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1 Season 2

This is by far my FAVORITE season! All of the episodes are well written and hilarious. Highlights include Dying for Pie, Gary Takes a Bath, Bubble Buddy, Survival of the Idiots, Grandma's Kisses, Band Geeks, and just about every episode aired. The only seasons I feel that comes very close to comparing to this are Seasons 3 and 1. If you haven't watched a single episode, then you must be crazy, cause this is Nickelodeon at the height of their "golden age," along with one of the closing chapters of the cartoon renaissance of the 90's and early 00's.

In the episode pooop pants Patrick said 99 x 99 = 9801 he was right.He was so smart for a star that is also a fish, he was like hyah math rocks. He literally said math rocks and so do I. What a starfish man, he is so awesome. I'm lori loud patrick said and he was right he has a phone and never stops looking at it... When spongebob said hey patrick what are you doing patrick said I'm literally texting bobby... Spongebob said ok Lori Loud haha! Patrick said What ever... Patricks life changed like his name, his name is now Lori Loud he went to the store and when he bought some thing that was 10 dollars patrick said That is Literally too much money and then he farted he said IT LITERALLY WAS MY SHOE UGH! Ok Ok said the cashier now its free Patrick said I literally stole something Bobby said oh no why would you do that. And that was what happened on my Birthday. Farting cash registers. Stay tuned for my next comment, tata. Adios.

Band Geeks, Dying for Pie, Frankendoodle, Graveyard Shift, Survival of the Idiots, Bubble Buddy, The Fry Cook Games, Christmas Who? , Something Smells, Wormy, Squid's Day Off, Your Shoe's Untied, Bossy Boots, Big Pink Loser, Imitation Krabs, Patty Hype, Grandma's Kisses, Squidville, PreHibernation Week, Life of Crime, Dumped, No Free Rides, I'm your Biggest Fanatic, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III, Squirrel Jokes, Pressure, The Smoking Peanut, Shanghaied, Gary Takes a Bath, Welcome to the Chum Bucket, The Secret Box, Krusty Love, Procrastination, I'm with Stupid, Artist Unknown, Jellyfish Hunter, Squid on Strike, and Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm. Wonderful.

My favorite season by far; the only episodes here I don't like much are Survival of the Idiots, Bubble Buddy, and The Fry Cook Games, which I just find a bit meh. Every other episode is amazing here, and the humor is at its best. My second and third favorites are seasons 3 and 1, respectively. Nowadays SpongeBob isn't near its original heights.

2 Season 3

Season 1 was pretty funny and unique for its time, but some episodes were bland and unfunny. I used to record and watch those episodes again and again as a kid, but as an adult, it doesn't hold up well. When a series starts, you notice that characters develop as the series goes along (most series start off with very stereotypical, broad characters. ) Season 2 was drastically better with better writing and jokes. At this point, every character has evolved from season 1. But, season 3 was the epitome of SpongeBob: great writing, great humor, well-established characters, NO BLAND EPISODES. This season has the most memorable moments in it, and it spanned 3 years during my childhood. 4 was very hit or miss, not even as good as season 1. Everything else pretty much sucks.

This had my favorite episodes, season 1 and 2 were also great, also season 4 and 5 were good. Season 6 and 7 were pretty bad. Season 8 was a pretty good come back on the old jokes and season 9 so far is going pretty good and I hope that the future season 10 is going to be exactly like the first 3.

This season makes me never want to stop watching SpongeBob. I grew up on this season. The first 4 seasons were literally the best of the past for one of the most iconic shows of all time!

This season was the greatest with Chocolate With Nuts, Idiot Box, One Krab's Trash, Wet Painters, Club Spongebob, The Camping Episode, and everything else. The only bad episode here is the Great Snail Race, otherwise everything is perfect

3 Season 1

Spongebob is good in general season 1-4 we’re the best, 5 was ok, the rest is bad except for some episodes

1 is my favorite, the classic ones along with season 2 & 3. Season 4 I like too, season 5 is pretty good but not the same as 1-4, then the rest is not good but some episodes are good, I mean spongebob is the most tolerable cartoon for me on Nickelodeon just disappointed the newer series can’t be like 1-4 although they bring some characters back they need to return to the original spongebob

This season was my favorite. Back when Stephen Hillenburg was still on the show and back when the comedy was hilarious. I'm still laughing at some of the jokes many years later. Plus, the episodes were more creative and well thought out. I also like the old school animation and voice acting feel of season 1. Season 2 is practically the same and season 3 is when they started improving the animation more. But this season will always remain in my heart as my favorite season from any cartoon. I miss my childhood. Half of it was watching this show lmao.

