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1 Unikitty Unikitty is a supporting protagonist in The LEGO Movie and the main titular protagonist in the 2017 TV cartoon Unikitty! in general.

She is the best!
Not only she she is nice but she cares about her brother and everything else. Go Unikitty your so cute I could keep you as a pet

When I found she is 11 I was shocked but she is still good.

She is the best when she's happy! Unikitty is too cute.

She rocks. She's the show's best character and star.

2 Dr. Fox

I hate her. She's really unkind to Hawkodile and she is such a drama queen. She isn't smart, she's stupid, not being able to solve her own problems about her own robots she built

At build a bear I'm getting a fox with black glasses and a white shirt I can draw her labcoat on and even pants! I named her Doctor Fox so I now have my own so she has to be my fave!

I'm also getting a Fox at Build A Bear with glasses and naming her Doctor Fox! The lab coat is a great idea! I'll do that too! This is so exciting!

Her morality is questionable like when she had Unikitty and Puppycorn risk their lives in space for 1 of her experiments.

3 Puppycorn

(If you like puppycorn don't read ahead)

I frickin hate puppycorn. He such a stupid dog and so dang annoying. All he ever cares about is eating and he won't even TRY to use his brain.

He really annoys me, all he does is create problems. His voice is annoying and he's very bratty

I think it's a shame Prince Puppycorn wasn't in the LEGO movie.

4 Richard

Richard is my fave I'm not sure why maybe because he makes sense unlike the others. #He screams lots#

His interactions with Unikitty and her friends are really funny.

He is the only person who makes sense.#He screams a lot!

5 Brock

He's the best! He should be at least #3.

He's pretty good

6 Master Frown

A lot of things about Master Frown are great. The personality, the appearance, the annoyingness... he's my favorite. I just don't like the ships. Unifrown is bad in my opinion.

The main reason he's frowning is because he's too low on the list.

He is a great antagonist with lots of personality and character. he is one of the most interesting characters on the show, and my personal favorite out of all of them.

He rude as heck

7 Hawkodile

Bothers me that the guy who voices Sonic in Sonic Boom (Roger Craig Smith), also voices Hawkodile and Richard in this show. You can hear Sonic's voice in Hawkodile if you pay attention closely, Hawkodile also talks like Sonic a lot.
I still like him though, he can be kind of stupid at times but I enjoy his protectiveness and his crush

Even though hawkodile is filled with lot of action he is very funny and awesome.

Hawkodile is awesome!

He's cool and funny.

8 Master Doom

I hope she returns and becomes the real villain of the show. Master Frown should redeem himself and team up with Unikitty to stop Master Doom.

9 Rock Guy
10 Score Creeper
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11 FeeBee
12 Doom Lords
13 Toast
14 Pet Pet
15 Friend Guy
16 Mark (Dr. Fox’s Rocket)
17 Eagleator
18 Craig
19 Penny
20 Falcomodo
21 Tailless Unikitty

Rock Friend, Stuck Together, but Master Frown where her tail was.

22 Really Old Edith
23 Trevor
24 Dino Dude
25 Toaster
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