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1 Susanoo

I agree that this jutsu is awesome. However... Let me say the only 3 problems it has problem 1 it sucks away your life energy and if you use it for long enough you die, however you can cancel that by mastering a special jutsu that madara and sauske already mastered. Problem 2 you have to get the mangekyo sharingan in order to summon it and in order to do the complete body you have to get the eternal mangekyo sharingan. Problem 3 it can be defeated by just catching the person inside it off guard. Overall though it is awesome.

Susanoo is number one without a doubt. Just think of having a giant swordsman, spearman, archer etc. made entirely out of pure fire that can block any attack or suck you into a different dimension entirely with just one swing of the sword. Plus, it's made with the power of Sharingan, the most powerful Doujutsu. With that combination, I think I've made my point.

In the latest chapters of Naruto (according to the manga I've red) Susanoo also allows invulnerability to the Ten Tailed Beast's: Infinite Mongekyo. Being able to do this, it officially grants the Susanoo the title of Ultimate jutsu. I rest my case.

Yes! Susanoo is so over-powered! I might just be saying this because Kakashi is my favorite character, but Kakashi's looked the best. Sasuke's has an over-sized nose. Awesome! But the amount of Chakra it needs isn't funny.

2 Reaper Death Seal

This should be lower on the list, yes it is quote powerful, but not only is it powerful at the extent of the users life, keep in mind that you can't always one hit kill them, remember the fight between the third homage and orochimaru, the third was only able to take orochimaru's arms at the cost of his life, is it worth it?

Have you seen its power. You summon the grim reaper to kill anyone. Its S-rank unlike the A-ranked rasengan and chidori

Did you know how long OROCHIMARU had to wait until he could even get a new body? That's just crazy this should Be higher than 4

Should be first since it can seal anything or anyone even if you risk your life it is worth it.

3 Wind Style: Rasen-Shuriken

I feel like this is probably the most powerful and difficult jutsu to perform. Only person to do it was Naruto, and to do he had to use two clones. This'll probably fall under a S-Rank jutsu, especially with the addition of throwing it. I believe its between this jutsu and the Susano'o. But if we were talking about a combination jutsu, it would be Naruto's Rasen Shuriken combined with Sasuke's Amaterasu.

Just wondering why the Rasen-Shuriken is number 7 and the normal Rasengan is number 2. The Rasen-Shuriken is the "evolved" form of the Rasengan and is so much more powerful (not saying Rasengan isn't powerful). Minato, the creator of the Rasengan, even said that it was incomplete (didn't show this but Jiraiya states it).

I'm just going to point out one that I think is pretty important. When Naruto's clone was fighting the third Raikage, he used his ultimate jutsu, the Rasen-Shuriken, yet it wasn't enough to take him down. Yet when he used his sage mode and only used his Rasengan, he was able to obliterate him.

If this includes all it's variants, the yes it is literally so powerful, it cuts off chakra points like 8 trigrams 64 palms, is a giant shuriken that is spinning as fast as the rasengan, and makes about a billion cellular damaging needles. One of it's variants even stopped Indras arrow and susanoo at the same time.

4 Rasengan

The Rasengan is a RANK A jutsu and whenever somebody uses it another persons like 'When Did he and where did he learn such a jutsu? ' or, 'Such Power! ' Yes, the Wind Style Rasen-Shuriken has more blast radius, expands, being able to throw it, BUT, the Rasen-Shuriken did come from the Rasengan. And The Rasen-Shuriken takes up way more chakra than the Rasengan, even in Sage Mode Naruto was limited to only 2 Rasen-Shurikens. The Rasengan is just way more usable, not extremely powerful, but you can do it many times, many different sizes, and many different styles.

I do agree that it is Naruto's strongest jutsu for most of the reasons that you guys have put. I'm just going to point out one that I think is pretty important. When Naruto's clone was fighting the third Raikage, he used his ultimate jutsu, the Rasen-Shuriken, yet it wasn't enough to take him down. Yet when he used his sage mode and only used his Rasengan, he was able to obliterate him. here's my opinion...Rasengan is at number two...rasen shuriken which is an improved and completed form of the rasengan is at number three...Okay...what about mini rasenshuriken...or planetary rasengan...are they somewhere between 200 or 300...but of course...they are just another form of rasengan... oh okay...then why include rasenshuriken and say its weaker than the normal rasengan...clearly...peopke are voting for the jutsus they like or the "think" is strong...guess isn't...I voted on rasengan because I wanted to share this thought with all...not because I think it deserves the 2nd position...

