comfy feel. This is also the video where I think they balanced out the use of toys and stock footage. And on top of all that, they managed to include other cultures too! It is just an amazing video overall.

BABY SANTA ROCKS. Even though I only watch it at Christmas time it is an awesome video although it isn't one of my favorites but I still like it

14 Baby Bach
15 Language Nursery
16 Baby Noah

My favorite character is Noah the elephant and elephants are my favorite animal. I also love the hippopotamus/elephant puppet show. I could sing this for hours. Oh ah uh. Oh ah uh. Oh ah uh.

17 Baby DaVinci
18 Lullaby Time
19 Baby Wordsworth
20 On The Go
21 Meet The Orchestra

Why it's so low? I love this video when kids teaches about music.

22 My First Signs

In my opinion I think this was the best one because I loved learning sign language and the otter puppet was so cute I always wanted that and that one was actually my favorite puppet once and for all eternity!

23 World Music

World Music has a great twist to it: music from around the world instead of classical music. It's a great video, very different from the others.

This one is ok. The only good things are the music, some of the toys, and scenery. But I really hate the sing along song at the end.

24 Wild Animal Safari

This video is alright but World Animals my favorite video is way better

25 Discovering Shapes

Most people hate this video due to it being a ripoff of Baby Newton, but I still like it, even though it isn't as good as Baby Newton. I just wanted to put it on here since nobody did.

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