Top Ten Best Fairy Tail Arcs

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1 Grand Magic Games

In my opinion, this arc was the most fascinating of all the arcs in Fairy Tail. We are introduced to something portrayed better in this arc than any other: the power-ranking of characters in Fairy Tail. This arc is based on comparing the abilities of different characters, which I am sure many fans find interesting.

In all the other arcs, Fairy Tail is always the best, and no matter how strong the enemy is, Fairy Tail always wins. Fairy Tail is the best of the best. Always. Fairy Tail is the main focus. Always has the spotlight. But the beauty of this arc is that it doesn't work that way. There are losses and ties, and it really emphasizes the true difference in power among different characters, with no plot armor or friendship boosts.

This arc, for once, brings us to reality. Of course, the Grand Magic Games is not flawless. I didn't like the outcome of Laxus vs. Jura, Erza vs. Minerva, or Sting vs. Team Fairy Tail. But overall, the fights were very suspenseful and interesting. As a bonus, this was the only arc that I binge-watched. I watched 20 episodes in a day. So, that's all I have to say about this arc. I thought it was pretty detailed and mostly well-written.

2 Tartaros

Probably my favorite arc of Fairy Tail, but it's back and forth with this and the Grand Magic Games. After Tenrou Island, I was eager to see the final dark guild make their move, and the Tartaros arc delivered.

The battles felt more high stakes than before, and Tartaros really felt like a threat Fairy Tail struggled with. The story is very good too. Seeing the Dragons return was awesome. Igneel himself comes back and fights Acnologia. This was just a really great arc that surprised me because I didn't think it would be as good as it ended up being.

Though I wish Jellal and Meredy had some more to do, but seeing Jellal fight the Oración Seis was epic.

3 Tenrou Island

I love Tenrou Island! It was another great arc with epic battles and featuring Acnologia himself! Plus, we got Erza's very appropriately named Seduction Armor, which I need to see more of!

I loved this arc! The S-Class promotion trial where you had to fight the three S-Class wizards was amazing! And the introduction of Grimoire Heart and Zeref and Acnologia was cool!

4 Tower of Heaven
5 Oracion Seis
6 Edolas

Edolas was a fantastic arc that I really enjoyed! Traveling to an alternate dimension and seeing our favorite characters look and act so different was great. I loved Mystogan's involvement and how Gajeel got his cat. Also, Erza Knightwalker is great! Great arc indeed.

7 Galuna Island
8 Phantom Lord
9 Battle Of Fairy Tail
10 Alvarez

There is a great and fun story in this arc, unfortunately, it is so rushed. The Spriggan 12 were some seriously hyped-up mages and have some of the lamest defeats in the whole anime. Being the final arc of Fairy Tail, this arc should have been far, far better, and we deserved better. It is a huge shame that the anime didn't fix this arc.

Battles are also short, and the battles in the anime are filled with far too much still animation. In the end, this finale was extremely disappointing.

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11 Zerø
12 Fighting Festival
13 Avatar
14 Key of the Starry Heavens
15 Lullaby
16 Celestial Spirits
17 Sun Village
18 Daybreak
19 Macao
20 Loke Loke is a recurring character in the anime show, Fairy Tail. He's a heroic, but flirtatious friend of Lucy.
21 Daphne
22 X791
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