Most Annoying Things On Animal Jam

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21 Role Play


22 People That Are Rude

I have temper problems. So you rude people have better watch your backs!

There are WAY to many rude people in animal jam.

23 People That Block and Report You for No Reason

Someone came up to me and said report gukhjgv! And I was like what did I do?

24 People That Repeat Things When You Already Answered Their Question

Example: Gukhjgv: Hi guys, today we are doing roleplay! Blossom: Okay gukhjgv who am I? Gukhjgv: You will be the mom. Blossom: who am I? gukhjgv: The mom... Blossom:who am I? Gukhjgv: Blossom you're the mom! Blossom: who am I? gukhjgv: THE MOM THE MOM THE MOM!

Example: Gukhjgv: We will do roleplay today. Blosson: who am I? gukhjgv: Blossom, you will be the mom. Blossom: who am I? gukhjgv: I said you're the mom. Blossom: Who am I? gukhjgv: the mom! Blossom: who am I? gukhjgv: UGGHH!

25 Ignorers
26 People Distracting Your Recordings
27 People That Always Decline Trades
28 Greedy People
29 Random Buddy Request

I'm sorry, but I don't buddy random people! I buddy super nice Jammers that I met online! That's why my list is full now, because of those annoying random Buddy Requests! - Gymleadermisty

30 When people come up to you and say "Would you marry me?"
31 Power Players

I was role playing with my friends Nyantale and Ashpup123, and someone with a necklace came up and said :kills no nothing no miss no dodge: and we're like um ok? Kinda strange.

32 "Your comment was blocked because it might not be appropriate"

My sister typed in "beach" and this message popped up. IS ANIMAL JAM BRAINLESS?! BEACH IS NOT INAPPROPRIATE! - Officialpen

33 Necklaces
34 The Best Things are for Members
35 Dating
36 Magenta Necklace on Trade
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