Top 10 Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race Teams

Everybody from Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race in their team.
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1 Emma and Kitty

THEY SHOULD'VE WON! They were by far the best team and the bond that they grew to have was perfection. Kitty learning how to be more responsible and Emma learning to loosen up was so amazing and they were robbed FRRRR

I love Emma and Kitty's enthusiasm about this excellent season of Total Drama. They also look out for each other and are very loyal to each other. I am grateful they made it a long way but still believe the season could have been smarter to make these two amazing characters kick the police team's BUTT!

These characters are amazing! Kitty was such a breath of fresh air character! Even though she did have similar characters to her, Having Emma there for her to bounce off of, made her not just be a stereotypical Selfie lover, but also gave her much more of a personality. The finale should have been The sisters, The Ice dancers And the surfers and have the sisters win instead of the cadets ( I still like the cadets but sisters, ice dancers and surfers would have been better ). Also I love how Emma gives Noah more of the role of just comedic relief! Also chris267 heather won world tour, Zoey won All Stars and the cadets won Ridonculous Race.

I absolutely adored these two, especially Kitty. I just find it adorable how much she wants to help her sister find love, and go to law school. Emma is also a good character, but I found it really mean when she freaked Micky out. Still, overall, they were good characters, and my favorite team

2 Owen and Noah

Noah is my third fave character and my fave male! I was never an owen fan because he was gross, annoying and did not deserve to win ( just like beth ) and only won because he was the character with a mappe leaf on his shirt :/. But in ridonc, Owen was actually a good character and hey! I shipped him with kitty! Noah flashed out much more this season instead of just being comedic relief, he has a relationship and keeps on going on rollercoaster of will emma go out with him or not! The only thing bad with this team tho is that because it had owen in it, you knew Noah would lose :(

God I love these two. Just making Noah the distracted one, and Owen the one trying to make him be responsible was just hilarious

Why aren't they number one I mean they had been on island action and world tour plus they had lots experience Emma and Kitty just got in the way!

Go reality TV pros!

They were a great team I loved them together in Season 1 they didn't talk much
In Season 3 they became friends and in Season 7 they were friends. Great pair.

3 Carrie and Devin

They are the BEST TEAM EVER! Carrie and Devin are so perfect together because they have the most amazing connection! They both bring amazing skills to the team and work extremely well together. They are truly an amazing couple and worked so hard. They deserved to win the show but unfortunately were unfairly eliminated. It was such a shame because everyone loved them and thought they were gonna win for sure. They need to come back in the next season and make it to the finale!

My favourite team in this season by far, Carrie is such an adorable character and her writing was flawless, I love how realistic she is, her jelaousy towards Shelley, her patience, her support towards Devin when he broke up with his girlfriend and the way she tried to get over him after a while but failed are traits most of the people would have.

Devin is a good character as well even if he started to be more annoying since episode 19 but he had various hilarious moment to back up with that.

They are perfect together! They should've made it to the finale because they were awesome at the challenges and had an awesome connection together! They are the cutest couple! They deserved to win and it was unfair how they got eliminated due to the injury.

This team will make it to the finale. The depth going into these characters is tremendous. How can you not like them? They' have amazing personalities and are nice

4 Dwayne and Dwayne Jr.

How are they not number 1? This is by far the best team of the whole season. How could you place Emma and Kitty at number 1? No offense but they were just Emma being mean and Kitty taking selfies until Noah and Emma had the affair, which made them more popular. After Noah and Owen got eliminated in Indonesia, Emma and Kitty were basically Sadie without Katie in Total Drama Island. They meant absolutely nothing. I can agree with Noah and Owen being number 2, but Dwayne and Jr. are still a better team with more development and comedy. Carrie and Devin were on and off with being a good team, and they were pretty sucky for a majority of the season. But Tom and Jen over Dwayne and Jr.? The only funny thing with them inVOLVED Dwayne and Jr., with the whole hit by a carpet thing in Morocco.

