Top Ten Most Annoying Non-Playable Zombies In the Plants vs. Zombies Series

Ah, the Plants vs. Zombies Series! My favorite video game series! The enemies are usually balanced, but some are just annoying.

You have to vote on them.
No PLAYABLE ZOMBIES in Garden Warfare, only
Spawnables/Garden Ops.

The Top Ten

1 Wizard Zombie

How is this lower than Surfer?

Just too good...

Two words. Stupid. Sheepification.

As soon as the kazoos play the DMG
Prepare for wizard zombies
At least you have good music
In fact there is a way for the wizard to help-turning endangered plants into sheep so that they cannot be eaten.

2 Surfer Zombie

THIS GUY RIGHT HERE is exactly why Big Wave Beach is the
Hardest world in PvZ2. WHY MUST INFI-NUT'S BARRIER STOP YOU?!?!?! First, your Infi-nuts, then your other plants, then YOUR BRAINS!

V 2 Comments
3 Octo Zombie

You STUPID squids! When he lobs his octopi onto plants, He's basically a new Wizard.

This is like the wizard zombie, expert you can't touch it without a lily pad

Kill me now

4 Giga-Gargantuar

ONE GIGA IS ENOUGH TO WRECK YOU. Your Cob Cannons will probably be eaten by Imps, even with regular Gargs, but FOUR INSTANTS?!

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5 Gargantuar Prime
6 Zombie King V 1 Comment
7 Sloth Gargantuar

Who wouldn't hate a Garg that throws THREE Imps.

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8 Jester Zombie
9 Gargantuar (PvZ2)

Same as a Garg from PvZ 1, but OP.

10 Fisherman Zombie

He'll pull your plants in!

The Contenders

11 Hair Metal Gargantuar

You have a nice little pattern then you hear metal ( and I prefer wood ;3) and the gargantuars sonic blast destroys everything and causes the zombies to go even faster

12 Primal Bullies V 2 Comments
13 Animal Releasing Zombies

I HATE these so much. They wreak havoc on my lawnmowers, and chickens have killed me so many times! Just wait for Frostbite Caves Day 22, only time will tell...when I meet her. To make more sense, Weasel Hoarder. Besides, these two both make ugly sounds!

And now that I completed Frostbite Caves Day 22, I hate these guys even more.

14 Mc Zom-B
15 Jack-in-the-Box Zombies

He self explode, destorying your defense. Ergh.

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