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1 Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez is a fictional character from the American animated television series Rick and Morty, aired on Adult Swim.

One of the best TV characters ever created. The depth of this character is hard to find in real life, let alone on television. His exterior is guarded by his sardonic and nihilistic persona, yet deep within is a tragic poetry that is so rarely used that it adds to the poignancy of the entire narrative.

Fantastic character, but I don't like his unhopeful views on life. Basically, his attitude towards life is horrible. Also, I don't find his burping funny. But he's the most important character nevertheless.

2 Morty Smith Mortimer "Morty" Smith Sr. is a fictional character from the American animated television series Rick and Morty, aired on Adult Swim.

As much as I love Rick, I gotta say, the writers are right when they say people relate to the sidekicks over the genius. Morty has such a tragic life when I think about it. The only person in his entire universe that is truly his own is his grandpa. Yeah, his family loves him, but they'll never be his.

And the one person he probably looks up to and loves the most, Rick, has issues showing his appreciation and feelings up front. I can't imagine what Morty would do without his Grandpa.

But what I'm getting at is I love this little sack of sadness, happiness, and dumbo.

3 Jerry Smith

He's so stupid and ignorant that every scene with this character makes me laugh a lot. He is just a stupid person trying to be important and loved by his family, but very ignorant.

I like Jerry. He's a coward, but so am I, so I can relate to him a lot. I like other characters more than him because he is an idiot, but it's funny watching him when he tries to fix things.

By Season 3, Jerry was really an idiot but cute in some sort of way. In Season 1, he was average and wanted everything to be average. He's a great character as you go.

4 Summer Smith

YAS SUMMER! I hated her at first because she was just that typical annoying big sister and she was plain without character. I liked her more as the seasons went on, and in Season 3, Episode 1, I really respected her. She was willing to dig up Rick's grave to get him back and break into the Galactic Federation! Like, damn girl. I think we were all rooting for Summer in that episode.

Anyway, I'm really excited to see more of her character in Season 3!

I have a lot of respect for Summer, and I can relate to her a lot. Being an accident myself, she's definitely my second favorite character, after Morty but before Rick and Beth.

5 Mister Meeseeks

He may have an annoying voice, yet he's pretty adorable.

How dare the Federation lock up a Mr. Meeseeks! Vengeance for Mr. Meeseeks!

Mister Meeseeks or Lemongrab? Take your pick.

6 Mr. Poopybutthole

"As you can see, hngh, I'm still recovering from the bullet shot that I got from Beth. Remember that one? Hooeey."

7 Evil Morty

Easily the best villain! He is so cunning, malicious, sinister, and manipulative - everything I want in an alternate reality villain! I really hope Season 4 will show Evil Morty in full control of the Citadel. I also hope we will one day see Rick and Morty (the main ones) fight Evil Morty!

It sucks how little screentime he got, yet even with so little, we see so much of him. In the first episode, he barely even talked, and in the end, when he was revealed to be controlling Evil Rick, you saw his true nature. Then, in his second appearance, he is on the rise to control, with a few Ricks and Morties seeing what he really is.

I felt it was a reference to World War II's The Night of Broken Glass, where Morty eliminated his competition and anyone who disagreed with him. Seriously, I hope he returns with a much bigger role in the future!

8 Bird Person

This is random debris I found on my carpet. This character is a masterpiece.

9 Mr. Goldenfold
10 Beth Smith
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11 Doofus Rick

I really hope he appears again. He is such a friendly dude!

He's a Rick that will always care for you.

A Rick that is caring and kind but dumb.

12 Pickle Rick
13 Krombopulos Michael

"I will kill children, animals, old people, anyone! I just love killing!"

14 Jessica
15 Scary Terry
16 Principal Gene Vagina
17 Noob Noob
18 Sniffles/Snowball
19 Tiny Rick
20 The President
21 Abradolf Lincler
22 Lawyer Morty

Morty: "How is this fair? Our lawyer is a Morty?!"

Still hoping for an episode dedicated to Lawyer Morty. He will return.

23 Dr Wong

Dr. Wong "beat" Rick at his own game because she wasn't playing it, something that no other character in the series was able to do.

24 Stealy
25 Pencilvester

He's like Mr. Poopybutthole but ten times better.

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