Annoying Things About Canada

I live in Canada it's a nice country but somethings can be better

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1 When It Snows on May Long Weekends

This happens in 2010 and 2016 it was crazy - flaggy0666

2 When It Snows in April

This happens almost every year years it did last year in 2017 and in 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, 2016 was the warmest April I saw - flaggy0666

3 When It Snows in October

This happens almost every year - flaggy0666

4 When It Snows Too Much in Winter

This can be annoying this winter 2017-2018 was bad the biggest was January 24-February 3,2018 - flaggy0666

5 Extremely Cold Winter Days

This is the worst when it is 30 below or lower - flaggy0666

6 When It Doesn't Get Warm Until May

This suspose to happen this year :-( and some years this happens last year it did and also in 2013 - flaggy0666

7 When It Tries to Snow in September

This happens once in 2014 it snowed on September 8 - flaggy0666

8 Warm Weather Doesn't Last All Year

This would be nice if it did, but the warmest weather most years is may to September, sometimes it we get warm weather April or October just depends what year - flaggy0666

9 Winter Feels Too Long

This sucks sometimes it feels like winter is taking forever to end this year it is - flaggy0666

10 It Still Snows in Spring and Fall

This happens every year - flaggy0666

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