Top Ten Most Annoying Things When Playing Video Games Online


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61 Minecraft cheating

I hate this, mmy I ask my brother if he wants to play PVP then he says "Lemme get ready" 5 seconds later he's in creative mode getting full Diamond armor and tools.

Ha - Untildawn8

62 People freaking out when you kill them or take something they wanted

#super Minecraft kid


63 People who eat with the mic on

I was play Grand Theft Auto V online and this girl I was playing with was eating chips and all I heard through the microphone was crunching and the bag crinkling. So annoying!

Makes me hungry and is annoying as crap.

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64 Kick vote

I got kick voted once. And it was on mibecraft. What happened was that there was an explosion. Someone griefed. And when the mod showed up me and like two other players (who probably did it) were near the crater. So since the mod couldn't figure out who did it he called he rest of the people on the server to vote who gets kicked. And HAHHA guess who? Me.(by the way I checked in with a different account just in time to see the other two get banned for blowing up spawn and hacking a mini-game

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65 Christmas Noobs

What on earth is that

66 When you're doing awesome at a game and you lose your connection

Keeps happening to me in Smash and Mario Kart 7. - ClassyTheSchoolHater

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67 YouTube Wannabees
68 Targeting

8 Players on your team and they focus for no reason on solely killing you

The only times I rage when playing video games are this and lag - GriffinDoge

69 Unbalanced Stats/Gear

We hate it, all of us do. The weapon that kills you within less than 4 seconds, you have no actual counter for it. The armor that is so rare, it's obviously OP.

(Roblox gamers, you know what I'm talking about. )

Mad paintball on roblox is guilty for this

70 People who use Aerospray MG/RG (Splatoon)

More like the Dynamo Roller, amiright? - mattstat716

71 People that type in all caps V 2 Comments
72 Games with malware

Ohh my GOD! There is absolutely nothing worse than this! I accidentally downloaded Roblox 3 times, it had spyware! I raged so hard...

73 People who don't stop talking

It gets too hard to pay attention when people won't shut up. I was playing Minecraft and I was fighting that dragon guy, and the guy I was playing wouldn't shut up and we had to start all over! Isn't it annoying!?

And the worst part is in a game with no mute button - Jonathan4Life

74 People who say "hey party people" every second
75 Same weapon match up deaths

So I was playing Black ops 2, and someone on the other side had the exact gun. We got into a gunfight and he KILLED ME. So annoying. And really dumb.

76 Stinger whores

I hate it when people in Battlefield 3 exploit the extremely overpowered stinger/igla and sit on a rock beside an ammo bag and spam rockets.

77 Rage Quitters

The only thing worse than a quitter is a rage quitter

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78 When people spam

This is annoying when playing Apothen with a friend's brother. Stop clicking R1 like it's your life. Sometimes I wonder... if it is! - sdgeek2003

FG Link, Toon Link, Zero Skill Spamus, and sometimes Ness. Some FG players don't spam as ness though. - ShyGuySwag

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79 Spawn killing

Spawn killing is terrible in Minecraft because you can't spawn any where else

Yes and in minecraft pros do it to protect there rich houses and you could only get saved if your a pro - Jonathan4Life

I like that in splatoon the other team can't go past the opponent's spawn point. However, people can camp there... and yeah. - ShyGuySwag

People do that on roblox

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80 Loading screens
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