Top 10 Worst Amazing The World of Gumball Episodes

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1 The Laziest

Yes, I really hate this episode but it's the worst in my opinion, but I still dispize it. I think the worst is...
And Why does nobody talk about that episode!? It's not funny in the slightest, it's the creepiest gumball
episode and it's one of the worst episodes I've ever seen on my telivision. And get me started on the flashing hair scences or the design of Chris Morris

Why did I like this episode?! Gumball and Darwin were complete jerks to Larry! Causing him to lose his job, his car, and his girlfriend!

I agree, this one wasn't horrific but definitely one of the worsts. It did include Richard tricking his own children, which is kind of cruel

2 The Girlfriend

I actually hate this episode more than I do "The Hero" and that's really saying something. The Hero is just stupid while this one is actually harmful. Nice job, CN. You told kids that if they're ever in an abusive/obsessive relationship they should keep quiet about it instead of encouraging them to say something and seek help.

I know TAWOG isn't an "ooh, morals and safety lessons!" type of show, but I feel like AT THE LEAST there could've been a disclaimer somewhere in the episode stating that relationships like that aren't healthy and if you or someone you know is in one you should talk to someone who can help.

I also do understand that it's a kids show aimed at ages 7 and older, but how to know what relationships are healthy and which ones are not (romantic or platonic) is a lesson that children indeed need to learn, regardless of age.

And I thought The Worst was bad. I personally think this episode is absolute garbage. I love TAWOG and it's one of my favorite series on CN but the way this episode handled an abusive relationship was not only dangerous but disgusting. Just the message that you should submit and quote: "keep your mouth shut and say nothing" until your abuser gets better is horrifying and I don't know why the writers thought that this kind of subject was appropriate for children. Shows made for kids can touch on matters such as abusive relationships but it must be handled with respect and care; Courage the Cowardly Dog touched on the same subject matter and did it a million times better. Even though I do love TAWOG I have to admit this episode is downright awful and I'm glad that there are much better episodes that I can watch. It sends a bad message: if you are in a toxic relationship, you just gotta do nothing about it all the way until your partner realizes what he/she is doing is wrong. Would you do that?! And what happens in the episode is infuriating is a whole. In my opinion this is the worst... more

3 The Worst

Definitely the worst episode of the show. The way they portray feminism doesn't sit right with me (and I do have some feminist beliefs) and Nicole seems quite out of character. All the other problems are just portrayed badly too. The one thing I will give this episode is I guess the intentions were good? The message of everybody having it bad in their own way is definitely true, but that doesn't excuse this episode.

The main problem with this episode is that 80% of the jokes are just stereotypes. Ha, it's funny because men are slobs. Ha, it's funny because women think they need to look perfect. Ha, it's funny because adults have no imagination. Just... why? Stereotypes aren't funny, and neither is this episode. And yeah, I know, satire is a thing, but still.

They try to say that everyone has it bad and then just ignore everyone's problems by giving Nicole nothing but screentime and the last word, only validating her word despite the fact it is inaccurate in several ways and filled with sterotypes about men while treating women like they're the only ones with problems. Easily the only Gumball episode that geniunly disgusted me. Worst of the worst.

4 The Dress

Here's another thing about this episode: not only was Darwin creepy, but the other kids are extremely stupid for believing Gumball to be a beautiful girl. Like, I understand that this is a season one episode and what they were going for, but at the same time, it just gave off this vibe that they're practically idiots, because they never have a resolution or realization. They just believe it even though they could have known right off the bat it was Gumball. Heck, Gumball's voice is the closest thing to giving him away and they still can't tell it's him! Anais is the only smart character in this episode while Darwin is creepy and the other students are stupid.

Why does everyone think that Darwin was being gay? He wasn't! How was HE suppose to know that it was ACTUALLY GUMBALL wearing that dress and the hat? I mean, not all cartoon characters recognize each other under disguises. If you watched Spongebob season 4 episode 'That's No Lady' you'll see the part where Squidward and Mr. Krabs were flirting with Patricia (*cough, cough* Patrick*cough, cough*) but they didn't know that it was ACTUALLY Patrick until the end, so they were not gay! But I hate this episode too.

