Top Ten Most Annoying Yugioh Cards

I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! For at least 9 years now so I though it would appropriate to make this list. Feel free to leave your feedback. Also, this list covers the most ANNOYING cards, not the worst or most useless.

The Top Ten

1 Monster Reborn

So good. It's just that I can't bring back my most powerful monster, Envoy Of The Beginning - fwed

My super op card got destroyed once, but I had monster reborn in my hand, so I can summon it back to the field! SO OP!

Ah, that was a much simpler time when we did not have this watered down versions of Monster reborn. One Spell Card resurrects one monster, no strings attached. What made this card ultra annoying is the fact that this is considered a special summon and that you can resurrect your opponent's monsters. - hendiadyoin

This is one of those "I-win-the-game-from-nowhere" type cards, so it definitely deserves to be here. - PlaystationArchfiend

2 Raigeki

Destroying all of your opponents monsters with no cost definitely gives this card a reason to stay banned. - PlaystationArchfiend

Raigeki, an effect so simple yet totally OP. It should be renamed to "Suck it, Loser! " - hendiadyoin

Total destruction in a single card

Hell, this card puts other cards like dark hole, or any other card effects that has strings attached to it to shame!

3 Tour Guide From The Underworld

I have it but I don’t know what it does. I thought it just allowed you to summon tokens.

One of my most hated cards, this card is ranked so high on my list because it's effect is a free Special Summon from the deck & is can also lead to an immediate rank 3 exceed summon. Wind-Up Zenmaines is broken as hell, Leviar the Sea Dragon is sometimes hard to get around & Number 17: Leviathan Dragon can change the game around. To sum things up, this card is practically the cancer of Yugioh. - PlaystationArchfiend

God this card is so annoying, anyone who doesn't think so has obviously not experienced how much it can throw off a true strategy.

I always come up against this card no matter what and I hate it so much

4 Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy Of The End

When this thing hits the field, you're practically screwed. - PlaystationArchfiend

Ugh, when playing against traditional decks, it always gets you. no exceptions. it doesn't help its easy to summon. if it was banish 3 light and 3 dark it would be fine, but right now? NO, JUST, NO.

This card is like a nuclear bomb to the game, so thank GOD this one is forbidden in official games.

Every time I played this card I won an I can tell how annoyed my friends always were

5 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

I admit I love using this card, but it's so annoying when your opponent can constantly bounce back your crap all day long. - PlaystationArchfiend

Neo-spacian grand mole is very fun to use but I feel my friends hate him lol

My friend gets pissed whenever I play this on him lol

Love this card love using it on my friend

6 Mystical Space Typhoon

I used this card once my opponent said, 'no it's not is it? NO! That's what I wanted to not be

The only reason it pissed me off so much is that the game is so degenerate that a second turn MST isn't considered as a bad play. - TenYearsOld

So simple, yet effective - fwed

My favorite Quick Spell Card. It's a petty it does not negate, though. - hendiadyoin

7 Marshmallon

It's not the effect of this card that pisses me off - it's the principle. I mean just imagine summoning Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, getting ready to roast your opponent, only to find that your immensely powerful beams of godlike energy can't actually hurt your opponent because there is a marshmallow in the way. A MARSHMALLOW. If this card was a badass dragon or soldier, that would make sense. But, quite frankly, the fact that a blob of sugar, starch and gelatin can block any attack in the Yugioh universe pisses me off.

It is one of the worst cards in the game name a good deck that can't remove it ill wait

My friend had this card, but I could counter it. However, my other friends would get really annoyed - fwed

Cannot be destroyed by battle and can get to your opponents life points!

8 Magic Cylinder

I have two. TWO. So it's like my friend MST my 1st one but then I'm like PSYCH NO - fwed

I just let my opponent summon blue eyes or something and then when they attack I just flip it over and simply say "i win lol"

I love this card it really pulls my spell caster deck together and I usually win if I pull this at the beginning of a game

I love playing it, beats my opponents every time

9 Snatch Steal

I can't tell you how many times this card has helped me steal the game from my opponent when I should have had no chance of winning. - rapaddict97

Every time my oponent uses this card I quit the game

I am quiting too

10 Penguin Soldier

Flip! Return this card and my only monster on the field! Direct attack! Repeat the process! What the-!?

Ah, I had this card when I was in school. I traded it away cause I thought the effect is useless. How foolish I was! - hendiadyoin

Return this card and another one on the field to your hand, and then just simply set it.

Return 2 of your opponents monster back to his/her hand, seriously you tribute like 2 or 3 monster to summon and then hit this card face down that strong monster goes back to your hand aahh

The Contenders

11 Exodia The Forbidden One

It doesn't say all five pieces, this would just the the head. However, assuming this is the whole thing, you have 4 pieces, your friend sees you smile, they go "nah dude" and use card destruction - fwed

What the hell is this? Automatic win... Way too op and some decks just screw things up. I think the effect should say that all cards must be on the field. I use this card, but when someone uses it on me I just rage quit (dueling network)

I just think this is annoying because of the way it was brought up as this "AMAZING AWESOME CARD" then got rid of. Plus if it's so awesome and amazing and instant win and rare and expensive why isn't it a god card?