This thing is awesome! It looks cool, it takes back-breaking work to do it, and, I hate to say it because Kakashi is my favorite character, but it's stronger than Chidori.

5 Reanimation Jutsu

I actually don't feel regret about the 4th Great Shinobi World War. It brings back many flashbacks, and the reanimation jutsu just brings beloved people back to the world! For example, Itachi. Itachi's Edo Tensei was one of my favorites because, being reanimated, he could tell Sasuke the truth about himself and make Sasuke certain about what Tobi had said before. He could stop the reanimation jutsu and help end the war. He could meet Sasuke again, and Sasuke could meet him again. And he successfully made me cry. As for Hashirama's Edo Tensei, I know Orochimaru was the one who reanimated him because of Sasuke, but the moments were sooooo soooo funny! The only thing I regret was Neji's death.

So strong, Heres a few reasons.1st reason:for example if you think susanoo is the strongest, why not use this jutsu and reviving someone with the susanno? 2nd reason: it can almost revive anyone! And the people that is revived can only be defeated by sealing them.

Any one else hear play Call of Duty Zombies... it's like that except you have no guns and instead of Zombies well I mean dumb zombies you have to fight limitless Shinobi who have power enough to surpass hokage. RIP Itachi

Edo Tensei could give you a nearly unstoppable and potentially limitless army. Every enemy you defeat is another pawn on the board.

The Necromancy of the Naruto series.

6 Amaterasu

Only the wielder can extinguish the flames with difficulty, it is very powerful, nothing can survive amaterasu, the wielder only needs to look at the thing he wants to burn and it will keep on burning till it dies, if you look logically, amaterasu can kill obito even when he is using space time manipulation jutsu.

Come on, you have to admit that burning something or someone just by looking at them is awesome. Plus, the flames never run out? Are you serious? You cannot say that isn't at least cool.

This technique can be used for offense and defense. Amaterasu will not stop burning until its target is turned into ash (Except for the case of Sasuke, chakra absorbers, truth seeking balls and Naruto's jinchuricki cloak).

It literally does not go out without its target being turned to ass. Badass.

7 Space-Time Migration

It is the ultimate jutsu. By using it obito can travel to any part of the world within seconds. This is also the Ultimate defense. No one can touch obito while this jutsu is active. He can go ghost and everything just phases through him. Can also be uesd in offense just as easily. Most versatile jutsu ever. This is the Ultimate jutsu no doubt. Should be number 1

Space-Time Migration is not what Obito uses. In fact its what Tobirama Senju and Minato Namizake uses. It makes you teleport with the mark. It is just plain awesome since it can even escape kumui. It's so fast that Minato was able to dodge A the fourth Raikage. When Minato was fighting Obito, he was able to get the upper hand and Tobirama was able to injure Obito when he was the ten-tails jinchuriki. Should be top five.

I mean really. You can dodge ANYTHING you want and you can't get hurt. Kakashi and Naruto were only lucky when they "defeated" Obito using Kamui, and that's because Kakashi's Sharingan was given to him by Obito. It should at least be second or third place, not eighth.

Yeah apart from Shisui's eys this is the most OP Jutsu there is because number 1 can touch you + you can teleport + I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a time limit unless you run out of chakra but then you can just teleport your self to a different dimension or place.

8 Izanagi

I think izanami must be around here too because as per Itachi if izanagi changes the faith of someone,izanami decides what it has to be which makes izanami an as powerful and izanagi.

Even Juubi Bomb couldn't kill the user of Izanagi when he uses it and Obito survived Konan's strongest attack.

Nobody can hit you!

9 Kamui

Kamui transportation sends you, anyone or anything into another dimension. Intangibility makes EVERYTHING go through you. Kamui raikiri which is a mix of lighting blade and kamui that sucks in everything inside your opponent after he's been made into a kebab, and kamui shuriken and susano'o, kamui shuriken once it hits sends the target to the kamui dimension and can change direction at any time and perfect susano'o enough said

Kamui is definitely the most powerful jutsu of all. It lets you teleport anything you want including yourself as long as you can see it. This means you can avoid any attack, and when the enemy attacks, you can teleport the attack so that it hits them instead.