5 The Robot

This is one of the worst episodes ever. It's like "Someone's in the kitchen with Sandy" from Spongebob. It even has the same problems that episode had, most commonly the use of two tactics that are overused and those most people hate to see: having a character suffer for no reason and making the characters more stupid than they ever been!

To sum the episode up: Gumball tries to help Bobert be like a normal person, Bobert then dresses himself up as Gumball and steals his life, and Gumball goes through a lot of misery while the other characters are too stupid to see or realize that this is actually Bobert, like so stupid they can't tell it's him despite his cheap, easy to see though Gumball costume!

Just, what were the writers thinking!?!

Every character except Gumball and Bobert is made stupider just so they could make this plot work. Even Gumball recognizes this, as when Darwin asks who to attack, he says "The one that is clearly not a robot." It could be possibly that the characters are not dumb, but in fact trying to make Gumball Jealous/Work harder, Or that they were threatened by Bobert, but this is never explained (And even if that is the case, it makes the m seem a lot meaner). Gumball gets hurt the most in this episode, and all he did was try to help a friend out. The worst part of all is that nobody ever is confronted about thinking Bobert was Gumball (or acting like he was.) I think the writers learned from their mistake, however, as the episode and the events in it (such as Penny going on a date with Bobert) are never mentioned again.

6 The Hero

Okay, even if Gumball is responsible, that's NO excuse for the writers to make him as annoying and destructive as possible... The episode starts with him saying stuff back to his mom, thinking that he's not helping, so he gets grounded... But when his sister is in his room, but the next... he has a screeching voice. Okay - before you say "he's responsible" - NOT. AN. EXCUSE. Oh, and he WAS in the dirty cement and a truck comes and make him all covered in dirt. Okay, once again - just because he's supposed to be responsible - that's NOT AN EXCUSE for this. Even though the episode is way too long, that doesn't excuse it for being this teeth grindingly annoying... And the fact that his dad very FORGIVES him for doing all the bad stuff that he did. GREAT. Just GREAT. Now, before you start berating me for making a comment about something from this show, I can only say - imagine what would happen if a KID watched this and took it to heart... They would try to do their chores to get what they want just like Gumball... If I was his dad, I'd scold him... HARD. Instead, his father just makes as much noise as his son did, and Gumball doesn't receive consequence for the bad things... UGH.

7 The Menu

Normally gumball has great stories but this one is really bad. This episode also is a gross out. Disgusting! I really hated this episode.

8 The Dream

This episode made me feel like I was gonna vomit. If I were Gumball, I wouldn't be that stupid to realize that none of this was real.

What I found awful about the episode was Gumball being such a jerk to Darwin, all because he had a nightmare about Darwin kissing Penny. This proves that Gumball obsesses over Penny way too much. At one point, Gumball even assaults Penny and thinks that it's Darwin's fault, even though it wasn't. I don't even know why CN aired this episode anyway. It's boring and cringy to watch.

This one made me laugh

9 The Inquisition

This episodes is terrible... This episode left many unanswered questions. I hate the bad ending. Why did they made this terrible episode!?

Really, it's like if a creator hate its own cartoon and decide to ruin it by making and episode ended by a bad ending and a cliffhanger.

This episode is NOT the Series Finale. Ben would not end his show like this.

10 The Joy

I think this is supposed to be a homage to something.

Nah this is creepy as hell, it's not that bad.

I really liked the episode...

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11 The Triangle

This is one of the only episodes in which I hate Darwin, another one being The Laziest. Gumball was just trying to help him and Darwin treated him like crap. And what made me mad in this episode is when Principal Brown nearly suspended him just because he was talking to Darwin. He was just protecting him from Leslie! The only part I liked about this episode is when Darwin forgets to sing his tune at the end, because I find that karma for treating Gumball like crap.

