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1 It has some 2000s vibe

It has a perfect mix of modern 2010s with a bit of early 2000s retro without ruining any nostalgia or anything like that. It actually makes the nostalgic stuff more beautiful and I really love that something very modern with smartphones etc, can be original and not bland or pointless, unlike some shows. A lot of the characters, especially the siblings have some 2000s vibe but they don't ruin it at all:
Lisa has the same voice and is an eccentric inventor of unusual machines as Widget from Wow Wow Wubbzy. She also is smart and wears glasses like Walden from that same show.
Lana wears blue overalls, is a skilled handyworker, loves frogs, cars, and playing outside and especially playing in the dirt. She might be the most nostalgia invoking character for me because of her interests being prominent in my childhood, though she is smart for her age. I'm more like Lola but also a tomboy like Lana in many ways.
Lola is a typical "princess" who is a brat and loves girly things like the ...more

I wouldn't say "2000's" vibe...I would just say it's "nostalgic" in that it represents and resembles almost every cartoon out there. You have Lisa, who's a tribute to Dexter and Nora Wakeman (fellow cartoon lovers will know what I'm talking about.)
Lynn who's basically Rainbow Dash.
Luna who's like Ember McLain plus Scootaloo.
Luan who's Harley Quinn, Joker, Pinkie Pie, fourth wall breakers.

You know the drill...Great show with great characters. It has POTENTIAL :3

I love this show, it's one of the best Nick shows, it feels like one of the good old NickToons.

I been watching some episodes from this show and it's easily going to become my favorite

2 Best Current Nickelodeon Show

The show is realistic unlike many other Nickelodeon shows. If you watch the show for hours you start to feel a connection to the characters as if you know them or you'd like to meet them, that proves why it's a great show we can all relate too.

Agreed it's the only new Nickelodeon show I watch now (Miraculous doesn't count because Nickelodeon just airs the dub, not the original French version, that one belongs to Disney Channel France I believe).

Agreed. SpongeBob isn't as good anymore. Even if the creator came back, SpongeBob isn't still as performing well as its old seasons. Move SpongeBob to make room for The Loud House, the only best nick show.

Heck no! SpongeBob is easily better than Trash House! And yes, I do support TheAwesomeBowser.

3 Lynn At 13 years old, Lynn is the fifth-oldest child of the Loud family, and the youngest of Lincoln's five older sisters.

This is the worst thing about the Loud House. I can't think of a single positive trait about Lynn, and this is coming from a person who loves sports. She is arrogant and pains others with her superstitions (like in "No Such Luck"). I don't see being sporty or a jock as a positive trait. Maybe it is good because she kills traditional gender roles? Still not good in itself. You can be a tomboy, but likable.

Lynn is a great character, but Lana, Luna, and Lucy are better.

Lynn, Luna, Lucy, and Lana need their own spin-off show.

Lincoln probably see's Lynn as a hero.

4 Amazing graphics

These graphics are way better than Clarence graphics.

5 Good theme song

I usually hate theme songs, nicktoons always does great ones.

The theme song is good

The theme song is epic

6 Better than Gravity Falls

All four cartoons, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, The Loud House and Modern SpongeBob are all boring, but I prefer Steven Universe.

Both shows aren't better than the other, there completley different genres!

Not better than Gravity Falls, but still pretty good.

Gravity Falls is way better than this retarded show!

7 Good role models

Not Luna Loud, she's the worst role model to let kids look up to, Lori is a better role model

8 Fantastic and very epic character designs
9 Character development

I love how developed Lana and her parents are later in the show.

10 Colorful graphics
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11 Good morals
12 Best humor

Om gosh yeah! I do the same, CutiePoops! My fave moment is when Lori was like:
Lincoln: ''Lisa's trying to take my kindey! "
Lisa: "Tell Lincoln he only needs one! Now hold still! "
Lori: "Lisa...You already took his appendix. Don't be greedy! "

13 Better than Steven Universe

The Loud House is way better. I don't care about Steven Universe and I'm allowed to do so.

Both Shows are Great why not put a Gross Out Nick Show rather than Other Popular Cartoon.

Yeah, but to be fair, what isn't better than Steven Universe?

I like both shows

14 Epic voice acting
15 Nice designs
16 Better than every other cartoon in the entire galaxy

Gumball, Phineas and ferb, and spongebob (seasons 1-11) are better.

My third favourite cartoon.

Maybe not all cartoons

Hell freaking no!

17 It's fun

More like boring

18 It has likeable characters

The characters are the best part of the show.

Mainly just Luna and Lucy.

Most of them are

19 Comedic moments
20 Better than Adventure Time

It is way better then adventure time. I don't get why everyone thinks that adventure time is the best show that cartoon network has ever made.

21 Better than the Amazing World of Gumball

No way. Nuh-uh, Nope! Not true. Don't you ever say that again. Gumball is way better.

I hate this show but clearly, you're right, it's better than weirdness

22 Not an ripoff

Uh this is supposed to say Not a ripoff.

23 Helps bring Nick back to its glory

Nick will never get it's glory again because Nick's using retarted memes. Not even The Loud House will save it. The only way nick will get better is if they stop using stupid memes or start using actuall decent memes. Just my opinion.

Nick will get its glory

24 Lori Loud Lori Loud is a fictional character from The Loud House and the oldest child of the Loud Family as such she's bossy, hot tempered, and very strict she constantly enforces the fact to the others that she's the oldest, despite her bossy nature deep down she truly cares for her younger siblings even when they drive her crazy, she shares a room with her second younger sister Leni.

Lori is one of the WORST things, to my opinion. She reminds me of caillou

No mr Krabs is better

No, Amy is better than her, she's the WORST, all of The Loud House characters are evil bad people

25 It's better than Modern Spongebob

I agree, while old SpongeBob is better new SpongeBob is terrible in my opinion. Watch Mermaid Pants, Snooze You Loose, Mimic Madness, Spot Returns, etc. All four episodes I mentioned are, I think, really awful.

TheAwesomeBowser is an idiot. Spongebob can choke on a krabby patty and die for all I care. I'll take the Loud House over Spongebob Stinkpants ANY day. TheAwesoneBowser sucks!

I hate SpongeBob. This show rules.

What? I like the Loud House.

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