Top 10 Worst Things Arthur Read Has Done on Arthur

Arthur is usually seen as a good kid on the series but every once and a while he has his fair share of bad moments, for this list we will be looking at the Top 10 Worst Things that Arthur Read has Done on the show.
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1 Relentlessly Bullied Sue Ellen (So Funny I Forgot to Laugh)

If you thought him hitting his sister was bad, he's completely out of character in this episode. He's usually a very remarkable kid in the entire show, but what happened to him?!

Arthur is out of character in this episode. It would make much more since if it was Muffy or Francine making fun of Sue Ellen.

2 Punched D.W. After She Broke His Plane (Arthur's Big Hit)

She absolutely indeed did deserve to get punched and hit bigtime all because of her tomfoolery and mischief and drama and wrongdoings and troublemaking she caused a whole lot in her life. The parents also even don't seem to care for how lax, slack, laidback, shallow, impertinent, arbitrary, autocratic, and passive they all always are in life over things with their children.

I'm on Arthur's/his side against his sister, DW, and their parents for how they always just spoil, pamper, favor, and encourage her to always get away with her wrongdoings of doing so in life and take her side of things in life.

In Arthur's defense though, this has become a very good meme. But yeah, he really shouldn't have done this, definitely one of the worst things he's done. Plus the lesson in the episode is simply "violence is wrong", which is extremely dull and simple compared to the shows other lessons.

To the people who keep saying that D.W deserved getting punched by Arthur, yes what she did was wrong, but still. Does the moral of this story still teach kids to punch their younger siblings?

3 Wrecked His Mom's Computer (Arthur the Wrecker)
4 Made Pal Sick (Sick as a Dog)

Pal gets sick and Arthur immediately blames D.W. seeing as she vowed to teach him a lesson he won't forget only its later revealed after a visit to the vet that it was actually Arthur who got Pal sick by feeding him stuff that a dog shouldn't eat.

5 Sold Mom's Present to Mrs. Tibble (Arthur Bounces Back)

Arthur attempts to earn money to buy a pair of moon boots while cleaning the garage Mrs. Tibble comes along thinking he's having a garage sale and offers him buy a necklace for 10 dollars which Arthur immediately agrees to and is able to buy the moon boots only to find out from dad that he hid mom's present in the garage which is the necklace he just sold to Mrs. Tibble.

6 Sold James a Broken Toy and Refused to Give Him His Money Back (Arthur Sells Out)
7 Cheated and Acted Like a Sore Winner (Arthur the Loser)

After being unable to win a single game of his new board game "No Guessing? " Arthur starts cheating at every game he plays against his friends and begins acting like a complete jerk as he gloats about his wins which annoys everyone that they get Binky to play against him hoping he will lose so everything will go back to normal.

I thought this was about a couple relationship!

8 Brought Home a Snake (Hide and Snake)
9 Caused Dad to Fall Behind on His Catering Order for Mr. Crosswire (Dad's Dessert Dilemma)

Arthur begins getting dad to make cakes for his school to make himself more popular but Arthur's constant cake demands ends up putting dad behind in his work as he is in danger of losing Mr. Crosswire's business.

10 Upright Ignoring D.W.'s Very Clear and Obvious Requests (For Whom The Bell Tolls)
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11 Not liking cats because he believes that they eat kids' ears (Francine and the Feline)
12 Disobeyed His Mom by Digging Up the Whole Yard (Arthur's Treasure Hunt)
13 Telling DW that Mary Moo Cow is a baby show and not respecting her opinion (That's a Baby Show)
14 Scared D.W. While She Was Taking a Bath (D.W. All Wet)

This is one of those few cases where I thought Arthur was in the wrong and I don't like D.W at all. However in this case, Arthur was just being mean and yes I know he apologized but still.

15 Bullied Francine Nonstop and Later Denied It (Draw!)
16 Refused to Let D.W. Bring All of Her Toys to Put in His Suitcase (The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur)
17 Arthur Acted Rude to D.W. (The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur)
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