To be honest not to bad unless in an exodia draw power deck...when I face the draw power deck though ;-;

12 Skill Drain
13 Waboku

Really, this card can actually be beneficial to the opponent it is played against. Somebody once played this against my Blue-Eyes deck, but I got out Twin-Burst and banished both of his monsters. (OTK, anyone? )

Get this: your oponents life points can't be taken away and their monsters can't be destroyed one thaat one turn

It stupid as hell that the monsters are basically indestructible during the turn the card is activated. Before the errata, I always assumed that only affects the Life Points. - hendiadyoin

14 Black Luster Soldier-Envoy Of The Beginning

2 abilities. Either Banish a card and relinquish your attack or attack twice. I wonder why this card is considered OP? - fwed

You basically win if you get this card on the field amazing in my black luster deck so it's easy to summon

Okay, people, let me tell you a story. So, It had been about three or four turns in a duel between me and my cousin, right? It was going so well for me because I managed to summon red nova dragon, right? Well, the very next turn I summoned it, he summoned Black luster soldier envoy of the beginning, and immediately banished red nova. I almost instantly lost the duel after that.

Konami made a HUGE mistake bringing this guy back to 1. - PlaystationArchfiend

15 Fiber Jar

When Flipped, this card returns all cards on the field, graveyard, and hand to their owners deck, and allows both players to draw 5 cards, effectively resetting the game except for life points. And it allows you to continue your turn and attack, allowing you to swarm your eneny and take them out. It's really annoying when your opponent has 3 in their decks, and constantly gets them. Fortunately, it's banned.

Whoever created this card is a dick! Although it's banned, that won't take away all the bad memories involving this card.

Unfair when opponent flips it, gives him a free field, to attack you directly when you have 5 cards on the hand and nothing on the field to protect you, very unfair and angering card.

Fiber Jar Is an awesome card but its no wear near as awesome as its cousin cyber jar

16 Imperial Order
17 Time Seal
18 Trap Dustshoot
19 Delinquent Duo
20 Rescue Rabbit

Very broken card because it leads to easy Exceed summons. - PlaystationArchfiend

21 Wind-Up Rabbit

This card pisses me off so much whenever I'm on Dueling Network. If you don't have a card to negate it's summon, your opponent can practically create near-infinite loops with it. - PlaystationArchfiend

Makes me angry

22 Solemn Judgement
23 Change of Heart

I activate change of heart on your dark magician, attack you with him and then tribute him gah I'll rip your face off!

Haha, I have change of heart! Say bye to silfer the sky dragon! I take control of it, and tribute it HA-HA-HA

God Cards can't be targeted by spells and traps. That might just be Obelisk but I'm pretty sure I'm right - fwed

24 Crush Card Virus

I know it's banned, but this card was legal a couple years back & whether it's banned or not, it's still a huge game-breaking trap card. - PlaystationArchfiend

Actually the reason it is limited now is because its effect was changed so now it's a risk to use it

Actually this is a great card. It isn't banned it is limited

25 Royal Magical Library
26 Scapegoat

Waste of four turns.

Hilarious so funny


Me: "Gee, it seems you activated my face down card." *4 cute little sheep pop onto the field* "Have fun."

(I sit on Scapegoat for four turns while my brother angrily attacks them.)

My brother: *Attacks last scapegoat* HAHA, you're dead next turn!

Me: OK. My turn. *set one* End.

My brother: MY TURN! *draws like an ape on meth* BATTLE PHASE! I ATTACK YOU DIRECTLY.

Me: Mirror Wall. GG.


27 Wall of Revealing Light

This card is so annoying it restricts you from attacking with powerful monsters and gives your opponent enough time to destroy/summon a more powerful monster.

It restricts your attack and let's your opponent have enough time to destroy your monster/summon a more powerful monster.

I aggree this card is really annoying

28 Marshmallon Glasses

One thing is an indestructible marshmallon... But another thing is being forced to beat a punching bag and get pwned by your opponents strong monsters

Only works if you have Marshmallon as well though - fwed

Being forced to attack an indestructible MARSHMALLOW, and even more, IS WEARING GLASSES!

Lol! Only attack a marshmallow that can't be destroyed. Wow! - Cobra-Kraken

29 Self-Destruct Button

Let's say you're about to win, the opponent activates this card and boom the duel's over and it's a tie that's literally what it does! How is this not on the list! That's my question if you restart the duel what is the opponent gonna do? Use it again!

This card is basically used as a trolling tool to piss you off.

Srly I love dis here card. I played a game with my bro online at the dual network with it, and we where playing for over an hour an he was winning so I used this on him and he raged so much it was comical. srly if you use a LP burn try this card.