By far the most hilarious team! I love how the dad tries to act cool but does the opposite and Dwayne Jr has to act like the responsible one. I feel bad for him sometimes. His dim-witted dad couldn't even remember the SEASON of his birthday! Dwayne Jr is also pretty cute. I love this team, I'm grateful they are 5th place but I still think they should be higher

Okay I really liked Junior, he was a good relatable character for me as when I watched this, I was also a preteen who was being annoyed by their parents. But I did not find Dwayne funny in the slightest! He was just weighing down junior! It was just so annoying!

They are hilarious! Gotta love Junior, I wish he could compete in a future season. These guys are probably my favorite RR team, but I love so many teams though!

5 Crimson and Ennui

This was without a doubt my favourite Ridonculous Race Team! They were not only hilarious but I felt like they actually had a really sweet dynamic, because they're relationship was so sweet of how no matter what, they would always be there for one another! And I thought that the story about Ennui's kitten was really touching. On the episode they were eliminated, I had said at the start of the episode, my favourite team has made it to the final 7, and more than likely the final 6 and then they got eliminated :/

This was a team that surprised a lot of people. A lot though these two would be filler, but they became some of the most developed characters on the show. I knew there was something I liked about them from the start.

Plus Loki the bunny is cool too.

I don't really love the Goth Style, and I was a big hater of them.
But starting at the episode 7, they was really cool!
I love her develompent in the Episode 11, and personally I prefer Crimson and Ennui in them Ungoth Style.
So, ya. They are two of my favourite. Loki's Rules!

I personally choose these two over Gwen. They turned out to be power houses. But the Ice Dancers stole their bunny Loki and that made them lose the race and get eliminated.

6 Sanders and MacArthur

Good team! It's like a reincarnation of duncney but funnier of MacArthur being Duncan and Sanders being Courtney! MacArthur is just so chaotic and Sanders is like stop and macarthur is like- if you tell me to stop I will drop you down a hole. It was really nice at the end though with MacArthur feeling sorry for Sanders!

"I've got a theory that MacArthur is related to Brick." Sorry to disapprove, but MacArthur is her FAKE name! Her real name is Valentina Escobar. Also, sorry for the spoilers, everyone.

Sanders and MacArthur win the season! The show's origin is Canada and they win in Canada so they officially win.

If you think MacArthur and Brick are related you are right they have the same last name!

7 Brody and Geoff

They decided to be nice, got eliminated in 6th place, but thanks to a stupid injury, they got to return to win it all and split the money with Carrie and Devin, who had to quit due to injury.

I felt so sad. They got eliminated because they were nice! Brody and Geoff need to be in the next Total Drama series!

You should be a bit happy they won but my top 1 is dwayne and dwayne junior anyway I don't care.

Geoff and Brody will come back in episode 24! I found out at total drama spoilers wiki.

8 Tom and Jen

Most awesome team in my opinion! They made it on this list just underneath contestants in the show the hole time and they only were in for eight episodes! It's amazing how awesome these two are! If they made it further there's no doubting these two would have made the top three! For now I can only pray that my favorite team ever, Tom and Jen, will return to the show soon

Honestly I hate the fashion bloggers. They lacked skills throughout the show and were obviously only created to credit the producers and then get out. They didn't do anything interesting, which gives me no reason at all to like them. Tom was just obviously gay and they got on my nerves.

Cutest and most likable team ever! I'd love for them to return. There ending came to early but was one that made me cry the most. Love Tom and Jen to the moon and backs. Looking forward to them in next season

So amazing. I personally think these guys should win a season and the friendship is so good. Their love for fashion is also hilarious. This is a amazing team who so deserves to win season 8. - #1 Tom and Jen fan

9 Jacques and Josee

I just love these two. Josee's tantrums are always hilarious to watch, and Jacques has so many good lines, like 'One time I was late picking up Josee from practice, and her mama attacked me with a lamp'. So iconic 🤣. I also absolutely adore their character designs, and accents. I can also totally relate to NEEDING TO WIN. Wish it was them versus the Cadets, or sister in the finale, that would have been epic

I actually think these guys are underrated. Their accents are amazing and who doesn't love a villain. It would have been better if the final 2 teams were Sanders and Mcarthur along with these guys! Of course they were destined not to win but it would have been a pretty epic finale!