This episode is why I hate Principal Brown now. He almost suspended Gumball, because he was just talking to Darwin in the bathroom!

I laughed when Leslie and Gumball celebrated Darwin failing to play his flute, because, like a comment here, it sure is karma.

12 The World & The Extras

The reason why they're both on this list because I hate The World but The Extras was good but not that great, I will say that this is probably the best out of all the Season 3 episodes but that's the thing, The World suck but yeah, I know I said that I hate all the things that were on lists with the worst stuff. I don't hate The Extras but since all the bad Gumball episodes are there, they should be kept on this list. I don't understand why the good ones are here, so yeah.

Since The Sweaters isn't on this list, I'll just go with this one. The World I haven't watched yet, but I have watched The Extras, and THAT WAS TERIBLE.

Snap I just realized that I mixed up The Others with The Extras shoot

I don't know "The Extras" but "The World" is extremely STUPID. And it's not a Gumball episode. Not even close.

13 The Singing

I think why Gumball and Darwin weren't in this episode was so they could make room for the disgusting sewer rats. I guess we'll never know what Gumball and Darwin were doing at the time since excused absences always are much more common with boring Live-Action Sitcoms!

Ben Bocquelet must have had an obsession with Alvin and The Chipmunks during the production of this episode, so he decided to cut Gumball and Darwin's parts out to make room for his version of said trio.

How can you make a musical and hot involve Gumball, the main character? That's like making a SpongeBob SquarePants musical without SpongeBob SquarePants.

14 The Remote

A funny way to open up season 2 and the ending is creepy.

Being the First episode of Season 2, this is where Anais being bad started!

15 The Curse

I actually really liked this one. Although it's kind of rough at the beginning, it's still solid and some parts have a final destination vibe to me, and that whole chain reaction-like process is fascinating to me.

I hate the episode because it is weird that gumball should go to the hospital like a stupid Shows not like mixels vaudeville fun.

This episode should be much lower. Why? because it's absolutely hilarious!

16 The Slap

Say what you want about the dress. What happens in THIS episode? Tobias goes around, saying hi and smacking people's butt. Everyone that is, except for GUMBALL. I hate everything about this episode. The way he keeps sticking out his butt for Tobias to smack it, you know for sure that GUMBALL knows nothing about making friends. Then it all goes downhill from there. I have no problems with some of the songs here. It's this song that annoys me the most! The end is what pissed me off the most that made me want to throw the remote at my T.V.. So first off, he plays a trick on Tobias. Then in the end, he learns absolutely NOTHING! He scolds Tobias for slapping his butt for once and for all. Terrible episode! 0/10

I think this is by far the most disgusting, sickening, and revolting episode I've seen in my life! This episode is way worse than "The Cringe," "The Hug," and "The Awkwardness." It's all about suffering under the sun, burning yourself just because nobody wants to smack your butt. It's a terrible episode for kids, and the song made me cringe. The many synonyms for butt, like behind, booty, rump, hiney, derriere, and backside, made me want to destroy the TV. The lyrics were so gross. I also feel that it's very inappropriate and not a good lesson for kids. So say what you want about all these other episodes like "The Cringe," "The Awkwardness," "The Hug," and "The Dress." I think this one is the nastiest.

17 The Uncle
18 The Rival

A Gumball and Darwin torture porn that relies WAY too much on facial humor. And it just fuels my hatred for Anais even more.

You really need to feel sorry for Gumball and Darwin here.

Worst part. Anais even got Gumball and Darwin grounded twice! Pure evil!

19 The Grades

I liked this one

20 The Parents
21 The Boombox

The episode turned out pointless... Just when the problem at hand was resolved, it comes back 2 seconds later and stays that way.

Ugh! This episode was just heartbreaking. I always skip this one when I watch the show.

This Episode is just sad and frustrating!

22 The Ex

This is weird, even for Gumball.

23 The Lady
24 The Microwave
25 The Roots
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