Worst Things that SpongeBob SquarePants Has Done in Episodes of the Show

I remembered that I put SpongeBob as a dishonorable mention for the list "Top Ten Fictional Characters that Would Most Likely Be on Santa's Nice List" and provided examples of episodes that explain why SpongeBob will not be on the nice list. So I decided to make those examples into a list similar to the list "Top Ten Worst Moments In Spongebob Episodes". So here it is. The worst things that SpongeBob SquarePants has done in the show.
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1 Abused Gary (A Pal for Gary)

I actually heard that the writers made SpongeBob stupid on purpose in order to make this episode funny. Well guess what? IT AIN'T FUNNY AT ALL! Instead, it was simply infuriating.

I like SpongeBob but he's the complete worst in that episode!

2 Crippled Mrs. Puff and laughed about it (Demolition Doofus)

You know, for once, I actually agree with Disney1994. I was actually cheering for Mrs. Puff in this episode too, though I have to say neither side was purely good in this episode as well.

I was actually rooting for Mrs. Puff to win in this episode because of how inconsiderate and even downright ANNOYING SpongeBob was in this episode.

Those are why Mrs. Puff should put him to death and never be punished for it.

3 Gave Patrick the idea of torturing, scaring, and killing Squidward (Ink Lemonade)

Patrick just thought of the idea when SpongeBob scared Squidward, making him squirt ink.

Patrick and spongebob don't know, but they have a HUGE debt with squidward now.

4 Fell in love with a Krabby Patty and ignored his friends because of it (To Love a Patty)
5 Teamed up with Patrick to really interfere with Squidward's day off (Good Neighbors)

That episode pisses me off big time because that sponge and starfish never seem to give that octopus a break. Even when Squidward tried to make it clear to them that he didn't want to be disturbed, they continued to irk him anyway.

What also pisses me off big time is when he claimed that Squidward's yelling at SpongeBob and Patrick made him no better than them in the website that's named DeviantArt. What a big fat liar and self-righteous hypocrite he/she (most likely, he) that DeviantArt member is! Squidward deserved to shout at those damn neighbors of his for constantly meddling in his life. Hell, I'd do the same thing if I'm in his (the octopus's) place, especially since I can relate to him (Squidward).

6 Copied Squidward's house COMPLETELY down to the very last detail (Squid's Visit)

This episode proves that SpongeBob is a stalker. He got literally EVERYTHING copied right down to the chip in the paint and the hole in the wall.

I'd love to see Squidward have that have that damn sponge arrested for what he did.

7 Justified his abuse obliviously (Little Yellow Book)
8 Told Plankton Mr. Krabs' biggest fear and then betrayed Plankton (One Coarse Meal)

He was also EXTREMELY hypocritical as he claimed that he couldn't kill Plankton because it "flies in the face of my good nature". Yet he goes around and betrays his own boss and then betrays Plankton. And by the way, the other items on this list are FURTHER proof that he no longer has good nature.

9 Caused Squidward to revert to infantile form (Squid Baby)

I wish that that octopus killed the crap out of pricks for what he did to him and never get punished for it.

Again, Patrick had a hand in it too, but even so, SpongeBob was still an accomplice.

If I were Squidward, I would've pulverized him!

10 Annoyed Mrs. Puff to the point where she ended up arrested (Summer Job)
The Contenders
11 Disregarded Mr. Krabs' warning about not making stupid faces (Face Freeze!)

Well, Patrick did it too, but that's for another list to be made.

12 Took Squidward's terrible advice (Gullible Pants)

He SERIOUSLY should have known better. As a visitor commented on the list of Worst SpongeBob Episodes, Squidward wasn't telling SpongeBob secrets, he was telling him tricks to get him fired.

He's just as dumb as that stupid starfish!

13 Sided with Patrick getting Squidward thrown out or a lodge for octopuses (Cephalopod Lodge)
14 Crushed Squidward's foot and ripped off Squidward's toenail (House Fancy)

This episode WOULD have been OK if it weren't for this one moment, but boy, that was AWFUL!

15 Didn't let people have fun at the party (Party Pooper Pants)

How would YOU feel if your friends were at a party you Held and did not follow the rules?

16 Annoyed Squidward with his laughing (Funny Pants)
17 Helped poison the health inspector and hide his body (Nasty Patty)

No, it was Mr. Krab's fault. He said he would fire him if he didn't join in and later when he's dead, Mr. Krabs blames him for apparently 'not talking him out of it'.

They thought he was fake, but, umm...

18 Wouldn't let Squidward eat the pizza when they were in a starving state (Pizza Delivery)

Well in my own words, Spongebob seems to have a mental (mental as in bad moral) side in this episode. after Spongebob and Squidward get trapped in a desert and enter a state of starvation and then Squidward asks Spongebob repeatedly for a bite of the pizza and what does our "main protagonist do", he screams no and tells Squidward "it's for the customer" when their about to die in starvation, (to think of it, mickey mouse is the better man)

I never let my family or friends starve, why do you spongebob?!

19 Furiously kicked Squidward out of his own party out of jealousy (Fresh Breath of Squidward)

This meant to say Breath of A Fresh Squidward, but yeah this infuriated me. It's mainly the fact that Spongebob had the audacity to kick Squidward out of his own party all because he was pogo sticking with Patrick. I get that people can get jealous when others are hanging out with their best friends but kicking Squidward out was uncalled for and plus Spongebob doesn't have the right to do that it's not his party or his house. The fact that everyone seemed ok with it also shows how hypocritical and biased the citizens of Bikini Bottom are. They chewed out Squidward for reading Spongebob's diary yet did nothing about this.

20 Squirrel Jokes (Squirrel Joke)
21 Hog Squidward's spotlight (Choir Boys)
22 Pushed Gary to win a race (The Great Snail Race)
23 Made a puppet that took away Squid's life and dreams (Squid Wood)
24 Didn't care about anything because he was waiting for a junky toy in the mail (Waiting)
25 Pressured Sandy into ditching her suit, then taunted her about how she couldn't breathe (Pressure)
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