Best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Characters

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has lasted for many years on T.V. and even has some movies. Many people have liked this show and still do to this day. Whether it's from 1987 or 2012, this show is (to some people) one of the best shows. Vote for your favorite character on the show TMNT of all time.
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1 Leonardo

Leo all the way. He is very cool in his own way. Knows how to deal with boredom where the others sit and around and get well bored. Leo has a lot on his shoulders and he is just a teenager. Love him he rocks. Without leo you would not have the turtles. Love each of them as a team as bothers and so different from each other. That is family. That is the teenage mutant ninja turtles. They so totally cool. And leo is the best.

A lot of people don't like Leonardo because they feel he lacks personality. I think the opposite. He has a very, very complex personality that isn't as easily defined as Michelangelo, who's just goofy, or Donatello, who's just smart. Leonardo is a teenager that was forced to grow up way too soon. A brilliant tactician and fighter, but above all, a great brother. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

2 Raphael Raphael, also known as Raph, is a fictional character and one of the four main characters in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Since childhood I've always been into Raph. He is just a raw relatable real person. He's got confidence maybe a little bit stubborn and prideful but again relatable. The rest of the characters tho I like seem painted, telling, and obviously made up. Raph is the most real life character of the story. Unpredictable, loving his friends one moment and hating his enemy as such, then defying his friends while proceeding to go off experiencing what its like to be an enemy. An enigma.

Everyone picks the semi retarded Mikey but really, Raphael was the most badass of them all. He and Donatello were the best. Donatello came up with some badass weapons

3 Michelangelo

Honestly, Mikey's my favorite turtle, but I actually think the others are great too!

I find all of the turtles great, but Mikey has been catching my heart lately. Yes, I know he's a goofball, and some of you think he's "semi-retarded," but I actually think the opposite at heart.

The reason he's my favorite is that he may not be the brightest, but he usually brings the right, positive vibes. He's also very sweet and fun-loving, which I really love about him. That scene where he hugs and comforts Raph is just so heartwarming!

I really do love him at heart. One more thing I have to say is that everyone can love whichever turtle they want. It really doesn't matter, like sheesh…

4 Donatello

Donnie is smart and always has been the one to start the chemistry between the Tmnt that helps them fight better. He should be the leader of the Tmnt because he is of course the best character

Donnie is the best ninja turtle. I am also very relatable to him, and I am like him. He has the best qualities and he has mean green fighting skills as well as being a huge techie. The nickelodeon version is the best of Donnie.

He's the best and I always looked up to him when I was little. He was so smart and nerdy and he is always underestimated. Be deserves at least to be on top 3.

5 Shredder Oroku "The Shredder" Saki is a fictional character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all of its related media.

Shredder in the 1990 movie was the best character in any TMNT movie or cartoon. In the secret of the ooze, he was dissapointing (he didn't even fight).

Shredder is the number one villain because he s the strongest villain but splinter is the strongest

6 Splinter Splinter, often referred to as Master Splinter by his students, is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all related media.

He is wise and gets out of problems 10 times easier than any other cartoon I have ever saw.

Older version's of Splinter are better than the 2012 version of Splinter.

Effortlessly can not be defeated he only died in 2012 because it was a surprise attack

7 April O'Neil April O'Neil is a character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a TV reporter and personal friend of the turtles.

Truth: she has wide thighs for a human thus giving her a big bum.

8 Krang

Pink Brain Krang, inside a great soldier, it was a mutant, just like a woman.

9 Bebop

The 2012 Bebop is one of the funniest fictional characters ever. He is also a diverse fighter with different projectiles, a dancing fighting style, and able to go invisible. An excellent character

A dangerous pig and human mutant.

10 Rocksteady

I like Rocksteady because he is funny. He likes hanging around with his buddy Bebop,and he reminds me of a little kid. Well, at least in the 1987 cartoon.

A dangerous rhino and human mutant.

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11 Casey Jones

The coolest by far. The way a man who has some sports equipment is willing to fight of alien invasions and Ninja wars is just awesome, and makes him like Batman

Casey is a vigilante and he's a pretty good fighter but he's usually solo

12 Karai

Karai! I was going to vote Raph for the win, but noticed Karai needs more love. 2012 Karai was this awesome and multifaceted punk girl tough ninja sista, with uniquely rad hair & make-up- what are you all hating on her for!

13 Leatherhead

He's a strong fighter and he loves Mikey's stew.

14 Lord Dregg
15 Baxter Stockman

A threat for sure as he can manipulate any technology to trap foes

16 Tokka
17 Mona Lisa
18 Granitor
19 Rahzar

Only good in 2012 Cartoon. Kinda sucked in every other iteration.

20 General Traag
21 Tatsu
22 Rebecca Vincent
23 Hun

He's a good fighter even though he beat up Casey by he's still not better then Casey

24 Tiger Claw
25 Rat King
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