This brings back so many memories. Pizza Delivery, Help Wanted, Culture Shock, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy I and II, Hall Monitor, Jellyfish Jam, Squeaky Boots, Opposite Day, F.U.N., Scaredy Pants, Sleepy Time, Suds, Valentines Day, Arrgh!, Rock Bottom, Texas, Walking Small, Hooky, SB-129, Karate Choppers, Reef Blower, and Ripped Pants. This was the best season in my opinion. And the color and animation style seem authentic, though later seasons have better and more detailed. Still amazing after 17 or so years.

This season had some of my favorite episodes of the entire show. Also, there wasn't a single episode I disliked from this season. Season two had I'm with Stupid, the episode that ruined the character of Patrick and season three had Party Pooper Pants, an episode in which I was on nobody's side. Perfect season with hilarious episodes.

4 Season 4

This has got to be the last Good season of Spongebob. While there were some bad episodes, except for Squid Wood and All That Glitters, they weren't that bad. Spongebob's voice got high pitched in this season, and his appearance more resembled a yellow box.
I wouldn't totally call this "Classic" Spongebob, but it's close.
My favourite episodes were The Lost Mattress, Best Frenemies, Shell of a Man, Krusty Towers, Patrick Smartpants, Dunces and Dragons Wishing you Well, Skill Crane, and pretty much the rest.

Season 4 is great. It contains both good and bad episode. But there are mostly good episodes, including Have you seen this snail? Krusty Towers, Best Day Ever, Fear of a Krabby Patty, and lots more. The bad episodes are All That Glitters, and Squidwood. SpongeBob is really funny in this season but I keep hearing he is the most funny in the third season. But SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy are the four best characters including Plankton. The reason I like Best Day Ever is because of the song and transcript, it's awesome. Krusty Towers is better because of both SpongeBob and Squidward, they were both so darn funny. I recommend this episode to everyone who like SpongeBob. Season 1 was not good at all, and that's because of the graphics. In Season 2, the graphics kicked up a bit, and in the third season, it showed SpongeBob in his best quality. Season 4 is a mix between late second season and late third season which has good graphics. Seasons 5 and 9 are both great seasons too. ...more

One thing I don't understand is how people like Best Day Ever. All it was was SpongeBob running around singing a stupid song...anyhow, this season was sort of a "grab bag" season...most episodes were mixed, and quite a few of the good ones weren't that good, with a couple exceptions like Fear of a Krabby Patty, Krusty Towers and Dunces and Dragons. The bad episodes weren't that bad either, to be honest. Definitely the most mixed season in the show.

In my eyes, Season 1 wasn't perfect, since that was when the show started. Season 2 kicked up the quality, and Season 3 showed Spongebob at its finest and most memorable. After the movie, there was Season 4, which was pretty much a mixed bag. It contained beetween lost Hillenburg Episodes (Have you seen this Snail, The Lost Mattress, Krusty Towers) and not-so-good Tibbit Episodes (All that Glitters). To me, I didn't give up Spongebob until halfway through Season 6. So if you hate Sason 4, at think it was better than Season 7.

5 Season 9

I would vote Seasons 1-3 and early Season 4 any day over this, but I think Nickelodeon has taken the right steps to bringing SpongeBob back. The first episodes were horrible like Squid Baby and Little Yellow Book, but the newer ones from 2015 and 2016 were better with the addition of more Plankton themed episodes and more minor character importance (like the episodes Mall Girl Pearl and Larry's Gym). The new episodes have some originality and are starting to appeal to kids and teens/adult fans again. It's not making suicide jokes (like Are You Happy Now? ) or filling episodes with crap to take up time like episodes in Seasons 6-7. The episodes have plots again, and the quality animation has even increased. So now my favorite Seasons are 1,2,3,part of 4, 9, and 10, since the two episodes that Season 10 had so far (Whirly Brains, MermaidPants) were also pretty good. If Nick keeps these types of episodes coming, it will please everyone.

