Top 10 Most Annoying Borderlands Enemies

Borderlands, like any video games has enemies in it and they can be rather annoying. Here are some of the most annoying Borderlands enemies in existence.

The Top Ten

1 Bullymongs

Trying to kill these damn things, is rather annoying considering how they throw rocks at you and attack you in a big herd.

2 Skags

Definitely top five material, these bastards can be quite a pain in the ass to kill at times.

3 Kraggons

I hate, trying to kill these things... I really do.

4 Spiderants

Annoying, but manageable after a while.

5 Rakks

A bird enemy, that is quite infuriating to kill.

6 Scavs

Commonly found in the pre-sequel, they can be a bit annoying to kill when they keep sliding away from you.

7 Raiders

They can be, just as annoying as psychos at times.

8 Psychos

They can be quite annoying to kill, and will probably take a while to finish off.

9 Bruisers

A bit repetitive, and dull to kill after a while.

10 Nomads

Lower, because they're pretty easy to kill for the most part.

The Contenders

11 Stalkers
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