Top Ten Strongest Cures in the Pretty Cure All Stars DX Movies

Covers the three All Stars DX movies (not the New Stage ones), which have the many Cure teams from the first to the Suite teams. Which ones were the strongest and had the strongest overall impacts?
The Top Ten
1 Love Momozono / Cure Peach

As of now Love is still my favorite of the pink lead Cures and her role increases exponentially as her season (Fresh) went on, plus the All Stars DX movie was a lot of fun to watch her growing well. As one of the bigger Cures she manages to go toe-to-toe with some really tough enemies.

2 Nozomi Yumehara / Cure Dream

While I personally don't like Dream as much her roles in the DX movies are surprisingly good all around, with incredibly strong power to go up against main villains, while steamrolling several smaller enemies, especially in DX3.

3 Nagisa Misumi / Cure Black

An original Cure who remains perhaps the strongest in physical combat, with powerful punches and martial arts that utterly destroy most monsters. Like Love she easily goes toe-to-toe with enemies and tries taking on a decent leadership role at least once.

4 Tsubomi Hanasaki / Cure Blossom

In DX2 she was the main Cure and was rather weak there but very much determined to win and does so well. She's far more experienced by the time DX3 comes along and helps her team find the exit, as well as encourages Cure Melody on how not to give up.

5 Honoka Yukishiro / Cure White

Probably the smartest Cure on the list she like Nagisa is one of the originals with much better physical abilities than any of the succeeding Cures in the other seasons. While Black is more for the punches and kicks here we have Cure White with the throws, plus some excellent strategy in DX3 against the Max Heart movie villains.

6 Hikari Kujou / Shiny Luminous

While not technically a Cure she does have Cure powers and is considered one. Her role in all three DX movies is usually that of a defender, but we get to see how useful she is in defending others, like in DX1 by defending Rouge, Mint, and Aqua with her shield, as well as the Luminous Heartiel Action move shown in DX2 and DX3 for immobilizing the enemies so that the main Cures can make it.

7 Mimino Kurumi / Milky Rose

Like Shiny Luminous not an official Cure but considered one, very versatile member of the Yes PreCure 5 team with some excellent powers, including creating a crater to unbalance Fusion in DX1, plus reverting into her fairy form to fake out one villain in DX2.

8 Yuri Tsukikage / Cure Moonlight

While I'm personally not a fan of Cure Moonlight especially in the season of HeartCatch where she is incredibly reluctant to do much until she gets her power back, she's easily the first member of her team to really step up in the DX3 movie (the only one she has a good role in). Then again this is the oldest of the Cures so far in the All Stars movie (Tsubomi's grandmother doesn't count) and she has more experience than the others.

9 Hibiki Hojo / Cure Melody

The lead Cure for DX3 is Cure Melody, at first not actually a strong Cure especially by the time DX3 aired there was just her and Rhythm and she was far from fully developed. But here we see how she makes a huge mistake, feels a lot of remorse, but gets back on her feet, especially when you consider those who help her. She manages to be strong enough at the end, defeating the Frozen Brothers with Rhythm in a somewhat hilarious moment (she and Cure Rhythm are inexperienced while the Frozen Brothers were established villains, yet the Cures beat them).

10 Kanade Minamino / Cure Rhythm

Well finally we have Kanade a.k.a. Cure Rhythm like Hibiki she's far from strong in DX3 but manages to be a key player for the blue team in there when she's the one who breaks the crystal ball from the Dark Witch, leading her team from the evil dimension. Well, she wasn't the real leader but got the encouragement of the other Cures with her, which were White, Mint, Aqua, Marine, Egret, and Berry. Later she combined excellently with Cure Melody.

The Contenders
11 Karen Minazuki / Cure Aqua

Karen's generally real smart at things, and comes up with ideas on the fly in at least two movies. DX1 has her using Sapphire Arrow as a quick shot to protect Black and White, while DX3 has her coming up with the idea to have Freezen and Frozen freeze the sea below first, the idea helps turn the tide in the favor of the Cures there.

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