I will try to vote this season above season 4 because I don't like season 4. Season 4 is meh at best, and even if it is meh, it is VERY close to Scumbob. There are not a lot of good episodes in season 4 and the good episodes mostly aren't that good. Krusty Towers, Dunces and Dragons, MM & BB 6, Skill Crane, The Pink Purloiner and maybe a few more are only REALLY good episodes of the season. However, the bad episodes of that season (Squidbob Tentaclepants, All That Glitters, The Thing, Karate Island and a lot more) are REALLY bad and some of the worst episodes of not just Spongebob, but all cartoons. Seasons 5, 8 and maybe even 10 should also be above season 4 (I can't decide is season 10 or 4 better). The only seasons that are worse than 4 are 6, 7 and 11, but they are REALLY bad seasons and I'm pretty sure nothing Spongebob makes in the future will be worse than those three seasons. by the way, Season 12 is a HUGE improvement and Spongebob may become almost as good as in the pre - ...more

This season is slightly better than season 8 was but it is not as good as people say it is. I mean the only good episodes are Plankton's Pet, Extreme Spots, License to Milkshake and Squid Baby.

Series's 1-3 classic obviously. 4-5 are far superior to series 9 however this is still a decent season Far better than the awful series 6-8 with the exception of inSpongeIac and Ditching. One word for This Season MEH Best episode - Planktons Pet

6 Season 5

This season was okay, removed the high pitch in his voice, and retained his original "square" appearance from Seasons 1-3, introduced some family members, but overall, there was a mix of good and bad episodes. Episodes like New Digs, Krabs a la mode, 20,000 Patties under the sea, the Battle for Bikini Bottom, Friend or Foe, Mermaidman vs Spongebob, Roller Cowards, Spy Buddies, The Inmates of Summer, The Krusty Plate, and several others were pretty good.
However, there were many bad ones like Spongehenge, Waiting, Atlantis Squarepantis, Night Light (for the last 2, there already was an episode with Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy, and Patchy in them, which were much better), Fungus Among us, To Love a Patty, What Ever Happened to Spongebob.

Everything after this Season went straight downhill, came back up a little at Season 8, but didn't really come back until Season 9B.

While Season 4 is what I'd consider the last good season before Season 9, Season 5 wasn't exactly a bad season either. In fact, I'd give Season 5 a ranking between ok and decent. Season 5 is more of a hit or miss season. It's either, the writers come up with something really good(like Roller Cowards) or sometimes, it can end up being atrocious (like To Love A Patty). Season 6 is really the moment when Spongebob became bad and Season 7 is the moment when Spongebob was at it's worst. Thankfully, Season 8 was a slight improvement from those atrocities and Season 9 is the moment when the show was saved, with the exception of 3 atrocious episodes ("Squid Baby", "Little Yellow Book", and "Spongebob You're Fired").

A lot of the episodes on my top 20 are from this season (like Spy Buddies and Sing a Song of Patrick). Heck, I only find there to be just 5 truly terrible episodes from this season (Whatever happened to SpongeBob, Night Light, A Flea in her Dome, Atlantis SquarePantis, and To Love a Patty). I actually like a few of the episodes generally considered to be bad.

Very underrated season for me.

This is actually my second or third favorite season. This season is so underrated, and I don't think the quality declined until Season 6 in my opinion. It had many great episodes such as Spy Buddies, Roller Cowards, New Digs, Krabs a la Mode, Goo Goo Gas, and Sing a Song of Patrick! It also had good shorts such as Pat No Pay, Boat Smarts, and SpongeBob Vs. The Patty Gadget.

7 Season 10

So far, this season is actually not half bad! It's only had one episode I didn't like: Snooze You Lose due to just how weird and freaky it is, but even then I'd still just consider it a "meh" episode. We've already gotten REALLY good episodes compared to other modern SpongeBob seasons like Plankton Retires, Burst Your Bubble, Life Insurance, and Mermaid Pants. These four episodes are all VERY good, especially compared to other modern seasons. Many of the infamously bad writers are gone (Zeus Cervas, Casey Alexander), while Stephen Hillenburg is back as the supervising producer. They did also hire some writers from Ren & Stimpy, and you can definitely tell from episodes like Whirly Brains and Snooze You Lose. Another thing that probably came with Stephen coming back, is that it seems to kind of have a feel of season 3, and many old recognizable characters (Bubblebass, the fish who scammed SpongeBob & Patrick in the chocolate episode, etc) can be seen as background fish in almost every ...more

This season is excellent! Most of the episodes had me laughing so hard, I had tears coming out of my eyes! It is definitely a huge improvement! If you still hate the "modern" Spongebob, please GIVE THIS SEASON A TRY! You may be surprised!