I honestly love reality T.V. villains. Jacques and Josee fit that description perfectly. or at least Josee does. Jaques is not really a villain, even though villains make the game so much more fun, even though they did not really cheat in Darjeeling. There was no rule saying that you couldn't detach the rest of the train.

I love their accents. They balance and complete each other and are HILARIOUS! They also got mad skills! Josee's temper tantrums are so funny too. I love how they always manage to stay together... no matter how many times he drops her in the Olympics laugh out loud! These guys are great and deserve fans

10 Rock and Spud

Their elimination was completely unfair. They were underdogs, and they were some of the most hilarious underdogs I've ever seen on Total Drama or Ridonculous Race.

They were awesome! Rock was a quite charismatic character with even his personal gag of making sound efects, while Spud was the funny counterpart. Wish I could have seen more of them.

I'm a metal-head, so I can safely say I like these two a lot.

Deserve to be higher on this list. They were so funny!

The Contenders
11 Jay and Mickey

They're the sweetest thing! Even though all the crap happens to them, they still treat everyone with kindness! That's a sign of true strength, and they don't deserve all the bullying they get from the other teams. Whenever they're happy, you want to give them a hug because they deserve happiness. When they're sad, you want to hug them to make them feel better. You just want to hug them all the time.

They deserve to make it much farther. There sweet, and willing to do anything for their friends, or to prove that they're not the weaklings people say they are. I loved Emma and kitty as a team, but when Emma sabotaged them, even I hated her for a few episodes to follow! And, I also ship Kitty and Mickey.

They are just so sweet and adorable! They face problems literally everywhere they go and in everything, but they always preservers and are just so sweet! I ship Mickey x Kitty. Jay deserves someone too though! I love how they always, ALWAYS have each other's backs. You gotta love these guys!

Mickey and Jay deserved the win. I am so mad at Emma. They were so nice and when the sisters cancelled the alliance, they were totally fine with it. how did they pay them back? The sisters made them lose.

12 Stephanie and Ryan

Meh team, good dynamic but were much better as the daters, instead of the haters. I loved their romance theme music and should have just stayed the dates in my opinion

Daters/haters a couple with nice chemistry how are they not on the list of top 10 couples?

The daters made a funny love hate couple! They were my favorites.

The daters are really strong and cool.

13 Chet and Lorenzo

I always loved these two numbskulls from the start. And the fact that they're numbskulls is why they're so lovable. These two were awesome and everyone knew it!

I'm this team's biggest fan and number 1 supporter! I wish they would have won, it would have brought them closer!

I loved watching these two bicker.

Hey look! It's Drake and Josh!

14 Laurie and Miles

Omg, these guys are so robbed! How do people like rock and spud better!? I just wanted the rockers out of there! When they got saved by non elimination I was so relieved but then they went home the next episode! The most underrated rr players ever!

I liked that they wanted to use the money for a good cause, but Miles looks kinda ugly and I also don't like Laurie that much either.

They were actually going to use the money for a good cause!

I love their designs!

15 Pete and Gerry

These guys were really funny! I don't know why they are so low, everything about them made me laugh and they only needed to be in 3 episodes to be legends in my opinion! Hey! Dawn was only in 5!

To be honest you guys would have liked Gerry and Pete more if they stayed longer on the show

Why are they last?

16 Taylor and Kelly

I love this team, from a rich family a mum desperate to get her daughter to like her and the daughter who's oblivious to how great her mother is.

These guys are awesome they need to be higher there humor is beautiful! Hate the fact that around that time all the fan favorites go...

These two really sucked. Easily my least favorite team.

MY FAVorite if only taylor could love her mother more and they should have be in at least 9th place

17 Mary and Ellody

Ellody is really pretty, and they kinda reminded me of Scarlett, except they weren't evil psychopaths. They totally should have been around for more episodes to show off their amazing brains

Mary and Ellody are the best team on Ridonculous race! Mary is my favorite character on the show, this team is very smart and great contestants. I would love to see more of Mary, hopefully in a new total drama season? She's really a fun smart nerd.

They are like complete geniuses of course! Along with Cameron and stuff like that

Ellody is so pretty!

18 Leonard and Tammy

These two should've lasted longer in some aspects but I still like them!

Leonard and Tammy are my favorite! I hope they are both on a new season!

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