Top 10 Things to Change or Add to Miraculous Ladybug

We can all agree that Miraculous Ladybug is a flawed show, it has lots of good concepts, but the problem, the writing makes it fall short. So, based off the “Miraculous: Rewritten” posts I saw online, here is a list of things I would change/add to the show. Feel free to add your ideas too!
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1 Get rid of the formulaic plot

We get it a lot of shows use the formulaic plot but most of them are preschool shows because small children like repetition, it's a fact. And the only show I have heard that uses the formulaic plot that's not for preschoolers is Phineas and Ferb. But the formulaic plot doesn't always work because it sets too many limits for a show that literally chokes it, like it keeps characters from getting proper character development and also keeps it from developing an actual storyline. Also, formulaic plots are boring because you always know what will happen next. I like surprises, I like not being able to expect what would happen next. And formulaic plots definitely don't work for superhero shows because it's more than just fighting the bad guy and saving the day, it's about exploring our superheroes outside life of fighting crime, superheroes are people too! So, firstly, Miraculous Ladybug will work if it did not have a formulaic plot, it will be a lot more enjoyable.

Like, let's ...more

2 Get rid of the Kwamis

Unpopular Opinion: (That's just my opinion, if you disagree with me, that's fine, just don't beat me please) I do not like the kwamis, they're annoying and kind of dumb.

The kwamis also set too many limits for the heroes and are not fitting for a superhero show, so it'd be better if they never existed entirely and the miraculous is still the same but there's no kwamis, instead, it's like Green Latern's ring and Ben's omnitrix from Ben 10. Where in order to "transform", put on the superhero suit, they just tap the Jewel one time and to get out of the suit, they tap the Jewel twice. And there's no timing out after the big guns is used once, instead it's used for a limited amount of times because look at all the superheroes we know, they can use their powers limitlessly like Cyclops can shoot his eye lasers as many times he pleases. So, Ladybug can use her lucky charm many times without timing out. Instead, I will have the superhero suit work like Iron Man's suit, like ...more

3 Add better suit designs

Honestly, the superheroes', some of the akumatized villains, and Hawkmoth/Shadowmoth could've been better design wise. Like, for example, I would make Ladybug's suit similar to Ant-Man's suit in the MCU and Cat Noir's suit similar to Black Panther (the "tail" is very distracting and impractical, a supervillain could use it to trip him a lot). Also, I HATE Shadowmoth's design, it's too stupid. I think Hawkmoth would look a lot better if his face were concealed, he'll look a lot more menacing, I will make his suit be a mix of Baron Zemo's and Spider-Noir's suits.

I also hate Loveeater's design like, WHAT IS THAT?!? It's ugly! It makes me want to vomit, it looks Two Face as a wad of chewed bubblegum. I would make them look like a pink Carnage with four eyes, two mouths, and four arms, that would be a lot cooler!

4 Add more superheroes that are not animal themed

Like, I would make Jagged Stone a secret superhero, it would be very interesting. Like, you would see a superhero going around and saving lives and you have no idea until later on, the superhero is really a rockstar named Jagged Stone. Like, I am inspired with Dazzler and Luna Snow, Marvel's superheroes who are also famous singers. So, Jagged Stone being a secret superhero would be cool and I can see him having photokinesis (light manipulation) and somewhat limited pyrokinesis (fire manipulation) that he also uses in his shows to make his performances more interesting just like Dazzler using her powers for her shows. I also would make Max's mom an Iron Man-type hero that springs into action and we don't know it's her until later on.

5 Give the existing superheroes more powers

Like, Ladybug could use more powers like I would give her more ladybug-related powers such as being able to fly and shrink (inspired by Ant-Man and the Wasp), Cat Noir is already Black Panther so just add climbing walls like a lizard, make Bunnyx not just Cable without a bazooka (he has a huge gun, forgot what it's called) but able to travel to alternate dimensions and have Mary Poppins powers (her umbrella gives off Mary Poppins vibes, cue Yondu saying "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!"), and make Ms. Hound and Flairmidable not only fetch (bringing items) but having Wolverine and Deadpool's healing factor and superhuman sense of smell. I can list more but we'll be here for an eternity.

6 Don’t make Mariette a stalker

This trait should GO it's not funny and she needs psychological help!

7 Make Felix Adrien’s identical twin brother

I think the show would be a lot better if Felix and Adrien were twins instead of cousins and I also love the good twin/evil twin cliche! And c'mon, Cable has an evil twin brother, Stryfe, so Adrien having an evil twin brother will be just as cool!

8 Explain why Lila lies so much

Apparently, the leaked Miraculous Ladybug Bible reveals why Lila lies a lot, she has dissociative personality disorder, aka multiple personality disorder and the "lies" are really her other personalities and she has several she takes on.

While that's more interesting and a more plausible reason, it could've been utilized better like Marc Spector in Moonknight is more believable than Lila from what I've seen!

There's got to be a reason, maybe she's someone who think she's a boring and uninteresting person and she thinks lying will make people like her because she hates the person who she really is.

9 Keep Chloe’s redemption arc and scrap Zoe

Zoe's just there to make Chloe look like a heartless monster, she isn't, she is just a bully that is that way because she's been abused by her mother. She should've stayed on the path of becoming a better person.

10 Make Hawkmoth smarter

Hawkmoth is not a threat, in fact, he's stupid, he's like Plankton from SpongeBob and Dr. Doofensirz (can't spell his name) a stupid villain that doesn't cause any real harm but it's fine because we're supposed laugh at how stupid they are, that's why they're there. But Hawkmoth isn't treated like that instead, he's just a stupid villain who is not very competent, so making him smarter would be better.

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11 Add more sexiness to the female characters
12 Have a darker story
13 Swap the genders of the main characters

I know this is the most controversial one, it has nothing to do gender, I believe in gender equality! But I think the story would be a lot better if Marianette were a boy and Adrian were a boy. It will subvert expectantions, the behavior of Mariette would be addressed earlier on, and I just think the story would make a lot more sense.

Like, Male Marianette, Marino as Ladybug like a teen boy who's a ladybug-themed superhero would turn the tables like it will be like that male ladybug in Bug's Life, everyone thought he was female so it breaks stereotypes. I also would have him struggling with his crush, school life, and have very low self esteem but he becomes a better person over time and a great superhero.

And female Adrien, Adriana is just a teen girl who's father see her as a throphy and is very overprotective of her and his relationship with her will be changed to Kingpin's relationship with his adoptive daughter, Maya/Echo. I don't know much about it but from my ...more

14 Stop giving Ladybug all the attention
15 Have the protagonists be adults
16 Give Zoe a chance to be more than a foil for Chloe

I like Zoe a lot. But I think that, character creation-wise, she is too attached to Chloe for her to matter on HER OWN. She has such a great concept (and a dash of mystery!), but it has mostly gone to waste!

17 Have consistent character arcs
18 Let the love square happen
19 Explain what happened at the party at the Agreste's mansion
20 Have Rose and Juleka be an official couple
21 Make the villains more badass
22 Make the characters dumber

Yeah, so the characters are already dumb. They can't tell who ladybug is and who is cat noir when it is so obvious! !f they were dumber - and intentionally - the show would be funnier. (not that I think this show isn't already funny. I like it, but the characters...)

23 Get rid of Chloe
24 Get rid of Marinette
25 Stop making Marinette suffer
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