30 Judgement Dragon

Not as bad as Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, but still something to watch out for.

Lost against this guy way too many times."pay 1000 lp and destroy everything but this card." Then you take a direct 3000.

31 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

I have Scrap-Iron Scarecrow and it is so useful! But there is a simple way to beat it. It's a trap card, just destroy it by effect. I faced this card before and yes, its annoying, but I managed to beat it because I had Heavy Storm it was no big deal.

Cannot be used more than once per turn, you cannot activate a card the same turn you set it. I wish people understood this.

I love this card it is my favorite to others this card is annoying because you go to attack any monster and they play scrap-iron scarecrow they negate the attack and then they set it back down so they can use it again plus it can be used more then once if needed in a turn by what I see this is a good card unless heavy storm takes you out this card could be banned because it is such a good card no matter what generation of cards you use if you have the scrap-iron scarecrow you can always be safe

My brother used to have this card THANK GOD he traded it to me now the tables have turned on him with my machine deck - rabid

32 Shapesnatch

Should be banned immediately. Incredibly pushed stats for a level five monster, perfect typing to go into Cyber Dragon Infinity, and a broken effect that lets me snatch my opponent's very shape? I see no reason why Konami lets this card stay in the meta.

What a batch of crap, my opponent one shotted me wihile snatching my cards this has to be banned, not limited because this card caused cancer

This card is too op. One time my friends snatched my shape with this guy and now I play with triangular cards

This needs to be banned

33 Pot of Greed

Is this jar of greed, draw one card? There's nothing wrong with that!

It's not just one card it's two and in otk decks it's op

34 Call of the Haunted

Everyone uses it all the time it's annoying

35 Honest

This card wrecks gAmes

Won me loads of games!

Just visualize you've got F.G.D on the field and about to attack a neos and outta nowhere your opponent yells" I activate Honest's effect and neos gains 5000 atk points and destroys your fgd 😒😒

36 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK

Absolute Cancer.

This card is the most haxed XYZ monsters if you look up to rank 4. When you summons a good monster strong as Shooting Star Dragon, and your opponent summon ARK to the field, then he/her can easily steal your card unless you put any set cards to avoid it.

All you need is Heraldry Record which would negate the activation of the effect and destroy the card.

37 Jowgen the Spiritualist
38 Mirror Force

Your opponent just has to activate it the turn you get 5' cards on the field. It negates my attack, and leaves my field open for my opponent to rush me with.

Mirror Force should be on the list of forbidden cards, if you know what a forbidden card is. If you want a trap card that's not annoying, I would recommend Luminize. It stops an attack and you get to increase the attack points of one of your own monsters.

Among the not-forbidden cards, this is by far the cheapest and overpowered card. And now you can have 2 in the regular deck! What were they thinking? - MetalGurja

It destroys all your monsters if they are in attack mode!

39 Gravity Bind

As someone who relies on level 4+ monsters for most things, I can say that this card is absolute cancer, especially when your opponent can attack you directly and you can't do anything but wait until you draw something to destroy this card.

I had the card I used to activate it and then I couldn't attack:(

40 Revival Jam

It will always reform itself - trainerd6

It actually can't

So annying! So many combos that make you instoppable

You can't destroy it and it can beat an Egyptian god card. How can a little card beat one of the most powerful Yu-Gi-Oh cards? πŸ˜•

41 Ordeal of a Traveler

Yeah, I nearly destroyed you, oh wait, I have to guess what card type you have? Fine, monster. Wrong?!

Oh, your SCREWED now!

1 of these is bad, but having 2 or more on the field and having someone play scapegoat or scapeghost backed with these things... I'd rather kill myself then play that duel.

42 Stardust Dragon

When you have three god cards on the field, even with this card your enemy is toast. Let's face it though. Whats the chance - fwed

This card just keeps on returning and there's no cost! Just tribute it while someone's attacking and then afterwards he's back again!

When the opponent only actives an effect that destroys cards

My friend has it I hate the card

43 Evilswarm Exciton Knight

Destroy the field with 2 lv4 mons. Really annoying.

44 The Dark Master Exodia


45 Level Limit - Area B

Oh yeah, I have that card, I don't use it because it states that ALL, (including yours)face up monsters level 4 or higher remain in defense position.

46 Magician of Black Chaos

It's easy to summon

47 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

This card is the greatest mistake Konami has ever made since 5ds.

48 Yata Garasu

All I can say is this card will annoy the crap out of you. It's almost impossible to destroy and it attacks directly

Combine this with Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End in a combo and your opponent's guaranteed to rage out.

Win's games by itself. If that's not OP, I don't know what is

Its annoying

49 Double or Nothing

Oh my god, this is such a life saver and I have 2! My friend uses magic cylinder, I use this, he uses mirror force, thinks he won but no. I quadruple the attack of Envoy Of The Beginning, he loses, and I attack with him again to add insult to injury - fwed

noice card

50 Crimson Blader
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