Top 10 Classic Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Happy Birthday, Mickey! It's amazing that this character has entertained many people for 88 years! So let's talk about the best classic Mickey Mouse cartoons!
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1 Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie is a cartoon that everyone is familiar with and one that everyone seems to love! Released on November 18, 1928, this short is the first ever Mickey Mouse cartoon, even though it was actually the third one produced. This was also the first Disney cartoon with synchronized sound! And of course there's the iconic scene with Mickey steering the boat and whistling! This is such a great cartoon to introduce us to Mickey Mouse! And it also introduced us to Minnie Mouse! So I guess they share the same birthday. I'm surprised they're not married yet. There's some clever humor in this! The parrot that makes fun of Mickey cracks me up every time! I also like how Mickey and Minnie use animals to make music! I'm not sure if this is animal abuse but it's still funny! I've watched this cartoon over a hundred times! It never gets old! This will always remain a classic and it's a great first appearance of Mickey Mouse!

2 The Band Concert

Out of all the Mickey Mouse cartoons out there, this is probably the funniest! And it happens to be the first one with Color! It involves Mickey conducting a band that includes Goofy on clarinet, Clarabelle on flute, Horace on percussion, and two pigs playing a trumpet and a tuba. Unfortunately, the band has trouble focusing due to distractions. Oh yeah! And Donald appears in this! And for some reason he's the only character with dialogue. Donald wants to be a part of the band by playing a flute. But Mickey doesn't let him even though he's actually pretty talented. It is just hilarious that Donald has so many flutes! This cartoon basically shows that if you play the "Storm" music, it will cause a tornado to arrive. The tornado wrecks everything and carries the band in the most hilarious way possible! The band just continues to play like they don't even care that they're in a tornado! I just love that scene! One of the reasons why this cartoon is so great!

When Mickey walked into the world of color.

3 Mickey's Trailer

This was one of the first Mickey Mouse cartoons I ever watched! Mickey, Goofy, and Donald go on a road trip in a trailer which is driven by Goofy. Goofy driving a trailer. I don't see how that can go wrong. It shows the characters doing what people normally do in the morning. Waking up, taking a bath, and eating breakfast. But Goofy, being the goof that he is, stops driving to eat breakfast! Causing the car to move on it's own! He tries to get back behind the wheel but the trailer gets unlatched from the car. While Mickey and Donald are still in it. And the whole scene with the trailer rolling away is just hilarious! It rolled over train tracks twice while a train was passing by and they just barely missed the train. That is some clever and perfect timing! And what makes it funnier is Donald praying not to die! I love that! And I like how the trailer manages to make it back to the car and it was almost as if nothing happened! I remember I would watch this cartoon a lot on a VHS that I ...more

4 The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1940)

Did I mention how much I love Fantasia? If I did then I haven't mentioned it enough because Fantasia is just SO GOOD! My favorite segment from the movie is Night on Bald Mountain, but if I had to choose a second favorite, it would be Sorcerer's Apprentice! What makes it so great is the music! I love how well it goes with what's happening on screen! Whenever something epic is happening in this short, the music gets more intense! Like when the brooms cause the place to be flooded! The visuals in this are also really good! That whole dream sequence with Mickey on a mountain doing sorcerer type stuff was really impressive! This is another reason why Fantasia is the best Disney movie ever!

5 Thru the Mirror

Mickey Through the Looking Glass! That's what I call it sometimes. In this cartoon, Mickey has a dream where he enters the mirror dimension. Not the Doctor Strange mirror dimension but a dimension that just so happens to take place inside a mirror. In this world, he comes across multiple objects that have come alive. Also, Mickey eats a walnut and shrinks. Kind of similar to Alice in Wonderland. Except, this came first. This cartoon is so weird that I can't help but enjoy it! I really love the cards! The way they are used in this short is so clever! I wish I could be in a world as bizarre as that!

6 Clock Cleaners

Fun Fact! I bought a Christmas ornament based off of this cartoon! It makes music! Clock Cleaners is a cartoon that's about Mickey, Donald, and Goofy cleaning a clock! Hence the title "Clock Cleaners"! And of course, they have problems. Mickey has trouble getting a stork to leave, Donald has trouble fixing the mainspring since part of it just refuses to stay in. The fact that it's alive and Donald getting furious with it is comedy gold! Goofy goes inside of a bell and one of the mechanical figures rings the bell causing Goofy to go into a daze. Which leads to him almost falling off a clock tower and being saved by cartoon physics. So each of the three characters struggle to do their jobs in very funny ways! These are things that people really like to see in cartoons sometimes!

7 Touchdown Mickey

Another one bites the dust! As a huge football fan, I really like this cartoon! And I have never seen Mickey play football before! This short doesn't have much of a plot. It's mainly just about Mickey playing football with a team called Mickey's Manglers and they play against a team called the Alley Cats. And Goofy is the announcer! Which is pretty funny! Of course, according to the title, the team wins the game but it's still very fun to see how they managed to win! If you're a football fan like I am, then you might enjoy this!

8 Building a Building

Most people probably haven't heard of this one but I really like it! Mickey works at a construction site and his boss, of course, is Pete. And as usual, Pete is the antagonist. Later on, Minnie comes to bring Mickey his lunch. But unfortunately, Pete steals Minnie from Mickey so Mickey gets into an awesome fight with Pete in order to save Minnie! The relationship between Mickey and Minnie in this cartoon is really good! This shows just how much Mickey cares about Minnie! Not only that but there are some pretty clever gags as well! Mickey pushes a wheel barrel through construction and isn't aware of his surroundings. But manages to not get hurt because of pure luck! This is a gag that a lot of cartoons have done and it can still be pretty funny!

9 Orphan's Benefit

Let me just get this out of the way. Yes, there's two versions of this. The original came out in 1934 and the remake came out in 1941. But both of them are practically the same except that one is in black and white and one is in color. Anyway, Mickey and his friends put on a benefit show to entertain some orphans which includes Donald doing Mary had a Little Lamb, Goofy, Clarabelle, and Horace doing acrobatics, and Clara Cluck singing. This is also the first time we see Mickey and Donald together in a cartoon! We also get some very funny slapstick from Donald! The only problem I have with this short is Clara Cluck! I hate her so much! I honestly don't know why but she has always made me angry! But aside from that, this is a pretty good cartoon!

10 Mickey and the Seal
The Contenders
11 Lend A Paw

That cat is so cute

12 Boat Builders
13 The Worm Turns
14 Magician Mickey

I watched this cartoon for the first time recently! And I really liked it! Mickey puts on a magic show but Donald tries to sabotage him. He then ends up being a part of Mickey's tricks. And yes, the ways that Mickey does magic tricks on him is hilarious! There's a part where Mickey shrinks Donald, shoots him out of a gun and into an egg, cracks the egg causing liquid to pour into Mickey's hat, and he pours the liquid out of the hat and Donald is put back to normal! Donald is basically tortured throughout this cartoon, but he actually deserves it! Mickey is definitely an amazing magician!

15 Mickey's Garden

Bugs always creep me out

16 Mickey's Surprise Party
17 Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip

Pete is funny here

18 The Carnival Kid

The first Mickey Mouse cartoon where Mickey actually speaks, and he's voiced by Walt Disney himself! Definitely a classic

He was a good doggo

19 Canine Caddy
20 Mickey's Birthday Party
21 Orphan's Picnic
22 Plane Crazy

This was originally Mickey Mouse's first appearance.

23 Get a Horse!

To be honest, I don't know why this one isn't in the Top10. It should be, considering it had a very good remake years later.

24 The Gallopin' Gaucho

He was really heroic.

25 Haunted House
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