This is my favourite jutsu. You are invincible if you have this. You can slip through tailed beast bombs, rasen-shurikens, walls and even dsestructive jutsu! Also, you can teleport into your time-space to recover from wounds. The bad thing is that you only have a 5 mins total of "slipping through" stuff and if you use that jutsu too much, your eyes will face the darkness.

Obito can dodge any attack by transporting himself to a different world. They only beat him because Kakashi has the same technique. Nothing can touch him. If he's losing just chil in the other world.

10 Chidori


I'll assume you include Raikiri in the whole chidori thing, since it is just a stronger chidori. Kakashi is famous for his lightning power, and is smarter than sasuke, don't you think he would've invented all of those other forms? I personally think it's because Raikiri is more powerful than chidori, and harder to control into those other forms, but if kakashi copied them from sasuke he could modify it into Raikiri, like sasuke did with lion combo.

No did you see Itachi easily just grabbed Sasuke's hand chidori can easily be beat.

Rasengan is stronger than chidori. Even Jiraiya implied it once, as he told Naruto he would teach him jutsu that would made chidori look like childs play. oh and sry for bad grammar.

This jutsu is bad

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11 8 Trigrams 64 Palms

This is one of the most powerful jutsu of the whole Naruto series. I am not under estimating the power of other jutsu. The are fine too but no one can over see this jutsu. it is the jutsu developed by the hyuga clan. It includes striking of the 64 chakra points that can stop an enemy from using his or her own chakra and thus weakening them. It is one type of paralysis jutsu. Even in certain cases this jutsu can cause death to the enemy. However this jutsu also has one higher version that is eight trigrams 128 palms that can cause severe internal damage and can kill the enemy. One can train hard to increase the physical abilities but no one can strengthen their internal organs or powers. So strong enemies like itachi, or nagato can do nothing rather than to dodge this attack or to die.

This jutsu is just OP. This jutsu strikes all of the chakra points in ones body and stops the flow of chakra, weakening the enemy. Also, with 8 Trigrams 128 Palms you can kill the enemy. Their only choices for this is to avoid, or dodge the attack or simply die. The higher version of the jutsu is 8 Trigrams and 128 Palms and can cause internal damage, and you can't strengthen the internal organs so even the strongest enemies can be killed by this. The jutsu was created by the Hyuga clan and can't be seen, or is invisible. Plus the speed of this juts is unimaginable! If you've ever seen Neji do this, man it looks cool! This jutsu should be high in the rankings but when I'm posting this (aka now) it's number 15. ´┐Ż" anyway I hope people vote this jutsu it's literally the best jutsu. (Suggestion also is the sand coffin. So cool, especially if you're a Gaara fan)

It takes away chakra and it makes the oppeenet not able to use chakra well... sometimes

12 8 Inner Gates

The eight inner gates is amazing for sure. When guy used it against madara,he was able to breaks his rib cage and almost defeated him. He was also able to use the powers "the evening elephant" and the "night guy" such was really amazing for sure. But according to me it is just fine where it is because of the powerful side effects that effects the user that susanoo,rasengan don't do. But still it is amazing and powerful for sure.

Do I have to explain this? This is 1 of the strongest because it increases your speed power etc. Did you see how strong it made Gai when he used it against Madara?

People think best means powerful. No, I don't think this is the most powerful jutsu but it looks so cool and is so strong. (I think Edo-Tensei is the most powerful, bring back the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, Atasuki, Madara, Jiraeiya, Orochimaru, Uchiha clan, Kimimaro, Obito, the Kages, anyone else.)

Um Guy used this almost killed Madara solo and didn't have to draw power from anyone or anything else. Best move in Naruto.

13 Summoning Gedo Mazo

You can get all the tailed beast into here and then summon the 10 tails. This isn't the strongest but it is pretty close.

It is the best move

14 Mangekyou Sharingan

I mean really, this is so freakn overpowered. You have an upgraded version of the Sharingan, which lets you like, know what your opponent's gonna do. It even LOOKS cool.

