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Kim Possible is a 2002 American animated TV series centered on a teenage girl who balances everyday teenage issues with fighting crime and going on secret missions.
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1 Emotion Sickness

Ironically, that's the episode of the series I remember the most!

Mood altering devices accidentally get attached to Kim and Shego

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2 Exchange

Another iconic moment where Ron went to a Japanese exchange ninja school.

My favorite episode

3 Graduation Part 1

Obviously the best one.

4 Go Team Go!

Such a wonderful episode! I enjoyed it!

Great episode showing Shego's origins, and they got Christopher McDonald, Jere Burns, and Fred Savage, with the villain being voiced by Invader Zim himself, Richard Horvitz

5 Low Budget

Frugal Lucre is a stupid villain, but this was a great episode.

6 Oh Boyz

Memorable episode. I really enjoy their songs, especially Quit Playing Games with My Head, and that hilarious moment at the end when SeƱor Senior Junior sang that song to the villains of the show, lol! Also, I love it when Kim fell as her eye zoomed in to end one of the acts.

I'm not a boy band guy, but I really enjoyed this episode. But Earl Boen was a terrible fill-in for the late Ricardo Montalban who was still alive at the time. Also, RIP to David Cassidy, who voiced Roland Pond in this episode.

7 Blush

This episode is such an interesting twist. I thought Shego doing a quiz for Drakken was hilarious! It's also really funny, at least to me, when Kim's mouth disappeared when she gets embarrassed after she looked at the mirror and saw a fake pimple on her forehead.

The sequel to the first episode, Crush, but better. But I wish Breckin Meyer still voiced his character instead of A.J. Trauth

8 Naked Genius

Ron suddenly begins exhibiting profound knowledge and intelligence

9 A Very Possible Christmas

I would've reacted just like Ron and Dr. Drakken if either Frosty the Snowman, Hank the Snowman, or anything Christmas from my childhood that I watch either once in a while or every year is ruined by something more extreme or terrible. Anyhow, this episode is also memorable. The fact that Kim gave Ron a memory discbook for Christmas is so heartwarming.

As a gift to Kim, Ron decides to foil Drakken's latest plan himself

10 Gorilla Fist

Ron is enlisted by Yori to find their Sensei who has been kidnapped by Monkey Fist

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11 And the Molerat Will Be CGI

I hope that in the live action film they make a 2D live-action hybrid, because naked mole rats are always creepy. Still a great episode.

12 Downhill
13 Pain King vs. Cleopatra
14 Sink or Swim

I wish Gill had more than just 2 episodes.

15 Bad Boy

Dr. Drakken being good from the Attitudinator was hilarious, especially his Coco Moo parts. When Shego doesn't want to hear him say Coco Moo ever and he said it, which made her angrily scream like crazy, I cracked up laughing really hard. Otherwise, such a wonderful yet fascinating episode.

Kim and Ron break a machine, transferring Drakken's evilness into Ron

16 Graduation Part 2

The moment you realize that Ron is the most powerful person in the KP universe.

17 The Ron Factor
18 October 31st
19 Crush
20 Mind Games

Ron as Kim saying "bye bye" to Shego and just kicked her leg made me laugh! Otherwise, such a great episode!

21 The Twin Factor
22 Two to Tutor
23 Ill Suited

The beginning of the episode was comedy gold! I laugh any time Ron eats the camera, wakes up, and literally screams hilariously, along with Rufus, from his nightmare!

24 Number One
25 Monkey Fist Strikes

I love the episode because the part where Kim was falling from the cliff and eating the camera is satisfying and iconic, Kim and Ron going to Cambodia is really cool, and Ron and Rufus having mystical monkey powers is a moment in Kim Possible history!

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