It just recently begun, but already I can see that this season is jumping the show back to how awesome it was in seasons 1-4. Whirlybrains and Mermaid Pants are some of my favorite episodes of the entire series.

I've only seen 6 episodes of this season but I think it's better than Season 11 and 9, and definitely 6-8. However I still find the first 5 seasons to be better than this.

8 Season 8

I really like this season here are them from worst to best season 12. okay Season 1 decent. Season 9 decent. Season 10 decent. Season 4 good
Season 3 good
Season 7 good
Season 6 good
Season 11 very good
Season 2 very good
Season 5 very good
Season 8 amazing

This is definitely an improvement from the 6-7 slump. There were only two episodes that end up on my worst list for the show, Demolition Doofus (my least favorite episode) and Face Freeze! Everything else here was either mediocre or great.

Why are so many people hating patricks stay cation yes I agree patrick was a jerk in this episode every now and then but it was a great episode when I was a kid its supposed to be new but for some reason I remember this from when I was 8 and I'm 14!

This is in my opinion the best spongebob season especially because when I first saw face freeze! I was laughing so hard and I enjoyed hello bikini bottom and many other episodes

9 Season 6

Mostly a boring season...every now and then we got some shining gems, however, like Sandcastles in the Sand or Single Cell Anniversary.

I know that Plankton is the worst villains ever. His themed episodes are just average in this season.

This is one of the worst seasons of SpongeBob, exept from some of the episodes which were amazing

The only good episodes of Season 6 are the Plankton themed episodes.

10 Season 11

I really like how they're bringing back older characters like Bubble Bass and Doodlebob and Long, Tan, and Handsome (Pearl's ex boyfriend). I also like the vibe of this season, the animation isn't nearly as stiff as in seasons before the second movie, and the plots of the episodes are very creative. Plus, Spongebob doesn't have that annoying high pitched voice anymore, it's gradually reverting to the way it was in Season 2. This should be at number 4 at least, behind season 1, 3, and 2.

I personally thought that seasons 9 and 10 were steps in the right direction but this season is just downright terrible. Spongebob is meant to be a show that appeals to all ages, not just 9 year olds.The art style is overly vibrant, and I all of the characters are so unbelievably stupid. Its almost like they've all been possessed by post-movie patrick. For season 12, they need to go back to a little bit more tame art style and FIX THE CHARACTERS.

I enjoyed Spot Returns! It's basically Pet or Pests done right! The Check Up was a meh episode for me though. Spin the Bottle was good and at least something unique to the Plankton's steals the Krabby Patty formula episodes. I also can't wait for The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom stop motion episode and Man Ray Returns (the sequel to Mermaid Pants). I think Season 11 will be as good as Seasons 9B-10. If not better.

This season is great. It's great to see Doodlebob, Bubble Bass and Long, Tan and Handsome. Really this season should be in top. They are less bad episodes in this season. Spongebob goes much better this year.

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11 Season 7

Everyone's saying Why is it here? But it kinda has to be. Don't get me wrong, this season sucks but it is in last place. It's here because it is a season of SpongeBob!

Like season 7, mostly awful, with a couple shining gems, unfortunately though this season probably has the least amount of really good episodes...

What is up with everybody saying why is it here. SpongeBob has 10 seasons, so it's kinda like a best to worst.

This season is the worst ever, none of the episodes were good exept from 1 episode, and this is the smallest season ever.

12 Season 12

Up until now, season 12 is a HUGE improvement over season 11, that sucked. It only has a few bad episodes, while season 11 only had a few GOOD episodes. However, season 6 is way too high on this list, it should be lower. Spongebob seasons ranked from best to worst in my opinion:
Season 3
Season 1
Season 2
Season 9
Season 5
Season 8
Season 4
Season 10
Season 7
Season 11
Season 6
I'm not ranking season 12 because it's still ongoing.

This season can be ranked among the best spongebob seasons ever! I also heard they got the original writer back.

This season really plays a part in the improvement of SpongeBob. Why isn't it above Season 7, that monstrosity?

I have EXTREMELY mixed feelings about this season so far. I only actually like one episode and the rest so far are meh at best.

13 Season 13
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