It is a better form of sharingan (advanced form) so anyway should be placed above at least the sharingan.

I'm gonna guess some people didn't notice this. You'd think it would be placed over the sharingan.

It's better then Susanoo because if you don't have mangekyou sharingan you can't have Susanoo and you can use kamui,amaterasu and more.

15 Almighty Push

Almighty Push can strike everything around you without moving a muscle, put out Amaterasu flames and destroy a village. Before Pain destroyed the village, he was levitating into the sky! Does that mean that almighty push can make you levitate?

Wouldn't consider this 1 the strongest Jutsu but it allowed Pain to destroy the leaf village and when Nagato was a reanimation he extinguished Itachi's Amaterasu.

It's a jutsu by a God, and its pretty much the most destructive. It would repel any other of these powerful jutsu other then genjutsu.

It so strong that can push you so far and can destroy a village by the ninjas with rinnegan

16 Kirin

Although it needs a lot of preparation (at least if a mid-class Shinobi like Sasuke uses it) Kirin is Firetrucking strong, basically undodgeable and - if used by a stronger shinobi with more chakra - probably wouldn't require any preparation and would have even greater power.

Summoning a giant lightning creature from the sky and honing in on a target and smiting it with said creature is easily the most OP jutsu.

This should be at least in the top five I mean it was the move that ended the battle between sasuke and itachi. if not top 5 then at least in front of chidori

Like a giant bolt of lightning that obliterates everything!

17 Chibaku Tensei

People don't watch the show all the way through and think susanoo is the strongest jutsu but the infinite Tsukuyomi and chibaku tensei lower then ten.

Chibaku Tensei was used to seal the ten tailed beast. The ten tailed beast isn't even as strong as it was back in Okustki days.

Even a relatively minor application was only dispelled by a Rasenshuriken, Yasaka Magatama of Itachi's Susanoo, and a tailed beast ball from Killer B. It takes all of that to dispel a minor one? (So 3, a technique of 1, and a technique that should be on here anyways.)

Guys, chibaku tensei is planetary devastation, while shinra tensei is almighty push...

18 Tailed Beast Planetary Rasenshuriken

Yes definitely top 5

Why is this not top 5

Should be top 5

19 One Thousand Years of Death

This is a technique that, when Naruto was in his childhood, beat Naruto. Naruto went on to become a God among Shinobi.

Heck, this technique scared, and likely could have beaten Kakashi, the Leaf's Copy Ninja! And when you consider that Kakashi became Hokage without his sharingan, and was scared of the 1KYears of Death even when he HAD sharingan?


Kakashi was afriad of 1k years of death! Gosh... My brother tried 1k years of death on me 1 thousand times after he saw Kakshi do it. We're a hatake fan family.

It's so powerful it should be 1st place... Just try to continue fighting after that... You can't you can't even move for a couple of seconds and you can't protect yourself so your an easy target for a powerful followup

You stick your fingers up someone's butt. Poor guy

20 Minato's Rasengan

Duh it minato rasengan he mad it he best well naruto is.

He is the best at wielding it to.

It's really powerful

21 Yin Seal

I mean when Tsunade used it she was able to survive being split in half and survived being stabbed by the susanoo, which was the most powerful technique.

The best for sure!

22 8 Trigrams 128 Palms

I mean you have got to be kidding me! This is one of the strongest moves ever, used only by one person which is Neji Hyuga, and yet it's number 39? How many times have you ever seen somebody use this jutsu?

Wait why is 8 trigrams 64 palms ahead of this?

23 Sexy Jutsu

I actually disagree. You see this jutsu is completely worthless. Naruto failed the graduation exam not just because of the shadow clone jutsu, also because of transformation jutsu doing this completely worthless jutsu

This is the most powerful Naruto jutsu. It can work on gods like Kaguya. Heck, even Goku will lose to this jutsu.

You enemies will never see it coming and then you can strike them down.

Listen it worked on god

24 600 Billion Paper Bombs
25 Shadow Clone Jutsu

! Should be number 1 the nara clan is the best thing that happened to naruto!

Good when the user is powerful, but not good when the user is weak.

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